ND 49/50/51 REUNION GROUP NEWSLETTER, October, 03 email ndal1@juno.com 1-214-352-0893

ND 49/50/51 REUNION GROUP NEWSLETTER, Jan. 04 email ndal1@juno.com 1-214-352-0893

As is always the case, the day we get the letter to the printer something worthwhile shows up in the paper. John Alonzo, ND '52, became a cinematographer in Hollywood, while he was still rather young. You may recall that he died a couple of years ago, age 66. The Vista Film Festival here did a retrospective of his films last October, 3 days of showing films he made, including Norma Rae, Steel Magnolias, Chinatown, Scarface. The festival included filmed testimonials from several stars who worked with him. John was awarded posthumously, a Lifetime Achievement Award . He was the first Hispanic to become a member of the American Society of Cinematographers, an invitation-only organization.

This mailing is going to the entire mailing list of some 600 folks as we need to clean up the addresses & make an effort to reach as many of you as we can. If you are just now getting a newsletter for the first time in months, it is because we culled the mailing list & dropped all the 49's & 51's who had not expressed a definite interest in keeping in touch. Back copies of newsletter available to you via email, or overland if you wish to send mailing money. There will be some kind of "Last Hurrah" reunion in 05, for all three years, probably at Winfrey Point. Plans have to get underway this year in order to have something in place by the time we want to get together. If you are getting the newsletter email, please make sure we have your correct mailing address if you have moved in the last 5 years & have not sent it on to us. We especially need those County Road addresses. Probably one last roster to give out at that reunion. It is our hope that we can have this reunion for free, that you will not have to send in money, & we won't have to handle money.

The December lunch on Dec 20th was at Houston Goodspeed's, & will be there next December also. Their house seems to have been planned for parties, so there is space for all. We had a nice turnout, which included Bill & Carolyn Covey Bonds, Robert Allison, Doug Newsom, Brooks & Ann Neal, Roy & Sue Willard Olivier, Bill & Patsy Bass, Bob & Linda Carpenter, Max & Sue Lyles Wheeler, Charlie & Mary Dougherty Ratliff, Marciano & Ruth Duron, Nancy Pfaffenroth Snauffer, Paul Harris, Kenneth Dortch as well as the usual ones who come to the Luby's lunches regularly (Hights, Emily, Schoenstein, Armenta, Charlotte, Eugene, Mary Frances, Juanita) We had hoped for about 60, but several were out of town.

A huge oversight came to light, immediately after the Oct. newsletter was mailed of course. We forgot to put in the dates for the 3d Saturday lunches. Well, not this time. Lunch will be on Jan. 17, Feb. 21, Mar 20, April 17, 12:30. Fortunately we heard from Juanita Pinyan Reedy before this went to print that Luby's at Valley View has closed. This did not come as a surprise, since Luby's has been in dire straits for some months. So thanks to some suggestions, we will go to Luby's at Meadow Road & Central, NW corner. (South of Royal. From Hillcrest, Meadow runs in front of Ben Franklin jr hi.) Much nicer & food is good, I hear. Write it on the calendar now, so you can remember. Reminders go out on email to addresses we have.

BULLDOG BREAKFAST, Sat. Jan. 31, 9:00 a.m. We know we have the right phone number for Nick Moore this time. Let him know by Thurs Jan 29: 903-852-3155. $12.00, Dunston's on Lover's Lane, just east of Inwood.

The anniversary celebrations continue. Joe & Eleanor Burks DeCuir had their 50th in September. Her Dallas friend, Paula Russell Winfrey, made it down to Texas City for the reception. Isn't it wonderful to still be enjoying these folks from our childhood? Brooks Neal remarked that he & Ann celebrated 53 years this Dec.. Fred & Lucy Lisotta Hight married 50 years this month.

The tale of the 70th birthday had Conoly Cullum Hester remembering many of those '51 friends. She also still has a Japanese paper fan which was probably used as an invitation to a little party for Peggy Brannan Cox in May 51. She wondered what had become of many of those girls she ran with. Does anyone else still have her fan? Or do you remember that party?

If you have email you get a share of forwarded trivia, but some of it is worth sharing:

Don't cry because it is over; smile because it happened.

A true friend is someone who reaches for your hand, & touches your heart.

Old age is when you still have something on the ball, but are too tired to bounce it.

I continue to be amazed at the number of you who are in touch with each other. Forwarded stuff generally has the name of 3 or more classmates. AND they are not all from our years. Good for you, keeping up.

Update from Vinton Sheffield, 54. If you know any in this class, prime them that their 50th reunion will be next October. Also Vinton said the postcard website has a modification. Dallas is no longer included in the address, but you select a city after you get to the page: txgenes.com/TXPostcards  And since we had all this news, we heard from one of his relatives of his sudden death on Dec. 30th. I know he is sorry to miss that reunion.

Hugh Motley, who has lived in Lindale for a long while, showed up in the obits in Oct. Lung cancer was diagnosed in May, already at stage 4. Apparently he had had no previous warnings/symptoms. Betty Stultz Hunley called to give us an address change, & talked awhile about how much she wishes she was in Dallas. Her children live in Georgia, however, so that is where she needs to be. Has moved in with one daughter for economy sake. She misses the ND friends. She would enjoy having a note or card or call from any of you who remember her: 30 Macedonia Ct., Oxford, GA 30054, 770-385-5439.

Marciano "Rocky" Duron is CEO of his own company which provides a large variety of items for buildings & construction. The business card lists seating, storage cabinets, hand trucks, in-plant offices, among others. He has been talking with DISD about the renovations for North Dallas. Here is the message he has for us: "(I) met with the coaches & they are quite excited about the coming season in all athletics. The facilities are terrible, with no lockers. They were all built out of wood. My envision is to help this beautiful school that did so much for all of us, to meet with the coaches & draw up their needs with pricing. At this time it is difficult as to how much is needed, but any monetary coming in will help. " If you choose to help out the athletic department with a personal donation, send it to GNDAA, 11155 Cactus Ln, Dallas 75238, but mark it for athletics.

Does anyone have a clue about what has become of Jane Taylor Post? There are a few possible addresses on the internet in Alabama, but nothing definitive, & I hesitate to call all over. Will do it tho, if nothing else turns up.

From Louise Ruge Johnson (condensed for space)

Every ten years, as summer time nears, An announcement arrives in the mail, A reunion is planned; it'll be really grand' Make plans to attend without fail. I'll never forget the first time we met; We tried so hard to impress. We drove fancy cars, smoked big cigars, And wore our most elegant dress. It was quite an affair, the whole class was there, It was held in a fancy hotel. We wined & we dined, & we acted refined, And everyone thought it was swell. The men all conversed about who had been first To achieve great fortune & fame. Meanwhile, their spouses described their fine houses, And how beautiful their children became. The homecoming queen, who once had been lean, Now weighed in at one-ninety six. The jocks where were there had lost all their hair, And the cheerleaders could not longer do kicks. No one had heard about the class nerd Who'd guided a spacecraft to the moon; Or poor little Jane, who'd always been plain; She married a shipping tycoon. The boy we'd decreed "most apt to succeed" Was serving ten years in the pen. While the one voted "least" now was a priest. Just shows you can be wrong now & then. The awarded a prize to one of the guys, Who seemed to have aged the least. Another was given to the grad who had driven The farthest to attend the feast. They took a class picture, a curious mixture Of beehives, crew cuts & wide ties. Tall, short or skinny, the style was the mini. You never saw so many thighs. At our next get together no one cared whether They impressed their classmates or not. The mood was informal, a whole lot more normal, By this time we'd all gone to pot. It was held out of doors, by the lake shores. We ate hamburgers, coleslaw & beans. Then most of us lay around in the shade In our comfortable T-shirts & jeans. By the fortieth year, it was abundantly clear, We were definitely over the hill. Those who weren't dead had to crawl out of bed, And be home in time for their pill. And now I can't wait, they've set the date. Our fiftieth is coming, I'm told. It should be a ball, they rented a hall At the Shady Rest Home for the old. Repairs have been made on my hearing aid. My pacemaker's been turned on high, My wheelchair is oiled, & my teeth have been boiled And I've bought a new wig & glass eye. I'm feeling quite hearty, & I'm ready to party' I'm gonna dance until dawn's early light. It'll be lots of fun, I just hope that there's one Other person who can make it that night.

She allows as how it can't possibly apply to us. Or can it?





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