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Vietnam Memorial Plaque Installation - From Jeanne Laurie NDHSAA 2/13/2016

On May 30, 2016 at 11:00 at the front of the school, we had a Dedication Ceremony for the installation of the Vietnam Memorial Plaque, honoring those Bulldogs KIA in the Vietnam War.  The plaque has been made and paid for by the Alumni Association – through contributions made by family and friends – both Bulldogs and not.  This has been Danny Linn’s project, but the AA helped get the funds.

NDHS Alumni Association - Board of Directors - From Jeanne Laurie NDHSAA 1/5/2018
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Greater NDHS Alumni Association Membership Application - From Jeanne Laurie NDHSAA
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Bulldog News - From Jeanne Stern Laurie
BULLDOG NEWS - Do you subscribe to the Bulldog News?  It is published by the Greater North Dallas High School Alumni Association (GNDHSAA) and is in the 28th year of operation.  The publication is produced by Jeanne Sterne Laurie who does a magnificent job in publishing notes from alumni of all class years.  Additionally, class reunions and events are published, along with obits, etc.  The Bulldog News is a fascinating read for students of any year. There are 2000+ classmates who receive this "newspaper" that is published several times a year and mailed to the doorstep.  If you haven't joined the GNDHSAA to receive this newspaper, contact Jeanne Stern Laurie, Post Office Box 742853, Dallas, TX 75374.  It's only $10/year.
Last Year's Golf Tournament - From Jeanne Stern Laurie
Each year on the first Monday of October, the Greater NDHS Alumni Association has a golf tournament. It is a shotgun start, best ball tournament. The entrance fee  includes golf fees, golf cart, free practice balls, dinner, trophies, and every player receives a door prize. The purpose of the golf tournaments is to raise money for scholarships for graduating seniors. To this date funds have been raised for over 50 scholarships.
INFO ON LAST YEAR'S TOURNAMENT: 25th Annual Alumni Orange & White Scholarship Tournament
The 25th Annual Alumni Orange and White Scholarship Tournament took place on October 3.  The tournament was held at the Brookhaven Country Club.

Kymber Lynn Jackson, DISD’s First- From Jeanne Stern Laurie

kymber CBS aired a segment on Kymber Lynn Jackson in late March.  She is the first female state wrestling champion in the history of DISD.  Kymber and her family are also among NDHS’s homeless.  NDHS Coach Cortney Billingsley spotted her in the hall and saw a natural athlete.  Kymber went from an angry troublemaker destined to fail to a champion on the “A” Honor Roll because someone believed in her and gave her a chance.  Now that she’s had a taste of success, she wants more!  She wants to compete in the national wrestling competition in Fargo, ND later this summer – where there will be college recruiters and the chance of a scholarship.

Distinguished Alumni Award
laurie easterling reynolds Linn
1953 1954 1959 1964
Jeanne Stern Laurie Mike Easterling Mike Reynolds Danny Linn
Distinguished Alumni Awards - presented by Claude Brewer




Dr. James L. Aronson `55

Louis  P. Cox `26

Robert H. Dedman `44

Field Scovell `26


George E. Bushong `42

Earl Owen Cullum `31

Dr. Paul D. Minton `35

Dr. Rose-Mary Brau Rumbley `49

H. B. Barefoot Sanders `42


Dr. William Ross Maples `55

Marc Anthony Moore `45

Cleburne Price `47

Ewell D. Walker, Faculty

Lt. Gen. C. Norman Wood `56


Dr. Wayne D. Bodensteiner `50

Dr. E. Julius Dasch `49

Bob St. John `55

S. Stanley Knapp, Faculty

Sue Willard Olivier `50

Dr. Charles A. Sanders `49


Forrest R. Biard `30

Claude A. Brewer `47

Dr. Donna O’Steen Edwards `49

Brig. Gen. Thomas G. Murnane `43

Dr. Douglas Ann Johnson Newsom `50



Dr. John N. Aronson `50

Sir Colin S. Brady `61

Elizabeth Sue Dice, Faculty

James B. Dickman `67

Mary Jean Dougherty Ratliff `51



Dr. Roy M. Huffington `35

Paul Rogers Harris `50

Lee A. McShan, Jr. `34

Elizabeth Chu Richter `67

Alma Hernandez Rosales `67


Dr. Joan I. Ablon `51

Dr. Robert B. Allison `49

Dr. Nathan N. Aronson `58

Frank L. Meier `55

Dr. Hubert Winston Smith `24


Michael B. Easterling `55

Jeanne Stern Laurie `53

Danny M. Linn `64

Robert Michael Reynolds `59

Lt. Col. John William Runyon `29


Carolyn Jenkins Barta `57

Eliseo Garcia `65

Dr. Evalea Glanges `58

Peter C. Huff `55

Sheri Lynn Coleman Manning `63


Elizabeth “Beth” Bowman Peterson `56

Edward V. Smith, III `55

Raymon Randolph “Randy” Staton `56

Joe B. Swift `58


ROMEO Meetings - by Jerry Polen
romeo march 2016 
Friday Night Lights - '52 Football Team Glory Days
From Kelly Parks - On Friday 10/15/2010, North Dallas had their homecoming game and before the game they honored the 52 NDHS Championship footbally team on the field. Article below from the Dallas Morning News summarizes the season which provided NDHS with their only year to advance to the State Semi-finals. For more information go to FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS.  To see their video interviews click on the photos below:
 Jeanie Laurie   Paul Delfeld Corkie McGee Dave Abbott Carl Hearne Richard Cooke Kelly Parks Team
jeanne delfeld corky abbott hearne cooke kelly Team
Haunted North Dallas High???  From Virginia Festervan Ridley -

I'm a ND graduate of 1951.  On the page I read that a student from a NDHS class was assigned to write for the Compass a story on the Haunted North Dallas High.  I would enjoy reading her story.  If you have any information on it, or can put me in touch with someone who might, I and others of the older generation would greatly appreciate it.

In my years at ND, there was nothing about it being haunted.  Perhaps it originated with the death of a student in the swimming pool which was later filled with cement.  One year an elective of mine was swimming rather than gym.  I earned a Life Saver certification.  Was it ever a humid and sweaty area to be if you weren't decked out in a bathing suit. Beautiful and happy days remembered at North Dallas.  Still maintain ND friendships. God Bless, and Happy Thoughts, 

Virginia Festervan Ridley    Class of 1951

Susan Mara Oaks - Jan 1955 is a longtime artist and art teacher who has exhibited at various venues including Los Angeles, New York, Bleize City/Belize.  On October 20, 013 she was honored by Friends of the San Antonio Public Library as a recipient of the Arts and Letters Award.  With this award, she followed a previous winner - Tommy Lee Jones.
NDHS Historical Marker - From Nick Moore - On August 24, 2013 the new 2006 and 2012 Annex additions were opened for viewing. On the 3rd floor of the main school building (library and media center area) memorabilia and historical items are present that span every decade since the 1920’s.  Special thanks to historian Dr. Bobby Temple and the entire Greater North Dallas High School Alumni Association officers and directors for their dedicated work in securing a place in history for North Dallas High School. 
historical marker
NDHS Non-Profit - by Kitty Quiram Hickerson '65 - This 501(c)(3) was started almost a year ago by several alums from the 1960's.  Purpose is to help ND in their academic needs; we had a Valentine Gala fundraiser in February and plan to have a Casino Night in September.  So far we have raised close to $12,000 to help our old school.  Link to the website is - Dues are $20 or $200 for lifetime membership.
NDHS Wrestling Champ - From Arlene Colbert - ND Bulldog Support League 2/10/2013 - NDs wrestling team sports 8 district champions and one regional, 102 lb. Bilma Gomez, the first ND wrestler from ND to go to the state championship! Go Bilma! And, congratulations to the team for a great and victorious season, a wonderful accomplishment for a fairly young team!

Sanger Trophy - by Gary Pina   The Greater North Dallas Alumni Association was present at the presentation of the Sanger Trophy at the Old Red Museum in downtown Dallas on Saturday, March 10.  The six schools represented included Crozier Tech, Adamson, Sunset, Woodrow Wilson, Forest Avenue and North Dallas. The Sanger Trophy was awarded from 1929 to 1954 to the school with the most points based on athletic achievement in six sporting events. The trophy, presented by Sanger Brothers department store, was lost for a while, then found and restored to its original condition by Don Martin of Sunset. It was offered as a permanent display to the Old Red Museum. North Dallas won the Sanger Trophy only once in 1946-'47. Pictured below are distinguished alumni guest Rosemary Rumbley ('49), GNDHSAA president Claude Brewer ('47) and Nancy Gilmore ('42).  In second photo is alumni association president Claude Brewer and distinguished alumni guest Colin Brady ('61). In third photo is a look at the Sanger Trophy in its permanent case at the Old Red Museum. 

s1 s2 s3 
North Dallas Bulldog Support League
NHDS Wikipedia Entry - by Joe Mabel
Alumni Association Website -
Young Life Website
Class of '74 Viking Yearbook Project
2/17/2007 Lakewood Rats Story - From Jeanette Howeth Crumpler '49   (if you have one send it to  By the time I moved to Dallas in 1948, the Lakewood Rats were more legend than fact. I only knew two. One became a Baptist Preacher. The other was a guy that was so tough looking in 1948 that most people would cross the street if he was walking down it. Me included. I saw him about 25 years later here in Lakewood. He was balding, had on a really bad looking leather jacket that was very worn and it couldn't even close around his pot belly. His name was Carl (won't tell the last name), but he got into an ancient VOLKSWAGON!!!  Now that was not cool!!! Funny.  Regards, Jeanette Howeth (1949) Crumpler
Reunion Run Sheila Henry Booster Club Gilbert Sandoval Noel Garland Golden Anniver'y
ROMEO Meetings - by Jerry Polen
April 2013
  Aug 2012  Mar 2012  Feb 2012  Jan 2012  Nov 2011
Ray Bowen ('54) to lead national board -- Submitted by Noel Garland -Ray Bowen/National Science Foundation
From Bob McCauley '55 - 2/8/2009 - Bill Driscoll '55 passed away this weekend - very suddenly. Taffy Krueger '55 reported that he had talked with Bill this week and Bill seemed to be in good spirits and health.  Bill was a person with unparalleled devotion to his family, North Dallas High School and the Marine Corp.
From Tommy Grayson - My name is Tom Grayson and I'm a graduate of North Dallas High School, class of 1959. I want to strongly protest changing the name of North Dallas High School.  I hope that Mr. Price's proposal is just that, a proposal.  I hope you and the other members of the board will listen to us and have not made up your minds.  The fact that I admired Judge Sanders and do not admire Commissioner Price has nothing to do with it.  North Dallas is a part of my life and has been for well over 50 years.  When something has that much history and memories, why would anyone even propose a name change?  I didn't go to college.  I went straight into the military.  Therefore, North Dallas High School is everything to me.  Please don't change the name.  Put up a plaque or a statue in the School District building for Judge Sanders.
From Anne Geralds - I had an article in the "Bulldog New" but would also like to have it posted on the web site if possible. I am gathering all the information I can on Dan Thompson.  He taught at ND from 1950 - 1951; was Assistant Principle from 1952 - 1955; and then Principle from 1956 - 1957.  Anyone who remembers him and could e-mail what you remember would be greatly appreciated.  This includes good, bad or whatever.  I want to write a biography of Mr. Thompson to put in one of the cases outside the library at ND. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.  I can be contacted:   7200 Stemmons Freeway #501   Dallas, Texas 75247    214-819-9794    214-458-4070
From Noel Garland  Do anyone know if Mr. Fred Wright, a former teacher at North Dallas is still alive or where he is? Christian-Charles de Plicque, a former student is a pastor of a church in Finland, north of the Arctic Circle, who is suffering from cancer, and is trying to find some of his former teachers. Christian was a groundbreaker of sorts, being the first Black student to attend North Dallas.
From Bill Driscoll - Myron Johnson ('80) and friends below
m1 m2 m3
12/17/2007 Leonard Lacaze '54 - Fighting Fires In So. Cal. - From Marie Brunson Keeter '52 and Bill Driscoll '55
From Jeff Aston ( ) - Just got word that Emily Bennett Mitchell ('50) passed away this morning (8/1/2007).
Favorite "Mr. Tardy Story" - From: Becky Searcy Marshall - My favorite “Mr. Tardy Story” came right out of the horse’s mouth: One day in class he told us of a time when he hung a student (boy)by his heels out Mr. Tardy’s third floor classroom window! It is also my recollection that Mr. Tardy was a wrestler before he was a teacher. He could have been, he was huge! As far as a teacher goes I think he was the best! Once a student entered the classroom he/she was not allowed to speak English only Spanish. We studied very little from a school book. Instead we read “La Luz” which was a Spanish newspaper that Mr. Tardy wrote. A student had better know “La Luz” inside and out for Mr. Tardy spent classroom period asking questions in Spanish that you only knew the answer if you had read the newspaper. I have traveled in Mexico and lived in Texas with only my high school Spanish to back me up. Mr. Tardy has never let me down.

From Din Adenalleva - Current NDHS Student  - Hello. I'm currently a Senior at North Dallas. This year we are working on the Compass for 2007. As my assignment for the newspaper I have to write about a ghost that supposedly haunts North Dallas High. Since my freshman year, I've heard stories of a ghost and this year a student has even taken a picture of such ghost. I was wondering if perhaps you could post something asking if anyone knows about such ghost or has any stories of their own about any hauntings at ND. I would really like some info concerning these ghost stories. Thank you.

Coach John Rowland Toast & Roast  -->  

New Building -- where OS's used to be - courtesy Gilbert Sandoval

Shirley (Brown) Prictchard ('38) was recalling days at NDHS and mentioned Mr. Tardy making people write the Spanish alphabet backwards 50 times when they weren't paying attention.  Also he stepped on boys toes when they misbehaved. 

From Noel Garland  - The following NDHS Annuals are at the Dallas Public Main Library - 1923-1940, 1942-1948, 1950-1956, 1958-1963, 1967, 1968, 1970, 1971, 1973, 1976, 1977, 1979-1985, 1987-1990

If anyone has vintage NDHS yearbooks they are willing to part with, please contact:  Phyllis Payne @ 201-656-7784 or - Thank you  Phyllis Payne

I have 3 books from 1936-37-38 for North Dallas High School.   I don't know if your Archives have these books, but would be willing to let anyone doing research  borrow them.   Email address  Senior 1938

From Bill Driscoll - send an email to John David Fernandez  North Dalllas High Bulldog serving his country in Iraq.

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High Booster Club

Distinguished Alumni List

(from Jeanne Stern Laurie)

55th Class Reunion

(1950 & 49/51)

James Coker


Bulldog Luncheon Schedule  (from Bill Driscoll)






Pictures of the first H.B. Kernodle / Bulldog Baseball Tournament held @ Reverschon Park  -

Bulldogs get a new football coach - from Gary Pina

49' 50 51' Newsletters - From Emily Bennett Mitchell

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Facts about our rivalry with Woodrow
Booster Club Paints BB Gym
Billy & Kay Hobbs

North Dallas Californian Luncheon at ISLANDS restaurant in Corona, CA on Saturday 11 September

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Tony DeGrazier, Kay Hobbs, Marie Keeter
9/4/04 - From Ken Riley '55 (via Bill Driscoll) - a message before Frances. Thanks for your concern and your prayers. As I read the tracking reports, as of 8:00 am, it looks like Ft. Pierce is the likely target for direct hit. This is approximately 75 miles from Boca. I live inland 8 miles from the beach. My whole neighborhood is battened down, we have food and water supplies and positive attitude. We will probably lose electricity, the only question is for how long. As I write this, it is already too late to leave, so we will hunker down, hope fro the best. I will tell you how we made out after the storm. Bye for now,Ken
Julian Mauricio Trevino III: DISD teacher,  obit

Jack Swann '55 ran for the  North Carolina Senate as a Republican

Steven J. Hay becomes Dallas'  first public all-girls facility

Cornelius "BoBo" Bell passed away, Monday, June 28th. His services are Friday, July 2nd. 1988 - 1991 graduates who knew and remember BoBo are invited to attend the services on Friday. They can contact Briggette Allen Ambers @ for more info. 214.800.8916
Jack Walker - NDHS Football Legend

Click here forMemory Lane

From Leesa White - '85 Can someone tell me how I can get the 1984 and 1985 yearbooks?

News - current classes     

NDHS Scholarships 2004 - reported by Edgar Richards 2006

Drug Store Across Street - The drugs store (in name only) that was across the street from the school was the Cole and Haskell Drugs Store  It was founded in 1938 (I think the school was founded in 1935) so they co-existed for many, many years. The last owners were Paul and Martha Jackson, whom we called Mom and Pop Jackson. The specialty was a huge burger called the "Thang" which was actually a double bacon cheese burger. The store had a grill and a fountain in the front a juke box and three pin ball machines. A nodding acquaintance was made to the drugstore name by two display case that had seldom bought over the counter drugs such as aspirin and antacids and such. I was the soda jerk there during the 1967-1968 school years. And remember fondly the cookouts Pop and Mom Jackson use to have for us at their South Oak Cliff house. Also if those booths could have talked!!!! Some of the thing I found that fell behind the booths when I cleaned up at the end of the day - Well - maybe I have said enough! A group of us painted the school after it was tagged by Jefferson High and our effort even made the paper. If anyone kept a copy please E-mail me. Manuel Vasquez, Class of '68
NDHS Coke Machine - I don't know if anyone can help me, but here goes.  In 2000, I bought a 1960's coke machine (the type that you pull bottles through the skinny door).  The machine originally came from North Dallas high school.  It was bought at public auction in 1985 by a man named Will Craven who kept it in his wood shop (in Will's Point Texas) until he sold it to me (on Ebay).  I live in Massachusetts, so the machine has traveled quite a distance from it's original home.  I would like to know if any alumni have any recollection of this machine.  It has several initials carved on the top & side which I think adds character & history to the machine.  I also wondered if it appeared in any old yearbook photos ( in the background of course).  Any information you could provide would be greatly appreciated.- From Patrick McGuire  p.s. the machine still works great.
Vinton Sheffield, moderator of the '54 class on this website, died on Tuesday, December 30, 2003. For more information, go to or visit the '54 class page on this website.

9/4/04 - From Ken Riley '55 (via Bill Driscoll) - a message before Frances. Thanks for your concern and your prayers. As I read the tracking reports, as of 8:00 am, it looks like Ft. Pierce is the likely target for direct hit. This is approximately 75 miles from Boca. I live inland 8 miles from the beach. My whole neighborhood is battened down, we have food and water supplies and positive attitude. We will probably lose electricity, the only question is for how long. As I write this, it is already too late to leave, so we will hunker down, hope fro the best. I will tell you how we made out after the storm. Bye for now, Ken

Vinton Sheffield Celebration of Life

Homecoming 2003 - Bulldogs Lose To Woodrow Wilson - Vow to win remaining games
From Kelly Parks - Went to the first game last night and watched the Bulldogs beat Houston North Shores 27 to 22. Looks like they will have a good running game, but a little week on pass defense. You could tell it was their first game with 10 penalties for 100 yards. All in all it was exciting game and a come from behind win for the Bulldogs. I met the baseball coach and he really made me feel welcome as an alum. He said that he hopes that group would attend some of the games this year and promises us a wining season this year.
Article on Pete Huff ('55) and "White Lightning"

Bulldog party in Las Vegas 25-27 June 2003

George Cole Field
GNDAA Luncheon
53 Reunion

NDHS Distinguished Alumni Announcements - submitted by Noel Garland. Forrest R. Biard `30, Donna O’Steen Edwards `49, Thomas G. Murname 143, Douglas Ann Johnson Newsom `50, Claude Brewer `47  NDHS Special Service Award  (see photo)


2002 Holiday Luncheon

NDHS Soccer team beats HP


Nothin' But The Truth - Book about Stevie Ray Vaughn - friendship with Christian-Charles de Plicque - '66

Kelly Parks  at Tony DeGrazier's Islands Restaurant in Seal Beach CA on Jan 18, 2003  See photos

Bulldog Golf Match (Carl Hearn & Bill Cooper)

Allen Steen Team ('58) wins NDHS Golf Event
Captain Forrest Biard - Distinguished Alumni Award
Obit - Anne Adelia Cochran - ND alum, Spence Teacher
Obit - "Tex" Henson - Animator

California NDHS party

Glory Days

2003 Football News

2002 Football News

2001 Football News
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