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NORTH DALLAS HIGH SCHOOL 55 YEAR REUNION - CLASS OF 1956 - from Patti Langford    The North Dallas High School Classes of 1956 had their 55th reunion Monday October 10, 2011 at Park Lane Ranch, 8787 Park Lane, Dallas.      We had an attendance of 87, which included 69 class members.  Members traveled from as far away as Alberta, Canada, North Stonington, Connecticut, Columbia, Maryland and Albuquerque, New Mexico.     

A buffet lunch was served followed by lots of catching up with friends and a few playing miniature golf.  Reports were made that 3 of the females playing made holes-in-one.  None of the guys could match that! 
    Because of the threat of rain on Sunday and resulting rescheduling of the Texas Ranger game number 2 against the Detroit Tigers, we turned into a baseball watching crowd.  At least as long as it took to make a group picture.  That was the game that Nelson Cruz hit a grand slam homerun in the 11th inning.  Everyone had gone home before that happened. 

We had a special guest, Coach John Rowland.  Allen “Tex” Harris could not attend because he was recuperating from knee replacement surgery, so he sent Coach Rowland as his guest.  Coach Rowland had his 86th birthday the Saturday before and we feted him with a special cake and card.  Everyone had a good time and really liked Park Lane Ranch
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 50th Class Reunion

From Patti Smith Lankford - We held our 50th reunion September 29th and 30th, 2006.  On Friday the 29th, we had a mixer at the Holiday Inn Select’s atrium/bar.  Probably 150 people attended.  Lots of hugs, smiles, handshakes and laughter.  People poured over the old annuals and current classmate information, refreshing their memories and friendships.

On Saturday the 30th, after a picture on the front steps of the old North Dallas High School building, we toured the school. 


Panoramic video of NDHS and new building (use Windows Media Player for streaming video)


We visited the enlarged lunchroom and were given a Drill Team Static Rifle Demonstration by two of the ROTC members. The ROTC members got to meet our retired three star general. We found out that the current lunch menus offered are very different that those we had.  Especially that they have “choices” each day such as pizza, chicken poppers, steak fingers, salad etc.  We saw the memorabilia area and senior picture displays.  We still have a presence in the school!!  We saw amazing art works in their workroom.  Information on the state of the school band was pretty grim.  At the first three games of the year they had 4, 7 and 33 band members on the field respectively.  During renovation, the band hall experienced some losses while not secured.  We visited the new building that is being used for 9th grade classes.  We learned that the Dallas High Schools now include 9th through 12th grades. Middle schools do not include the 9th grade any more.

An important part of the 1956 senior year was when the basketball team played for the state championship. At noon Saturday, former basketball players and a few of their friends “toasted and roasted” Coach John Rowland who is about to celebrate his 81st birthday. 

Saturday night, we gathered and had a catered dinner at the Frontiers of Flight Museum.  Approximately 200 classmates and guests attended.  One former student’s jazz group played to start us off. The hugs, smiles, handshakes and laughter continued. Various items of memorabilia from grade schools and junior highs we attended were displayed.  The current booster club set up and sold items to the group.  The classmates present were recognized as well as those who have passed on and those with major health issues.  We took another class picture and concluded the evening with our traditional closing by joining hands while the song “For All We Know” played. Following a blessing the group departed with feelings of a time well spent.

It was an extraordinary celebration.  We were fortunate to go to High School with such a great group of people and getting together after 50 years just added to the special memories of those associations.

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  • Brenda Routt Hoffman

  • Judie Walton Gammage

  • Gary Anderson

  • Ann Shotwell Noack

  • Richard Noack

  • Judy Fowler Anderson

  • Lynn Airoldi Bertrand

  • Lynn Copeland

  • Bobby Thompson

  • Joann Thurmon Wood and Bobby

  • Torchy Stringer Thompson

  • La Quita Stringer Curtis

  • Willie Poetschke

  • Bob Hudspeth

  • Brian Beck

  • Carole Rice Bovis

  • Patti Smith Lankford



  • Nelda Stallones Nardone 

  • Beth Bowman Peterson

  • Jim McGowen

  •  Sammie Hornsby Whitley

  • Gary & Judy Anderson

  • Gene Couch

  • Robert Schlessinger

  • Harriett Cook Moses

  • Sue Smith Bartlett

  • Glen Antle

  • Bob & Torchy Thompson

  • Carol Pool Harrison

  • Laura Ledbetter Ragsdale

  • Ronald Anderson

  • Bob Hudspeth

  • Lynn Airoldi Bertrand

  • Brenda Routt Hoffman

  • Patti Smith Lankford

  • Walter Pearson

  • Heather Paterson

  • Special thanks to Bill Driscoll for getting the banners made for our reunion


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(Akard) Deal, Karen (deceased) 9/16/2011 - Biography Karen Akard Deal passed into the arms of our heavenly father on September 15, 2011.

Karen was born August 9, 1938, and lived with her mother and grandmother in Henderson, Texas, until her mother remarried when Karen was 11 years old. They then moved to Dallas. One of her special pillars of strength in Henderson was her Grand Mother Pearly who had moved to Henderson as a young child from West Tennessee. Grand Mother Pearly taught her many things and most especially to be kind to others.

Karen was employed by Frost Bank for over 30 years and in that capacity she became known as a very caring person with a big smile within and throughout the Frost system. She provided counsel to everyone coming to her desk with a problem. Resolution normally consisted of helping them with their banking needs, locating a place to live, finding employment and support groups to assist with their problems, finding a church to attend and a pastor to make contact with. She was also very involved with the San Antonio Bridge Ministries and spent many hours locating food to serve the homeless, helping with their church services and assisting wherever else she could. She was even involved in a service for the first baptism of San Antonio homeless individuals in the Frio River after they had turned their lives over to Christ. Her thoughts were that no one in San Antonio should ever have to go hungry for food or Jesus.

Karen graduated from North Dallas High School in 1956 and went on to graduate from Texas Tech University in 1960. After graduating from college, Karen moved to San Antonio and continued her involvement with the Pi Beta Phi Sorority. She also became active in various San Antonio clubs and church organizations.

Karen feels her greatest accomplishment was the publication of her book in 1990, “To Touch The Face of God”. It was a compilation of the first 30 years of her life with emphasis on the highlights as well as good and bad memories.

Karen was a member of Trinity Baptist Church for many years. She was a singer in the Living Christmas Tree and never missed a performance. She is now a member of The Community Bible Church and had worked with the Pastoral Counseling Ministry until her pancreatic cancer was discovered six years ago.

Karen is survived by her husband Dr. Charles E. (Chuck) Deal, two daughters, Tracy Bitter Pressly and her husband, Dr. Thomas A. Pressly III, Amy Bitter Scheiber and her husband, Bruce W. Scheiber, three grandchildren, Catherine Pressly Herring and her husband, Mason W. Herring, Thomas A. Pressly IV, Katie Lynne Scheiber, and many nieces and nephews. Karen wants to thank all her friends and family for all of their support and particularly the S.T.A.R.T. Center and the staff of Dr. Lon Smith.

She survived both breast cancer and pancreatic cancer for many years. Most folks only survive pancreatic cancer for 2 years or less after discovery. Her philosophy was that she may die from hang gliding over the Grand Canyon but not from pancreatic cancer. It should be noted that she did actually hang glide over the Swiss Alps and a few years ago fell in love with it.

She gave us this rendition of an article (author unknown) and wanted it to become a part of her obituary, “Hello Lord, it’s me. I have been given the privilege of participating in two pancreatic clinical trials for my cancer over the past six years. Some of the medications had only been tried on rats but you allowed me to survive them. My fervent prayer is that they will help some other future victim of pancreatic cancer realize full recovery. Lord I do not want to bother you too much but must say before I come to your house that we are getting older and things are getting bad here. Gas prices are too high, no jobs, and food and heating costs are also too high. I know some have taken you out of our schools, government & even Christmas, but Lord I’m asking you to come back and re-bless America. We really need you! There are more of us who want you than those who don’t! Thank you Lord, I love you.”
Ammons, Curtis
16637 W 144 Olathe,
KS 66062 
(913) 829-0599
08/26/06 - 
Spouse name
: Sandra
College info
: BS SNU and MA Wichita State University Job info: High School Math teacher, Coached Football and Basketball (21 years) University Professor Coached Football & Track (25 years)
Hobbies: Golf
: Algebra Teacher, I do not remember her name
: Harry and Larry Britton
(Adams) Smith, Jeanette  
(Allen) Elledge Gwynne
6001 Moon St. NE #913
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87111
Anderson, Gary
13607 Windlass Circle, Galveston 77554
11/15/05 - Gary and his spouse, Judy (Fowler, class of '56) have 4 Children - Mark, Todd, Christopher & Jonathan; 2 Granddaughters, Markell & Carly; and a Grandson, Will. Gary received his BBA at SMU and MBA at George Washington University. He retired as Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Urology Clinics of North Texas (Dallas, Plano, Allen). Earlier, he was Comptroller of Reynolds-Penland Company of Dallas, Austin & Tyler. He also retired with the rank of Commander, United States Navy, after 20 years of active duty. In his Navy career, he served in Destroyers and Polaris Submarines,  engaged in riverine warfare in the South Vietnam delta, and graduated from the Naval War College, Newport, Rhode Island. Since retirement he has been involved in consulting in Health Care Management/  Administration.  His hobbies are fly fishing, water sports and travel. He is active in Habitat for Humanity and the SMU Cox Business School alumni association. Influences at NDHS were Tila Armstrong, (English); Lynn Copeland, Glen Antle, Don Dickerson, & Randy Staton (friends classmates), and Judith Fowler (High School sweetheart an spouse of 47 years). His naval career was very instrumental in shaping his life. If he had NDHS to do over, he would study harder and try to be more outgoing. Gary comments "Judy and I are blessed with a wonderful family and host of friends, including many NDHS classmates. We are fortunate to be able to travel extensively.
(Freda) Ballas, Frances

7531 Caruth Boulevard

Dallas, TX 75225


09/15/06 -
College info
: University of Texas at Austin BSED
Family info
: None
Job info
: Texas Instruments Incorporated Dallas, TX 
After retirement
: Retired. Now active in the American Institute of Wine & Food, Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter
: Movies, Wine & Food  
College info
:University of Texas at Austin BSED
Family info
: None
Job info
:Texas Instruments Incorporated Dallas, TX 
After retirement
: Retired. Now active in the American Institute of Wine & Food, Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter
: Movies, Wine & Food
: Minnie Roberts, Ruth Thompson
: Margaret Kelley
(Barton) Beverly Johnson City, TX 03/31/2006 - Spouse Name Johnny King
Bell, Jim   9/22/2009 - James H. (Jim) Bell class of 1956, is an ocean swimmer in the Northern Marianna Islands.  Retired from the Navy, he has commemorated his 70th and 71st birthdays with swims between and/or around Saipan and Tinian.  His ultimate ambition is to swim an island hopping route between Papua, New Guinea and Australia.  His feats have appeared in the Saipan Tribune (under Archives) and can be found on youtube.  The youtube interview before his 70th birthday swim is especially insightful about his adventures.  If needed, Brenda Routh Hoffman ( or Patti Smith Lankford ( can be contacted to help find the information.
Blevins, Jack


Alton Blevins

05/11/02 - Deceased. Jack Blevins got his degree in Geophysics at St. Mary's University in San Antonio and did graduate work in mathematics at the University of Houston. In his younger years he enjoyed fishing, golf, and bulldogging. Jack died in Houston in 1993 and is buried in the family plot in Santa Anna, Texas. He is survived by a son and daughter, and one granddaughter who he, unfortunately, never got to see.
Baker, Wayne Deceased 11/23/2001 - Wayne and his wife Gayla Ann hve 3 Children and 1 grandchild. Wayne attended Texas Tech, East Texas State, and received his BA from Abilene Christian. Wayne was "down sized " after 25 years MAI Systems Corp. and is now on contract with Exxon Mobil GIS Dept. He doesn't plan to retire until they run him off, which may be soon. His hobbies are flying, sailing, and shooting. His main influence at NDHS came from William Tardy. If he had NDHS to do over he would study. Deceased 10/9/2003

(Ballard) Olmstead, Betty Lynn
13525 Kit Ln., #206
Dallas, TX.
Betty attended the University of Madrid, Richland College and the Tyler Commercial College to prepare herself for a career in the travel industry. Enjoying work so much she continues to do minor jobs within the securities industry and doesn't want to consider retirement at this time. Betty has a son, Michael, who lives in Eugene, Oregon and her daughter, Lauren, in Evergreen, Colorado. Lauren and her husband have presented Betty with three grandchildren; Conner, Kelly Elizabeth and Madison. Betty allots a fair share of her spare time doing her favorite hobbies of writing and Bible study. She believes the best influence on her life came from Billy Mack Abbott. Asked what she would do differently in those years at ND she didn't hesitate in saying "Nothing". What tends to amaze her is that whenever she sees an ex Bulldog they always look just exactly like she remembered them in school, they never age.
Beck, Brian 

3020 Trailwood Ln

Flower Mound, TX  75028


6/3/2006 -
Spouse name: Holly Beck.
College info
: BA, SMU, 1960
Family info
: Three sons, David, John, Joe. Four grandchildren, Andrea (16), Jack (3), Dylan (3), Samantha, 20 months.
Job info
: Thirty-five years in the studio business, singing and playing for radio station ID jingles.  Five years in the US Air Force, Captain highest rank. Presently a sales trainer and manager for Stream Energy, an electricity provider in Texas.
: Barbershop harmony (sing, teach), tennis, woodworking, reading (anything, but I like a good mystery yarn).
Influence: Minnie Roberts had us all write essays for the Fred Florence Scholarship, and I won from the City.  Because of her, I went to SMU, got a scholastic scholarship, graduated magna cum laude, and was able to get a commission in the Air Force.  Completely changed my life for the better.  Band got me on the road to a music career. We had a little Dixieland band that used to play at Lobello's on NW Hwy after NDHS football games, also a major influence on my music career.  Mary Gwynne Allen was a friend all through school, but we didn't "date." It was like having a sister - good times.
Things Different:
Comments: Altogether a good time.  I wasn't in the "popular" set, but then I was marching to a different drummer anyway.  I got an excellent education, and that was really what I was there for, although I didn't know it at the time.
Bell, James H.

General Delivery

Tinian MP 96952

12/8/2008 -
College info
:  BS Meteorology UT, Austin 1961
  MS Meteorology Naval Postgrad School, Monterey, CA 1965
Family info
: Daughter: Cheryl Hollings and grandchildren: Adam, Tyler and Jenifer live in North Las Vegas, NV
Job info
: Naval Officer - Naval Weather Service
: Mountain climbing, ocean swimming
: Helen Holbrook and Rubia Clements (sp?) were my favorites
Things Different:

: I did a lot of adventuring in the Navy and had some mountain climbing adventures after I retired.
  Realized my life was lacking in adventure and returned to the islands in June 2008.  On June 9th (70th birthday) swam from Tinian to Saipan.  I then swam the shoreline of Saipan in segments of 4 TO 6 miles.  On 4-5 October, swam from Saipan back to Tinian in 26 hours of continuous swimming w/o food or water (the current had reversed).  I am now on Tinian swimming the shoreline of that island in segments.  My swimming is done w/o snorkel or fins. I am looking at doing an island-hopping swim from New Guinea to Australia in the summer of 2009.
Bryan, James L. (Jimmy)

5926 Tree Shadow Trail

Dallas Texas 75252


12/29/05 -
Spouse name:
College info: SMU 61 BBA-Accounting, CPA 1973.
Family info:
Two children Son- Jimmy, Daughter-Laura Two grandsons and one on the way.
Job info:
Worked in accounting and finance for GE and Texas Instruments. Was president and CEO for Texans Credit Union (at TI) for 30 years. Served as president of the Dallas Chapter of Credit Unions, Chairman of The Texas Credit Union League, Chairman of Southwest Corporate FCU ,Chairman of Cuna Mutual Insurance Group, Board Director Town North Bank, Board Director Cumis Group Canada.
After retirement:
I retired in 2003. My family likes to spend time at our lake house in East Texas fishing and golfing. I also continue to serve on two boards in Wisconsin and in Toronto, Canada. Hobbies:I enjoy golfing, reading, traveling, and spending time with my grandsons.
Ms. Dice, many good friends, basketball, mid 1950's lifestyle
Things Different: I would study more and would let my teachers know how much I appreciated them.
Looking forward to seeing my classmates at our 50 year reunion in 2006. Go Bulldogs !!!
Copeland, Earl "Lynn"

538 Mobley Way;

Coppell, TX 75019


04/20/06 - Employment status: Associate Professor,Emeritus. Texas A & M University (retired since '95) Family information: Married, 3 adult children, and 3 grandkids Personal background: After graduating from NDHS in Jan. '56, I attended Duke University, graduating there in '60. Served in U.S. Naval Reserve from Jan. '61 to Jan. '67. Attended Stephen F. Austin State Univ. from June '63 to Aug. '65 graduating there in '65. Taught at 3 universities (SFASU; Arkansas Tech; and Texas A & M.  Most of my professional career was spent at Texas A & M in teaching, research, and cooperative extension work including community development, youth program specialization, and administration / management positions. I retired in '95, and have lived in the DFW metroplex since then. Hobbies include domestic and foreign travel; family history;  sports; and NDHS friendship renewals.
Couch, Walter Eugene
36 Ranch Estate Rd. N.W.

Calgary, Alberta

05/25/01 - Gene is single and living in Calgary, Canada/  He attended Abilene Christian University (ACC) where he received a BS and the Univ. of Pittsburgh where he received a Ph.D.  He also attended the Univ. of Syracuse - Post Doctorate and taught at the Univ. of Texas. 2 daughters (mom, Susie Lightfoot Couch (Scherr now) Pamela Gail, 1961 & Alaina Beth, 1965 One son, Tavian Barnes Couch, 1992 (His mom a Canadian), three Calgary grandchildren and  2 in Austin, TX.. He was a student until 1968 and then had positions at Univ. of Pittsburgh for a short time. He will be at Univ. of Calgary till retirement as the Chairman of Math Dept. & teaching duties always. His hobbies are playing baseball, basketball, listening to music, enjoying 3 Canadian grandchildren & his 9 yr. old son.  His main influence in NDHS came from Coach Rowland and Mr. Harris. 
Crest  Robert Deceased  08/04/06 - 
After retirement
: Actor - biggest hits were Fiddler on the Roof  Ist National Co. in Las Vegas and Fantasticks Off_ Broadway in NY  
:Told had MS early 80'and started directing. directing at Avalon Rep., City Center5, Spectrum Stage, City Rep., Inner-Space and lately at Wings....all in NY. Was artistic director for Auium Playhouse in Warren Pa. where he directed Meadowlark by Fay Wray. His last show was skating on thin ice at Wings. Was seen as as an actor in the NBC miniseries Witness for the Mob. Influence: MR. Abbott who taught Speech
Things Different
: No
(Crowder) Logue, Marie

165 W. Christina Blvd.

Lakeland, FL


07/08/06 -
College info
: Western Carolina University, BS/Management
Family info
: 1 boy; 1 girl; no grandchildren
Job info
: First career spent in Human Resource Management; 2nd career (current) owner/operator of desktop publishing company (Prompt Typesetting Service) serving the printing trade with typesetting and graphic arts
After retirement
: Not retired
: Training and competing with my four Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dogs in the sports of agility, obedience, and freestyle (dancing).
: I had wonderful teachers at NDHS, each one influencing my life and future in some way.
Things Different
: I enjoyed my high school years very much and would not change a thing!
(Davis) Kirk, Nancy
4596 Penbrook Court
Plano, TX 75024
Nancy and her husband Bill Kirk have five children - Charlie, Craig, Shari and David and ten grandchildren, ages 7 months to 18 years.  She retired from Lucent Technologies in April 2000.
Duval, Ted A.

2814 Colleen Drive
Garland, TX 75043

05/10/06 -
Spouse name
: Marty died 1991, remarried Kathleen
College info
: UTA - BSME 1962 
Family info
:  3 Children; Lori, Greg & Mandy 5 Grandchildren; Ashley-16, Rachel-14, Nicole-14, Lauren-14 & Natlie-4 
Job info: 43 yrs in electronics industry, Eng.-ExVP, designed & built nightvision systems, semiconductors,RF devices.
After retirement
: Retired 2005; Travel quite a bit. Work on updating our home. Stockmarket research / investments. Hobbies: Avid golfer, play 3-4 times/wk. Fish 2-6 times/mo. Boating/Sking with grandkids.
: All of my teachers at NDHS had a influence on my life, I was well prepared for college.
Things Different
: My NDHS experience was great, would love to do it all over again.
: The 1950's and NDHS were a special time and place. I still have many friends from my days at ND.
(Edwards) Dombrowski, Arden
1772 Lerner Lane
Santa Ana, CA 92705
4/3/06 -
Spouse name
: Jim 
College info: Graduated from SMU in 1960 with BA in English/ History/ Education. Graduate work at a multitude of schools. I have really never stopped going to school.
Family info:
One daughter, Bryn, two hellion grandkids, ages 3 and 5. Daughter is a beauty but doesn't know it - and a terrific teacher and mom. Bryn and I are best friends.
Job info
: Taught high school in Dallas and CA. Owned retail art gallery for number of years. Have bounced around as the whim hits: real estate (I sucked), sales (I don't suck), this and that, here and there. No real life plan, it seems. Everyone's bio seems so impressive. I have had a lot of jobs and been a good employer/employee. I like to work.
After retirement:
Not really retired. Work seasonally at Tiffany & Co. in South Coast Plaza. Do a lot of volunteer work with the Philharmonic Society of Orange County, which is not as stuffy and dry as it sounds ---- we bring music education to school children, raise money for it, etc. But basically it is fun to play with your friends.
Hobbies: Quilting - I meet with the same women every year at Lake Tahoe to quilt and giggle. The only thing for sure is cocktails promptly at 5:00 pm. I also like to read and garden and go to movies. Old lady stuff <sigh> We do have a "Chick Trip" every year-the same 5 women go camping in the Sierra.
Influence: I loved school. I loved learning. I mostly remember Miss Epperson who made it OK to be smart. I remember my girlfriends and the fun we had. I think having the kind of friends I had greatly influenced the way in which I raised my value people.
Things Different: I would have read every book in the NDHS library. That was my goal, but I never quite finished it. I'm trying to catch up now.
Elsey, Bert
P.O. Box 519
Grapevine, Texas 76099
6/1/2009 -
Spouse_name: Dorothy 
: Texas A&M, SMU, Arlington State - Bachelor of Science Civil Engineering 
: 2 children Bert III and Claire, 2 grandchildren Jake and Rachael   Job_info:  Combination of private sector and government employment in management positions as a Professional Engineer and during the last 10 years as a licensed Real Estate Broker After_retirement:  Semi-retired - occasionally performing engineering functions as well as real estate brokerage 
: Sailing both inland and blue water, golf
Fogarty, Gary (deceased) 03/03/2007
Giller, Paul Robert
04/25/06 - Paul and has wife, Marjorie ('58), live in Denton TX.
(Gilmore) Miller, Beverly

PO Box 42

Leesburg TX 75451


04/24/06 My husband's name is J.C. Miller. We have been married 47 years this May. We have two children, a daughter and a son. We have 5 grandchildren. I graduated from Baylor University School of Nursing in January 1960. I have worked in the field of nursing for 46 years and just recently reduced my work to 1 day per week in the Diabetes Education Department of the Presbyterian Hospital of Winnsboro, TX. I indeed did live through high school in a very special time and was blessed with good friends and teachers whom God used to shape my life. I am truly thankful.
Givens, Lanny Ray

2815 Silver Meadow Lane

 Corinth, TX 76210

940-321-2031 /Cell 214-773-1701

07/31/2006  -
Spouse name
: Miriam
Family info:  I married Melanie Bow in December 1959 and we have two children, a daughter born in 1960 who is the Senior Recruiting Manager for Charles Schwab, and a son born in 1963 who is a manager for Atmos formally Lone Star Gas in Plano. I married Miriam Rester in 1981 and she has one daughter born in 1973 who is a senior buyer of Michaels. We will celebrate our 25th anniversary in August. My three children all have successful careers and I am very proud of them. I have three granddaughters the oldest is a Junior at the University of North Texas, the youngest is still in elementary school and the middle one in entering high school and has played select soccer for several years. They are all athletic, beautiful and brilliant.
Job info
: On July 15,1956 I started a career in the tele-communications business that would last over 40 years. I worked for Western Electric for 2 years before joining the U.S. Army on July 15th,1958.After serving for 3 years in MA, AZ and Germany was discharged as a Sgt.E5 on June 19,1961. I immediately returned to Western Electric which became AT&T Technology in 1986, then later Lucent Technology. I retired in October 1986 with 30 years of service. Bought a restaurant in Lewisville and after three years decided that was too much work and returned to the tele-communications industry. I retired a second time in 2002 as an Regional Manager over North Texas, East Texas and Southern Oklahoma. 
After retirement
: I now work part time for the U.S. Dept of Agriculture,
: I am member of several service organizations and have served as State Commander and National Vice Commander of the 40/8 which is made up of American Legion members. I am currently serving as National Secretary/Treasurer of the POW/MIA scholarship fund. My hobbies are watching the NFL, Traveling and Fishing. Influence: Mrs Gray, Biology, she failed me and I got her again the next year for Biology I and II and I made an A in both of them after she talked to me.
Things Different: Yes, Study and pay attention 
Friends: I didn't have any friends except Melvin Adams, because he was as poor as I was. Thank God he and I both recovered from that.
comments: Looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion in Sept. You probably will not recognize me because I am fat, bald, and better looking
Grimes, Charles

256 Blue Hill Dr.

Montgomery, TX 77356


07/26/2008 -
Spouse name: Angie 
College info
: After ND, I went to Texas A&M along with Norman Dowdy. It took me one year to find out there were no women at this school and quickly transferred to SMU. To my parents great relief, I graduated in 1962 with a BSCE (it is a 5 year course!). I did some graduate work at Univ. Wisconsin - Milwaukee and Manhatten College in NY but did not complete anything. 
Family info
: I have four children and 7 grand kids and they are spead from sea to shining sea. One in California, two in New Jersey and one in the middle in Indianapolis. I get to see them way too infrequently.
Job info
:  My "career" has been spent in the Environmental area. I was involved in engineering, research and development, and sale and marketing management of equipment used in environmental control. Specifically, in the equipment used in water and wastewater treatment. So, I say with pride, " I'm a complete waste".
After retirement
: I retired in 2004 and I have spent considerable time applying those wonderful engineering concepts that I learned in college to hitting this little white ball with this big club. Unfortunately, it is painfully evident that I need more education ---QUICK!!!!
Hobbies: Golf, cooking, exercise (the more I exercise, the more I can eat. Right?)
: Not too many days go bye when I don't think about the friends and teachers I had in ND. I had an absolute wonderful time and got a pretty good education doing it. It was indeed, "Happy Days".
Things Different
: I would study a lot harder
- I've moved.
(Harder) Malone Hill, Martha Martha attended Greensboro College in North Carolina and NTSU. She married Ronald Malone (class of 55) and had two beautiful children, Robert lives in Conroe, with Glass business in Houston, and Kathy teaches school in Woodsboro, Texas. They divorced after 12 years of marriage a divorce and she raised the kids and worked in Human Resources at Blue Cross and Pizza Inn Corporate Offices. She has been married for the last 6 years and lives in Kerrville enjoying semi retirement, keeping in touch with great friends and working part time for Edward Jones Investments.
Harris, Allen
1005 Heather Hill Ct.
McLean VA 33001
05/13/01 - Allen and his wife, Jeanie, live in McLean VA.  They have three great children: Scott 27 who is a software engineer for a dot com company in McLean VA, Julie, 26, who teaches kindergarten in Reston, VA (near Washington DC); and Clark, 23, who will graduate from University of Virginia in 2002 in economics. Allen received an AB in 1960 from Princeton University, went to the Hard Knocks University of World Travel 1960-63, and the University of Texas, where he received an LLB in 1965.  He also attended the Senior Seminar, Foreign Service Institute, 1991.  He had only one employer, but many jobs in a 35 year career as a diplomat in the Foreign Service. Overseas postings to Venezuela, Argentina, South Africa and Australia. All great tours and only three attempts on his life. He is pleased to be serving on a number of boards dealing with diplomacy and human rights, lecturing, traveling, fishing and setting up internet for diplomats to discuss current issues of concern to the foreign service are other pursuits, as well as consulting. His hobbies are fishing, hacking at computers, traveling, reading, and most importantly, visiting with friends. His influence came from dear Ms. Epperson and the wonderful geometry teacher that set intellectual standards that have stayed with him. But, most important, was Coach Rowland who showed the value of hard work, doing the right thing at all times, and the joy of being a winner. As to what he would do different, Allen says "Many great joys... not a single regret. Today, those days at NDHS seem like a era reachable only via a time machine. But what a lucky bunch of kids we were to have had the opportunities we had and certainty of opinion."
Hood, Bob 

4705 Burns Circle



Spouse name: Kyle (Thornton) Hood.
College info: BS (ChE) Texas Tech 1960.
Family info
: A son and daughter, both in medicine. Seven grandchildren
Job info
: After a short stint in the artillery, I spent my entire career working in management in the synthetic rubber industry. The company I worked for was owned by BF Goodrich, Polysar and Bayer. I retired in 1960.
After retirement
: In retirement I am active in the community serving on various boards and helping in the Nature Classroom of Orange.
: I find time to play golf frequently and fish in Sabine Lake and the surrounding estuaries.
(Hollon) Fugitt, Cherry 
32 Pinnacle Club Dr. Pinnacle Country Club
06/23/06 -
Spouse name
: Ray Fugitt.
Family info
: 2 Children Tim & Tif 3 grandchildren Lauren, Kat, Alex.
Job info
: Owner -Activewear Showroom at Dallas Apparel Mart.
After retirement
: Retired - Ray and I year 2000 and moved to Cedar Creek Lake.. Lots of golf, bridge, social. seagoing, etc.
: Traveling and just kicking back!!!!
: My favorite was Mrs. Fairchild. I really did not care for my algebra & Geo teachers! Whoever they ere!!! Oh well, I guess I really did not need them....
Things Different: Try out for cheerleader!!!!Oh well, I enjoyed my daughter and grandaughter as cheerleader!!
: Ray (class of 1953) and I are looking forward to the 50th reunion!!!!
Hudspeth, Robert (Bob)

53 Downs Lake Circle

Dallas, TX 75229


02/01/06 -  Bob has two children - a son in New York in real estate finance & a daughter in DC with a Reston, VA based  Bob attended Rice University where he received a BA in 1960 and the University of Texas where he received an MA in 1966. College graduation was followed by 4 years in the Pacific with Uncle Sam as a Naval Officer, followed by 2 yrs. of grad school, then 30 yrs in international banking. Since 1996 Bob has been mostly consulting on international trade & finance matters. He is not fully retired yet, but intend to write a novel about international banking & intrigue one day.  His hobbies are travel and walking.  Bob says that the most influential teachers for him were Mrs. Epperson, Mrs. Armstrong, Mrs. Berry. He keeps up with David Kemp, Laquita Stringer, Gary&Judy Anderson, Beth Bowman, Ann Shotwell and Wayne Baker (i.e. the semi-annual breakfast crowd @ Dunstons). He says that he has no regrets about the education he received at NDHS or the friends he made there.
(Hunt) Dowling, Lee
 1305 Kiowa Drive East
Lake Kiowa, TX 76240
05/10/06 -
College info
: B.A. Baylor; M.A., Ph.D. Arizona State University
Family info
: My son William and daughter-in-law Prescilla live in Tempe, Arizona, with parrot, cockatoo, ocecat, and exotic salamander.
Job info: Taught high school Spanish in Maryland, Virginia, and Colorado. Subsequently, my doctorate in Spanish enabled me to teach for 21 years at U. of Houston, specializing in 16th and 17th century Latin American literature and history. I retired in 2003 as professor emerita 
After retirement
: Singing, playing bridge, and working with Cooke County Democratic Club.
: Miss Mary Bertrand, Miss Helen Harrison, and Mr. Billy Mack Abbot were great teachers. Jeanie Trickey and Brian Beck were two wonderful friends.
Things Different
: I think I'd learn to enjoy social events more.
: I'm awed and proud at all that North Dallas alumni have done and are doing! Thanks to Claude Brewer, Patti Smith, and all of the rest of you! I'd love to hear from some of my other classmates, and to read their bios!
Jefferss, Doug Deceased 05/15/2006 -
Spouse name
: Patricia (Beard) NDHS '57. College info: I received a BBA from SMU in 1959.
Family info
: Pat and I have four sons, three grandsons and two grand daughters living in Texas and Missouri
Job info
: After the Army I started my career in the business credit field and continue presently as Credit Manager of Fritz Industries. 
Hobbies: Photography, soccer coaching and watching and travel
: William (Bull) Tardy. He was his own man
Things Different
: Study this time
Keahey, James

18040 Midway Road #180

Dallas, 75287

972 733 0227

12/29/05 -
Job info: 11 years with Braniff. 1969 till present a home builder and remodeler.
After retirement:
Golf, outdoor sports.
(Kelley) Maples, Margaret

3031 SW 70th Lane

Gainesville, Fl. 32608


09/21/06 -
Spouse name
: Charles H. Gilliland
College info
: BSEEd, Univ. of Texas, June 1960; MEd, Univ. of Florida, June 1975
Family info: Daughters: Lisa Linda Maples Dean; Cynthia Lynn Maples Hardaway Grandchildren: Nicole O'Connel, Kris Johns, Dylan Johns, Margo Dean, Kara Hardaway, Mallory Hardaway, Billy Hardaway, David Hardaway and Aaron Hardaway
Job info
: Media Specialist, East Side High School, retired June 2000
After retirement
: Travel and volunteer work
: Travel, photography
: Ruth Crawford - my life long interest in history
Friends: Mary Karr, Wanda Akins, Vicki Underwood, Myrna Mayfield
: I married my high school sweetheart, Bill Maples, on December 20, 1958. After Bill completed his BA we lived in Dallas where I taught school at Preston Hollow Elementary School. We returned to UT where Bill completed his MA and moved to East Africa where he managed a primate research station. I had my first daughter, Lisa Linda, on September 5, 1962 at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital in Nairobi, Kenya. We returned to Austin where Bill completed his course work for his Ph.D. We again returned to Nairobi, Kenya, East Africa for another two years. Cynthia Lynn was born on March 30, 1965 at the Nairobi Hospital. Bill and I returned to the states and lived two years in Kalamazoo, Michigan before moving to Gainesville, Florida. I became a high school librarian/media specialist until my retirement in 2000. I was fortunate to be able to travel with Bill when he worked on historical forensic anthropology cases. His involvement in historical cases was primarily due to my love of history. I have Ruth Crawford of North Dallas to thank for that. Our first case was the identification of Francisco Pizarro in Lima, Peru. Other historical cases included the Elephant Man in London, England, Czar Nicholas II and family in Russia and President Zachary Taylor in Kentucky. Bill died February 27, 1997. We had been married 38 years. I remarried June 3, 1999 to Charles H. Gilliland, a retired physician. Herb and I had been friends since the early seventies and he lost his wife shortly after Bill died. We have a lot of things in common including our love of travel. We have traveled extensively since our marriage. I have been most fortunate to have been married to two wonderful men. Our family is large - I have two daughters and nine grandchildren plus one great granddaughter. Lisa is in the process of adopting two little girls who are half sisters. Herb has fie children and nine grandchildren. My community activities include president and vice president of my garden club; member of a citizen advisory committee for a local elementary school; co-president of the Friends of Music, an organization associated with the School of Music at the University of Florida. This summer (2006) I was fortunate to spend two weeks in Tanzania on a safari and then return to Kenya after forty years. I visited a friend who still lives in Nairobi. I also spent time in Amsterdam.
Kemp, David A. Deceased BA SMU (Phi Gamma Delta fraternity), MA Cal State Long Beach, PhD University of California. I spent two years in the Army Intelligence Corps in Washington DC, 1962-64, and then moved to Southern California, where I lived for 34 years. I taught in the English Department at the University of California, Riverside, for many years, and spent the last ten years of my working life in aerospace working for Northrop Corporation on the B-2 stealth bomber program. I took an early retirement and moved back to Dallas (Plano, actually) in 1999 (34 years in Southern California is enough!). I'm enjoying my retirement and enjoying being back in Texas and living in Plano. Of my old NDHS classmates I see a good deal of Bob Hudspeth, LaQuita Stringer Curtis, Gary and Judy Anderson, Judie Walton Gammage, Beth Bowman Peterson, Linda Mackaman Young, and Ann Shotwell Gaines. I'm enjoying going to the Bulldog Breakfasts; I'm also enjoying the Dallas Symphony Orchestra concerts and my annual fall! l deer-hunt with my brother, who also lives in Plano. I have a tournament ski boat on Lake Lavon which gets a good deal of use from spring through early fall. Although I'm single, there's a ten-year-old boy who's been visiting me daily for more than two years now (ever since I moved to Plano), with whom I spend a lot of time, and to whom I've become quite attached. My interests include books and reading, classical music and opera, water-skiing and boating, guns and shooting, cameras and photography, steam locomotives and model trains, and classic cars 1925-1940.
(Lightfoot) Scherr, Susie
8808 Ridgehill Drive

Austin, Tx. 78759-7345
(Loyd) Polk, Carol

 898 Steiner St.

 San Francisco CA 94117

08/26/06 - College_info: BA SMU 1960, MA SMU 1995
Family info:  stepdaughter Susan, stepson Kevin, daughter Karen and daughter Maury, all thriving and with lovely children, some nearby and others across the country 
Job info
:  a checkered career including a family fishing tackle business, a spouse's law firm, some time as an English instructor at SMU, long years with an insurance company in regulatory compliance and corporate secretarial matters. my long term employer got swallowed up by another company which eventually was shut down by the California Dept. of Ins. but the acquisition gave me nearly six years of living in southern California. Long enough to enjoy it and to appreciate my San Francisco home even more than I already did. 
After retirement
:  Some volunteer work for Friends of the Library, on board of the neighborhood association, going to the opera (performance conflicting with the Reunion, too), etc., etc. and so forth. 
:  Influence:  I learned from Ms. Gerlach not to interject "what?" into every sentence, as well as a lot of history. Who could not have loved Miss Roberts and Miss Epperson? I also really liked Mr. Fulton, who hired me to transcribe his son's notes from law school at UT. I learned a lot doing that. Assistant Principal Dan Thompson unintentionally sped me down the path to becoming what is now frequently called a "left liberal"; what a negative, negative, negative he was. 
Things Different:  try to be less naive than I was.  Friends:  Kay and Charlotte and Annelle and Ann and Ken Phillips, Bobby Chesnutt (I always knew he would end up in show business - looks like he had a great career!) Dear Allen Norman, with whom I had several wonderful conversations in the year before he died. Paul Giller, who lived across the alley from me in the M streets, and would indulge me by playing paper dolls on very hot afternoons (long before high school, of course) on our screened in side porch. I'm pretty much out of contact, though, with everyone. 
:  I like visiting family in Texas a couple of times a year, but I've never regretted
Mallory, David L

1700 Princeton

Ponca City, OK. 74604

580-765-9595 cell 580-716-0779

08/20/06 -
Spouse name: Jane Louise  
College info
: Graduated from North Texas University with a BA in June of 1960. Master's Degree from the University of Missouri at Kansas City in the 70's with major in financil management.  
Family info
: Jane and I have been married 45 years in November, 2006. We have two grown adopted children: Cathy Mallory Burnett, who lives in Ponca City about 6 houses away from us and Christopher Lee Mallory who lives in Chicago. We have five wonderful grandchildren who are the light of our lives. 
Job info
: I started my primary working career with Conoco (Continental Oil Company) in Fort Worth in October, 1963( a month before the Kennedy assassination). I worked in Kansas City and then Ponca City where I retired in 1993 with 30 years of service. My last position was Director of Retail Credit.
After retirement
: My main involved after retirement is with my church, Northeast Baptist and a civic club, The After Five Lions Club. My greatest joy and most of my time is spent with my two grandchildren that live here in Ponca City. Taylor Marie Burnett is 6 and Grant Aleen is 3.
: My hobbies include exercise, walking, reading and special projects with my church and civic club. Life is very good.
Influence: I remember two teachers in particular. Ms. Grey, a science teacher and also Ms. Clements, an English teacher that had faith in me. All of the teachers I remember were good. 
Things Different
: I came to North Dallas in either the 9 or 10 grade from a very small town with a very small school, Alba, Texas. I felt completely lost and overwhelmed the first year. I had a lot of help trying to catch up. I worked many hours after school at the Safeway store at Lovers Lane and Inwood while in High School. Because of this, I missed much of the social life of high school and I regret this. I would try to be more involved in more school activities if I could do it again.
Friends: Two of my closest friends at North Dallas were Murray Scott and Carl Gravely, both now deceased. Another close friend was Fred Harper, who was in a different class.
: North Dallas was a great school for me though it
Moss, Marlin (deceased) 2/21/2008
(Moss) Tripp, Mary Nell
130 Sceptre Drive

Rockwall, TX 75032
972 771 0698
08/21/06 - Mary Nell has 4 children and 2 step children and 12 grandchildren. She was a secretary for 15 years. Her hobbies are singing, scuba diving, hand crafts such as knitting, quilting, tatting, crocheting. Her influence came from Ms Epperson and Ms Dice.  If she had it to do over again, she would have done better in typing.  Mary Nell has retired to spend more time with her grandchildren. After the death of her father, September 2005, she took over his band, The Texas Tumble-weeds.  She has sung with the band for years, but he always managed it.  She now manages as well as performs.  They do western swing, all the 'old songs' from Bob Wills to The Light Crust Doughboys.  They do private parties mostly, but perform at Six Flags Over Texas the first three weekends in September each year. She is looking forward to the Reunion.  See will see you there.
Phillips, Kenneth Alton;
2120 South Uravan Street
Aurora, CO 80013
8/19/2013 -

Info About Jobs During Working Career Forty plus years as an exploration geologist working on 4 continents searching for hydrocarbons, gold and other metals. Co author of "Geology of the Solitario, Trans-Pecos Texas" Special Paper 250, published by the  Geological Society of America, and several unpublished papers and reports.   

Hobbies Observing nature, it's processes and the wonder of it all.

NDHS Teachers, Activities, etc. That Affected Your Life Betty Clements - math

Is There Anything You Would Do Different If You Were Going To Repeat High School? Study harder, try harder, apply myself more diligently and attempt to have the wisdom of a 75 year old at age 16.

Poetschke, Willie 972-612-5721
(Pool) Harrison, Carol Lee

492 VZCR 4812

Ben Wheeler, TX 75754 (Edom)


08/02/2006 -
: Dan Harrison. College_info: 7/31/06
: Married to high school sweetheart, Dan,(NDHS class of '54) for 51 years. Married son, Adam, married daughter, Dana, five grandchildren and one tiny, great granddaughter. EDUCATION: I attended classes at several colleges throughout my thirties, forties, and fifties, taking creative writing, art and other favorite subjects. Also completed a four year correspondence course in writing.
: Full time wife and mommy until 1975 when we left Dallas and a secure future to come to the piney hills of east Texas and the unknown. It was our dream to turn Dan's hobby into a career. He is now an award winning custom knife maker, but, we began in a campground, on a picnic table, where we lived and worked for six months. I designed, cut blades, and made sheaths. In 1976 we were invited to join the Edom Craft Community in Edom, TX. (Quite an adventure for 50's kids plopped down in the middle of 60's artists) We embraced every facet of our new life. We loved Edom, with its 201 residents comprised of small town characters, artists, and city escapees. I taught VBS, tutored, directed and produced live theatre, played bridge, joined a gourmet super club, and attended some very unique artists parties. We built a retail shop in Edom and sold our knives at fine arts shows all around the country. Dan built our home of lumber salvaged from a 125-year-old factory in Tyler. The children and I pulled square nails, carried lumber, and dug splinters. We've been here 27 years. In 1985 we created a design and manufacturing firm, working with several internationally known knife companies. Eventually we employed 26. Now, it's the two of us, making one knife at a time, each one different.
: Family activities, writing plays, writing songs. My first 3 act musical was produced in 1989. "Ain't No Swamps in Texas" a musical comedy in 3 acts was produced by the Edom Civic Theatre in 2000. A revised version of "Swamps" will be preformed at the Edom City Limits Opry House in 2007.
: The 1950's. What a wonderful time.
(Pope) Pingree, Dianne   04/21/2008
(Precht) Hixson, Margye ,

 6028 Flywheel Ct.

 Columbia, MD 21044


09/16/06 -
Spouse name
: Robert Hixson  
College info
: University of Maryland at Baltimore County, BA Economics, Johns Hopkins Univerity, Masters, Busness Administration, Maryland Institute of Art-Photography McDanial College in Westminster, MD, jewelry classes
Family info
: none
Job info: Teaching people how to use a computer at Howard Community College. Also taught math at Howard CC.
After retirement
: I have retired many times. I am active in several garden club organizations in Maryland.
Hobbies: Photography, film and digital, silversmithing,  wirewrapping, lapidary work, lampwork beads, beading, travel, gardening, Flower Show Judge
Influence: I loved being in the drill team under Nina Sparks.
: I have been living in Columbia, Maryland for 33 years, but Texas will always be my real home. Columbia is halfway between Baltimore, MD and Washington, DC. Some fun things I have done in Washington, have been to go to the Texas Breakfast Club and the Boots and Black Tie Ball.
Romanowski, R. Ernest Jr. (Deceased) 12/07/2005 - ERNEST, died March 15, 2003, after a courageous, year-long battle with Merkel cell carcinoma, a rare, very aggressive skin cancer. Born in Dallas on June 13, 1938, to Raymond and Elma Bilger Romanowski, he graduated from North Dallas High School, attended Texas A & M University, and graduated from East Texas State University in 1961, where he also did graduate work and was a member of Delta Sigma Phi fraternity. A lover of the outdoors, he worked as Range Conservationist of the Coconino and Kaibab National Forests for the USDA Forest Service, Flagstaff and Williams, Arizona, from 1961 to 1970. Returning to Dallas, he obtained his realtor's license and owned Romanowski Realty until 1978. In 1975, he became partner in his family's business, Bilger Florist and Greenhouse, becoming owner in 1979 and CEO from 1984-88. In 1988, he and his wife, Doris, moved to their dream home on the Intra-Coastal Waterway, Brunswick Islands area, North Carolina, where he worked as a Registered Environmental Health Specialist for Brunswick County. He retired and they returned to Dallas in 1993 to be close to family. An award-winning drag car racer and chili cook-off champion in several states, he also enjoyed boating, swimming, and traveling. He is survived by his mother, Elma Romanowski, his loving wife of 18 years, Doris Campbell Romanowski, sister, Sonja Bilger Romanowski, son and daughter-in-law, Howard and Kathleen Pearson, grandson Christopher Pearson and wife, Brandy, grandson Joshua Pearson, uncle, Albert P. Bilger, Sr., cousins, Barbara Jean Bilger and Dr. A. Paul Bilger, Jr., and aunt, Lydia Romanowski of York, Nebraska. Honorary pallbearers are: brother-in-law, Don Campbell of Atlanta, Georgia, John Bargman, David Bode, Ed Meeks, Jim Rice, Robert Rubel, Charles Schweizer, and Fred Schweizer. An active member of St. Philip's United Methodist Church, Ernest served on the Finance Committee.
(Routt) Hoffman, Brenda
1062 Oak Valley Court,
Keller, Texas 76248
 (817) 482-2822
11/5/04 -Brenda is married to Clifton W. Hoffman.  She attended East Texas State (now Texas A&M-Commerce) 1956-1958;  Texas Tech (1958-61); and received BS Education w/emphasis on art courses. She has one stepson, Kyle Hoffman, who resides in Dallas and is employed with Digital Southwest. All of Brenda's employment was in the legal field (county/federal government; law offices). She retired 8/1/2000 after 23 years with the U.S. Probation Office (19 years in Austin; 4 years Waco). After retirement she plans nothing special - just enjoying doing what she wants to - when she wants to. In other words, she plans to piddle a lot and accomplish little. She enjoys working with stained glass and has been working with stained glass for the past 5 years. Now that she is retired, she can now devote more time to that pursuit. After all these years she is finally taking advantage of all the art courses she took at ND and in college. Brenda says that she has found that after all these years her friends and classmates at ND remain very special.
Rubel, Bob 11/5/2005

Roberts, Vincent Dennis

deceased 07/26/2006 - Vincent Dennis Roberts, passed away on November 19, 2005, at his home, surrounded by his loving family.  Vince was born November 8, 1938, in Tulsa, OK.  He and his family moved to Dallas, TX in 1950, where he grew up.  He graduated from North Dallas High School in 1956.  From there, he joined the US Army, where he was a crypt analyst technician.  He was granted an honorable discharge in 1963.  Vince graduated from North Texas State University in 1965 with a bachelor of arts degree in history.  At North Texas State he met his wife, the former Joan Patterson, and they were married in 1965.  Vince and his family moved to Atlanta, GA in 1973, where they raised their three children, Matthew, Stephen, and Elizabeth.  In 1992, Vince and Joan moved to Florida and then in 1999, they settled in Kansas City, MO.  During Vince’s career, he worked at General Cable Corporation for 15 years and Siemens-Stromberg Carlson for 22 years.  He retired in 2003.  He was often recognized for his excellent service, and in 2001, received the Top System Engineer Award from Siemens.   Vince will be remembered for his devotion to his family and community.  He was active in church youth groups, the Boy Scouts, Atlanta’s youth soccer leagues, and was a parent volunteer in his children’s schools.  He was a member of Gashland United Methodist Church in Kansas City, where he taught adult Sunday School.  He enjoyed reading, history, traveling, fishing, and watching football.  Vince and Joan recently celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary. 
(Rogers) Bradford, Alayne Judith (Judy)
5818 E 50th St
Tulsa, OK 74135
09/02/06 -
Spouse name
: Donald W. Bradford (deceased 1987) 
College info: Southern Methodist University, 3 yrs; Oklahoma State University, 1.5 yrs, BA in history; Oklahoma Baptist University, 1 yr, secondary teaching credintials; Phillips Theological Seminary, M.Div; Ordination as Elder in United Methodist Church 
Family info
: 3 children and 5 grandchildren: son Michael and his daughter Bailey; daughter Janet and her three children Conner, Colton, and Courtney; daughter Pam and her daughter Kyla (who lives with me)  
Job info:
Wife of United Methodist Minister for nearly 30 years; following his death I entered seminary to get credentials and continue in ministry under appointment in the Oklahoma Conference of the United Methodist Church; retired 17 years later (June, 2005) 
After retirement: Since retirement: moved to Tulsa, Ok to live in vicinity of my children and grandchildren; continue to parent Kyla, my 13 yr. old grand-daughter who is now a freshman in Edison High School; actively involved in Faith United Methodist Church primarily in a teaching capacity
: Volunteer ministry, mission trips, reading, movies, etc:
Things Different
: Nothing comes to mind.
:Paula Schmidt Minton; Margaret Luna Terrell, and others whose names memory fails me--sorry
Ryan, Gary  
(Scott) Huntley, Nancy Ann

Kerville, TX

3/1/03 - After graduation from North Dallas, Nancy attended Texas Tech University.  She worked in various administrative positions in the Dallas area before retiring in 2001.  She remarried in October 2001 and moved to Kerrville, Texas.  Nancy has a daughter and a son, two granddaughters and three great-grandchildren. 
(Searcy) Marshall, Becky

3704 Seguin Drive

Dallas, Texas 75220


06/29/06 -
Spouse name: John B. Marshall
College info:
Got my MRS a few month after North Dallas graduation. Still married to him.
Family info:
Had 3 great children John, Melinda, and David who graduated from college and went on to successful careers. It was important to their Dad and me since we didn't choose to further our education, my greatest regret.
Job info:
I worked primarily in the Dallas construction market for the same executive, Ken Polk, (25+ years). Nominated for ABC (industry organization) Magnolia Award and on my retirement Polk Mechanical Company named our conference room after me and instituted the Becky Marshall Spirit Award to be awarded each year.
After retirement:
John and I retired in December 2005. He gardens and I volunteer at the Dallas Public Library. When our home of 50 years sells, we plan to move to Scottsboro, Alabama to be close to our son's family. If you ever go to northern Alabama, stop by Alabama's #1 tourist facility, Unclaimed Baggage. Our son, John, is president and would love to tell you how to find us. There I will write and John will fish.
: I collect "questionable" antiques, read and study non-fiction WWII (am interested in the stories of those who had the grace and courage to step forward when it was important. I am also writing a book for our granchildren on my family's fascinating Texas pioneer history, TOLD FROM THE HEART, and a smaller book dedicated to my storytelling heritage.
: Still have close friendships with Nell Cooper Froning, Judy Chapman Bartlett, Montie Shultz Larkin, Barbara Jean Jackson, Dianne Pope Pinegree, and Cherry Hollon Fugitt. Mr. Tardy, what a Hoot!, he was. But he gave me a basic Spanish knowledge that I still carry with me today. In fact, I don't think we had any poor teachers (well, maybe one or two) at North Dallas.
Things Different:
I would do nothing different. The mistakes we make in life are lessons for the future. John and I have had a good life.
: See you at reunion!

311 S. Someday

Boerne TX

(830) 249 6164

08 03 2005 - College info: SMU and University of Texas at Austin. Family info: 4 children, Penni, BB, Polly & Layna. 9 grandchildren. Job info: Worked in production and drilling in oil and gas business for 30 years in Midland and Dallas. After retirement: Parker County Master Gardener. Hobbies: Gardening, quilting, reading, sports fan. Influence: Ms Dice, Mr. Abbott, Mr. Baker, Ms Roberts. Things Different: It would be nice to participate in the girls atheletics that are available today. Comments: I have very fond memories of my high school days and the great people that were there.
Spurgeon, Charles Edwin

Privada Sta. Rita #50,

Colonia Sta. Elena

City: Lagos de Moreno, C.P. 47440, Jalisco, Mexico


Spouse name: Noemí.
College info
: B.S. Dallas Baptist University, M.S. East Texas State University, Diploma of Theology- Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Ph.D. Landmark Baptist Theological Seminary.
Family info
: 4 grown children and one born in Mexico January 14, 2004. Three grandchildren..1 in Calif, 2 near Dallas Job info: Electronic technician 18 years, church pastor and foreign missionary to Latin America for 20 years.
After retirement:  Currently operate a small language school in Jalisco, Mexico and home builder/realtor. Hobbies: Ham radio operator for 50 years, but don´t have time now... Influence: 
Things Different
: I would have worked harder at learning Spanish.
: I thank the Lord for my good health! Never been in a hospital and don´t take any meds.
(Stallones) Nardone, Nelda Joyce
2412 County Road 334
Burnet, TX 78611
2629 Wyassup Rd
North Stonington, CT 06359
11/28/2005 - After graduation from NDHS in May 1956, I attended college for 1
and a helf years. I interrupted my formal education to embark on the education that comes with marriage and children. My late husband, Maurice Fox, and I married in 1959, and moved to Santa Barbara, CA. Our son Reg was born there in 1960. We later moved to Liverpool, NY where our two daughters Mary and Suzanne arrived in 1962 and 1964. In 1966, we moved to CT where my husband was a civilian contractor at the Submarine Base in Groton. He founded a company which did submarine support work for the Navy. Maurice died in 1978, and I continued to live in CT and finish raising three teenagers. I also continued to work as Corporate Secretary at the company my late husband had founded. In 1984, I married Charles A. Nardone. a lawyer with his own law firm in Rhode Island. We lived in CT until my husband's retirement in 1994. We had purchased a home in Burnet, TX in 1992, and we began to live summer and fall in CT and winter and spring in TX. My son Reg, his wife Julie and their two children live in Salem, OR. My daughter Mary, her husband J.T and their two children live in Austin, TX. My daughter Suzanne, her husband Steve and their three children live in Salado, TX. My husband Charlie and I are enjoying our retirement and the luxury of living half of the year in TX and half of the year in CT and enjoying our children and grandchildren in both places.
(Stephenson) Calvert, Patty
3323 Windermere Lane
Memphis, TN 38125
901 748 2966
05/10/06 -
Spouse name
: Dennis
College info
: BA Abilene Christian College  MA University of Memphis  Ed D University of Memphis 
Family info: We have two children, Dennis and Trish and they each have two children, Kelsey, Kevin, Jay and Chrissy.
Job info: Founder of Lamplighter Montessori School in Memphis, retired and became a luxury travel consultant and am loving this great work helping travel dreams come true. 
: Gardening, tennis, travel.
Influence:Fond memories of NDHS and friends I made in high school. Pat, Lynn and Carole were attendants at our wedding!
Things Different:  No regrets.
: Glad to be a part of the 50th Reunion.
(Stringer) Curtis, La Quinta 
5055 Forest Lane Cr.
Dallas Tx. 75244
04/27/01 - Shortly after graduation La Quita began a 35 year career with Otis Engineering (today's Halliburton) and afterwards started a second career with the Dallas Morning News where she is and has been working for the past 6 years. She plans to retire in 3 short years. La Quita is blessed with 2 children and 2 grandchildren. Those grand kids are her most cherished and favorite pastime. Others are her hobbies of reading and walking. About the only thing she believes she should have done differently was to dedicate more time for studying, otherwise she is content with her ND years. 
Sutton, Thomas  
(Tanner) Stewart, Ann
 10661 Lorwood Drive
Dallas, Texas 75238
06/10/01 - Ann and her spouse, Charles, have 3 children; 7 grandchildren (oldest grandchild lives in Holland. Oldest child is nearly 39 and youngest is 32.  Ann attended North Texas State College, 1960 with BA in English. M.A. in English from North Texas State University in American Lit. She taught high school English in DISD and in RISD. Taught lit classes for a number of years in DCCD at Richland and Brookhaven. That spoiled her forever - she never wanted to teach in a public high school again!  Since retirement, Ann has worked this past summer with local grade school 3rd grader bilingual 3rd graders teaching them to read English. She also works with local church and belongs to a book club. Her hobbies are: don't clean house, don't cook! Been there; done that. She finds that she is getting older and dumber and says that maybe she should have kept on working because the bulb in the attic is definitely getting dimmer. Her influence at NDHS was a history teacher whose name she cannot remember, but she made the topic interesting enough that Ann got a minor in history in college. Ann went all the way through elementary, junior high, and ND with most of my best friends--such as Gary Anderson, Pat Allen, Patti Smith, Lynn Copeland, and Randy Staton. Later, she got to know Ann Shotwell and LaQuita Stringer. She also was friends with JoAnn Thurman (class of 55) and Carol Marquart (class of 57). Ann comments - "Some us us even went to church together. I have fond memories of these friends and our good times together."  Asked if she would do anything different she says "No. Enjoyed all of it. However, I might have been interesting in being a permanent college student. Still love learning."  She also comments - "I've been married nearly 41 years to the same man (still haven't decided whether that's good or bad). His name is Charles Stewart and he graduated from Woodrow Wilson in 1955. He knew many of the North Dallas folks though Young Life, and other activities."
Thomas, Thomas Chris "Tommy" (Deceased) 4/18/2010 - After fighting a courageous 2 year battle with cancer, he left his failing body and woke up in his new body in paradise embracing his Lord and son-in-law Craig. On April 14th, God reached down and took Tommy to Heaven to tell stories and make Him laugh. How lucky Tommy was to wake up everyday with a happy attitude and he passed it on to others everyday. He was born at Baylor Hospital on December 4th, 1938 and lived in Dallas all his life. He attended North Dallas High School in 1956 and North Texas State in 1964. He found his true love and angel and married her in 1964.Through good times and bad, he knew she was his constant companion and that she had his back. They had two children and two grandchildren. He always talked how lucky he was to have to much love and care for all his life. Tommy loved sports and played 30 years of rec center basketball, 25 years of slow-pitch softball and 12 years of adult soccer. He also loved coaching kids for many years. He worked in the family moving business for 35 years. Then he achieved his dream of teaching for 18 and half years in DISD. He was excited to go to work each day at John Carpenter Elementary School. He spent all his summers going to seminars because he always wanted to learn new ways to be a better teacher. He loved his students and coworkers. Unfortunately, cancer forced him out of the classroom. Tommy was never a quitter and fought cancer with determination to get back to the classroom. He formed a strong friendship with his wonderful doctors, Dr. Lance Oxford and Eric Nadler. They were his heroes. Tommy left a note asking everyone to enjoy life and try to have a happy moment everyday just like he lived his life. He also asked for everyone to take the time and tell a funny story or joke to someone who looks like they are having a bad day. He always appreciated his family, friends and the many wonderful people at Wilshire Baptist Church for their prayers, love and support. He often said he was lucky one thousand times over. Survivors: wife 45 years Carolyn Thomas, daughter Cindy Thomas Hanking Miller and son-in-law Blake Miller, son William Robert Thomas, grandchildren Caroline Lauralee Elizabeth Miller and Craig Thomas Miller. Sisters Judy Barnes, Sandra Baugh and Nancy Thomas. Brother James Thomas. Stepmother Anita Thomas. Cousins Joan Milliot and Mary Ann Erwin and many close friends.
(Thurman) Wood, Joann

321 Richbrook Dr. 

Garland, TX 75044 


02/23/03 - Joann has 1 son and 2 grand daughters.. They are lots of fun and they just love to shop together with her until they drop! She really loves the ND reunions and seeing everyone again. 
  (Trickey) Carpenter, Jean
11021 Melissa Court
Fairfax, VA 22030
06/26/06  -
Spouse name
: William H. Carpenter, Jr. (dec) 
College info:
Baylor University, BA
Family info
: Three children: Becky, Bill, David. Four grandchildren: Conner (16), Jonathan (11), Nicky (10), Ally (6).
Job info: I worked mostly as an editor: Charles E. Merrill, 1961-62; National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, 1973-78, 1986-2003. I retired in 2003. My husband was an Air Force officer, so I also had about 28 years experience in being an Air Force wife. We lived several different places: Columbus, OH; Orlando, FL; Warren AFB, Cheyenne, WY; Patrick AFB, FL; Andrews AFB, MD; Fairfax, VA; Warren AFB again; Wiesbaden, Germany; Fairfax again. Since Bill's death in 1988, I've stayed in Fairfax. 
After retirement
: My family is spread far and wide (CA, TX, KS, GA, SC, GB, etc.), so I travel quite a lot. My interest in family history and genealogy also keeps me on the road.
: Genealogy (constantly); bridge (occasionally); writing (mainly in connection with family history). Other interests: astronomy (in a very small way); singing (rarely, these days); drawing (also rarely).
: Teachers: Helen Harrison, a lovely, dignified lady who broadened my concept of music; Ms. Clement, who gave me a solid background in English and helped me appreciate the rewards in writing and communicating well. 
: Lee Hunt, Brian Beck, Linda Mackaman, Bobby Trees, Margaret Luna, and all the "HMS Pinafore" gang.
Things Different
: I would maybe try to take more science.Comments:
White, Phil
10466 Realm Way
Las Vegas, NV 89135
(702) 254-3529
10/1/02 -
Spouse name:     Candy.  College info: Attended Arlington State College 1956 to 1958. Major was Engineering.  1960 to 1963, attended Denver University, Denver, CO. receiving BA Degree in Advertising and Marketing.
Family info:
One son, born 1964. Two Grandchildren, ages 4 and 3. My son and his family live in Cary, NC.
Job info:
Returned to Dallas after graduating from Denver University and went to work for the ad agency of Wyatt, Dunnagan and Williams in their art department.  In 1965, was transferred to Los Angeles, CA to open a branch office.  There, I was Art Director for the West Coast division.  I worked for other advertising agencies in the LA area until 1968, myself and three other friends opened our own marketing and consulting firm, Communications Consultants, in Santa Monica, CA.  We had clients in the leisure/recreation industry and introduced the Lange ski boot and Dynamic skis to the market.  We also handled clients in the high tech sector; Stromberg DataGraphics and Information International, Inc., among others. In 1974, after our agency closed down in the recession, I became the Advertising Director for Information International, Inc in Culver City, CA. 1977 I went to work as a senior marketing representative for General Binding Corp.’s Commercial Laminating Division, charged with establishing a commercial laminating market on the west coast.  I remained with GBC until my semi-retirement in 1995. The later part of 1995 I was able to realize a lifelong ambition of being involved in professional motor sports.  I was part of the Safety Department Fire and Rescue crew at the newly completed Las Vegas Motor Speedway, where I was a captain of one of the crash trucks on the super speedway, both road courses, the ½ mile clay sprint track and the 3/8 mile paved Bullring.  Over the course of the next five years, I worked all the NASCAR Winston Cup, Busch, Craftsman Truck, Professional Sports Car, World of Outlaws Winged Sprint Cars, USAAC Midgets and the American Motorcycle Super Bike Nationals races.  In addition, I provided fire and rescue coverage for the four performance driving schools that are headquartered at the speedway.  In return, I was privileged to take all the driving courses, except Freddie Spencer’s Performance Super Bike Riding, which I declined (over the years I had picked up too many of those riders off the track after they had crashed). November of 2000 I finally retired for real and have been enjoying that and other pursuits and hobbies.
Pursuits after retirement: Since retiring, I have been attending community college, taking courses in computer graphics.  Currently, I am in the second semester of advanced 3D animation.
: Of course, family is first on the list.  Other interests are doing computer illustrations, daily rides on my mountain bike, hiking in the desert canyons and mountains and designing hot rods and restoring classic cars.
: I know I’m supposed to name specific teachers I liked or had a special influence on my life, but, in truth, I enjoyed all my teachers; some more than others. Friends I counted from among the classes of 1954, ’55, ’56 and 1957.   Those I ran around with and hung out with included Tom Gray, Jackie Blevens, Jimmy Green, Al Wilke, Myron (Dave) Shaffer, Joe Cook, Jerry Carder – to name just a few.  They all touched my life and exerted influences.  I have treasured memories of those years and those friends and acquaintances all these years. If I had it all to do over again, I would not change a single thing.  
Would  Do Different:
That period of my life was one of the first of many influential chapters. I have no regrets.
(Wiggins) Huckabay, Gail

1806 Bradford Street

Irving, TX  75061-1908


05/04/06 -
Spouse name
: Charles Huckabay 
Family info:
2 girls, Lisa and Lori - ages 45 and 41 - 4 grandkids, Lary (step) 18, David (step)17, Thomas 16 and Kylee (girl) 11.  Thomas and David attend Irving High in Irving.  Kylee will enter Middle School in Irving in August 2006. Job info: Right out of high school, went to work for Massey Ferguson Tractor.  Also worked for Black & Decker for 8 years, during which time I had 2 girls.  Went back to work for Space Electronics in Irving, where I retired December 31, 1999, after 26 years.
After retirement: Worked part time for a small church in Irving as church secretary, attend Bible Studies each year, enjoy all the sporting activities of my grandkids, work in different areas of our church, garden and RV some.
: Grandkids, gardening, RV'ing.
: Ms. Imogen Berry, my homeroom teacher and Spanish teacher and Ms. Virginia Bronenkant.  Enjoyed Pep Squad where I made a lot of friends.
Things Different:
No - I very much enjoyed my 4 years at NDHS.

: I so appreciate the people who have worked so hard to put our 50th reunion together.  I also appreciate those who do such a great job with the Greater North Dallas Alumni Assoc.  Keeping up

Wile, Ira (Barney)

306 East Pine St.

Tazewell, Va. 24651


04/27/01 - Barney continued his education right after ND entering the University of Texas where he received his Bachelor of Arts in 1960 and pursued his medical education at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School receiving his degree in 1963. Barney received specialized training in Urology then contributed 2 years to the US Air Force. He returned to Arlington, Texas where he practiced his profession for 10 years before heading over to the area of Richlands, Virginia where he continued his work in the mountains and coalfields until July 1998 when he retired from patient care. He currently does contract work for the Office of Hearings and Appeals, Social Security. Administration. When not doing work Barney devotes some of his spare time to his hobby of photography. Barney and his wife Phyllis were blessed with 3 children; Ira Scott, Ella Michelle and Ruth Mollyanna. Phyllis passed away in June 2000.
Wilkie, Al Deceased 04/15/01 - Al and his wife, Ouida, live in Wills Point TX. After spending 35 years as a Real Estate/Land Planning Consultant in the DFW Metroplex,.  Al moved out to Wills Point and entered a new career in Embroidery.  Al and Ouida run a custom embroidery shop out of our small farm. His Hobbies include Golf, Biking, and Fly Fishing.  At NDHS, Junior Achievement had the most lasting influence on him.  If Al had to do NDHS to do over again, he would study harder.
Wood, C. Norman
5440 Mt Corcoran Place
Burke, VA 22015-2147
Spouse name: Elizabeth "B" 
College info
: BBA, Univ of Texas MPA, Auburn Univ 
Family info
:  Wende Louise Wood (by 1st marriage) Elizabeth "Liz" Wood Santini 
Job info
:  1960-1992 US Air Force. Flew as an Electronic Warfare Officer in RB-47s and RC-135s. Vietnam Vet. Command and Staff assignments in intelligence. White House tour in 1st Reagan Admin. Senior US intel officer in Europe 1987-88; head of AF intelligence 1989; Deputy to the Director of Central Intelligence for Community Management 1990-92. 1992-1996 SR VP and General Manager at BDM Federal. 1996-2002 President and CEO, Armed Forces Communications and Electronic Association.
After retirement: Enjoying retirement with varied volunteer work and playing racquetball
: Bible research, bridge, and racquetball 
: ROTC provided the foundation for a military career