53 Reunion

By Noel Garland

The reunion today was pretty nice, there was a good turnout of 1953 alumni, including Jack Chewning, of California. The 1954 group was represented, by Earlene Flannery, Paula Vickery Casey, and Paula Mallow Williams. The 53 folks had a cocktail party last night on the top floor of City Place, and I believe they are having a dinner/dance at the Doubletree Campbell Center.  Kelly Parks, and Robert Burgess has suggested a combination 50th reunion and golf tournament in October which may be brought up at the first planning session in mid summer. Two women and two men, the men both military retirees, were honored this day, and Rosemary Rumbley did the hosting, a good time was had by all, with her stories about being a Good Southern Babtist, and her jokes, including an Aggie-Irish joke. The retired general, former NDHS, A&M, chief of the Army Veterinarian Department, told some good stories, but all the awardees gave credit to the teachers at North Dallas for their start in life, as well as Mrs Rumbley. Seems to be common thread in these acceptances speeches.