Las Vegas Get Together - Report by Marie Brunson Keeter

The North Dallas bulldogs played in Las Vegas and had a blast. A group from California met up with a bunch of Texans at the Treasure Island Hotel on Wednesday 25 June 2003 and some stayed until Saturday 28 June to enjoy the Vegas strip. Those attending were:  Don Schoenstein ('51), Joan Price Miller ('52), Bettie Sherrard Miller ('51), JoAnne Rogers Brown ('53), Dorothy Ferguson Freydberg ('50) and husband, and Susan Wright Key ('53) were from Texas. From California:  Carolyn Miller ('56), Mary Ann Jund Thornton ('50) and her husband Dale, Beverly Driscoll ('56) lives in Las Vegas, also, Marie Brunson Keeter ('52) and her daughter Jill Fawcett with grandkids Jenna and Daniel
Fawcett from California. The Texas bunch flew in and most of the Californians drove over from California.  The highlights were: Site seeing and walking to the different hotels, dinner at the Mirage buffet (a delicious treat), swimming at the Treasure Island pool, seeing the Wax Museum at the Venetian Hotel and watching the gondolas in the river below the hotel, going downtown Vegas for their light show called The Experience and it was an incredible sight, watching the famous White Tigers lazing around their swimming pool behind a thick glass, watching the Pirates fight the British ship and sinking the British was a fun shock as the ship actually sinks into the water, riding the New York Hotel's roller-coaster, playing the slots and especially loved the Elvis slots caused he sang to me, one person won an IRS amount of $$ and wants to keep it quiet so don't ask for a name cause I don't know a thing (HA), and everyone else broke-even making their gambling more of a fun event.  
Las Vegas bunch eating at Treasure Island restaurant (from bottom left up around table clockwise):  Marie Brunson Keeter ('52), Carolyn Miller ('56), Don Schoenstein ('51),
Bettie Sherrard Miller ('51), Joan Price Miller ('52), JoAnne Rogers Brown ('53), Dale Thornton's head (husband to Mary Ann), Mary Ann Jung Thornton ('50), and Daniel Fawcett (Marie's grandson).
JoAnne Rogers Brown, Joan Price Miller, and Bettie Sherrard Miller  in Vegas at the Treasure Island eating dinner one night