Facts about our rivalry with Woodrow

Gil Sandoval

North Dallas opened in 1922, and Woodrow Wilson opened in 1927

      Series: Unofficially, Bulldogs trail in the series with 10 wins, 39 losses and 2 ties. (List is incomplete because of lack of scores in ‘70s)

      North Dallas’ biggest margin of victory:  In 1979, we won 23-6; and in 2001, 20-8. This was also the last time we beat them.


Series by the years:

    1920s:  N.D. played W.W.W.  for the first time in 1928, and lost, 12-0. The next year, we won 14-12.

    1930s: we won 2, lost 7

    1940s: During the war years (1943-45) because of gas shortage, the Dallas schools had to play each other twice. Up until 1954-55, Dallas only had 6 high schools. They were Dallas High School (Crozier Tech); Oak Cliff (Adamson) (1915); Forest Ave. H.S. (Madison) (1916); ND (1922); Woodrow Wilson (1927); and Sunset (1928). Then the others like South Oak Cliff, Hillcrest, Samuell, Thomas Jefferson, Kimball, Bryan Adams opened after 1955.

    1950s: Even the 1952 team -- the last team to make the playoffs -- lost to Woodrow  26-6. Woodrow lost two district games that year. Back then, only one team from each district made it to the playoffs.

    1960s: We played them 10 times, and went 0-10. Even my senior year ('67) we lost 35-0. (Thank God, I have no recall of that game!)

    1970s: No information available.

    1980s: Played Woodrow six times, and lost all.

    1990s: We were in different districts.

    2000s: The best game I saw was in 2000. With five seconds left, Woodrow tried a field goal from the 25-yard line. The kicker missed but we were flagged for offsides. This time Woodrow's kicker made it and they














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