The N.D.H.S Booster Club

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WOULDN’T YOU AGREE???  North Dallas High School sports have been in the doldrums and need an infusion of SPIRIT AND PRIDE!


An OVERWHELMING OUTPOURING of Bulldog pride over the last few months has presented an opportunity to move North Dallas sports back into the limelight.


The North Dallas High School Booster Club has been organized to guide this effort!  We have BIG PLANS to:


1.     Improve facilities and equipment our student athletes use every day

2.     Build fan support to give student athletes the support and recognition they deserve.


The Booster Club needs your INVOLVEMENT, your input and your suggestions.  Meetings are in the North Dallas High School Library on the second Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m.  If you are unable to attend, follow our progress in the Alumni newsletter, or visit our website at  We plan to publish regular meeting minutes and progress reports. 


JOIN TODAY!! by filling out the attached application form and returning it with your $10 membership fee.  THEN, consider making a donation to help us kick off our efforts.  We have a long list of needs for the North Dallas athletic program so any amount is gratefully accepted.  We believe we can truly make a big difference to the present students of North Dallas High School!








I would like to restore PRIDE and SPIRIT to North Dallas High School.  Enclosed is my North Dallas BOOSTER CLUB Membership Fee. 


Name: ______________________________________________________


Status:  (Circle One)   Parent     Teacher/Coach     Alumni     Other


Address: ___________________________________________


City: ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­__________________State: _________Zip Code_____________________


Home Phone:   ________________________________________


Work Phone:    ________________________________________


Cell Phone:       ________________________________________


Email Address: ________________________________________



Annual Membership:               $10                  Lifetime Membership:      $100

Business Membership:            $100                Donation:                         ______



Make checks payable to:

                   The N.D.H.S. Booster Club

Mail to:

                   North Dallas High School Booster Club

                   3120 Haskell

                   Dallas, TX 75204 













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