Vinton Sheffield
Celebration of Life

February 8, 2004

Brea California

Reporting by Marie Brunson Keeter


North Dallas Californians attended a brunch at the Embassy Suites in Brea, California, on 8 February 2004. The brunch occasion included a Memorial to "Celebrate the Life" of one of our North Dallas Californians - Mr. Vinton Sheffield, who passed away on 31 December, 2003. Attending were Vinton's family, friends, neighbors, former Kraft coworkers, Volunteer Sheriff's Dept coworkers, and the North Dallas High Californians - all friends of Vinton Sheffield. Approximately 75 people attended. Here is a list of Vinton's family, and his friends from North Dallas High Californians attending his memorial. Family members who flew in from Dallas were: his son Vinton, Jr. (nicknamed - Rusty), his daughter Belinda Sheffield Stewart, his granddaughter Lorna Bradford with her son, Vinton's great-grandson Garrett Bradford, and his nephew Fallon Burney. North Dallas Californians attending were: Marie Brunson Keeter with son Jack and Colleen Keeter, and her grandkids Darla, Zac, and Grace Keeter, Sandy and Bill Ryan, Carolyn Wariner Helmick, Jerry and Teri Campbell, Bob and Lou McCauley Martha Trumpf Bellomy and husband Bill had driven to California from Dallas and after finding out about Vinton's death - they attended as well.

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