Club Schmitz Luncheon (photos by Bill Driscoll)

No, this is not a photo shoot of  the cast of actors from the HBO show "The Sopranos". Rather it shows a group of '53-'56 Bulldogs that met for lunch at Club Schmitz on Monday February 10 2003.  The amazing thing about this meeting was not the big turnout, but the fact that there were no fights, the police did not have to be called, and Club Schmitz was still standing afterwards.Not shown - Bill Driscoll and Taffy Krueger.

  Meeting Place Earl Farley '54

Gary Coker '54 Jerry Poland '53 James Coker '53

Doyle Stewart '55

Gary Pursel '55

Tony Scalise '55

Warren Jackson '55

Bobby Woods '55

Kelly Parks '54

Robert Burgess, David Abbott, Earl Farley, Bobby Woods, Vanoy Tidroy, Billy Verble
Paul Defeld, Robert Burgess' son, Robert Burgess, Rachel Cohen, Taffy Krueger (standing), Billy Verble, Earl Farley
Rachel Cohen, Bill Travis, Billy Verble, Cal Greer, Earl Farley, Benny Harper
Doyle Stewart, Tony Scalese, McCutchin, Taffy Krueger, Robert Burgess, Mackie Joe Sellers, Earl Farley, Bill Cooper, Vanoy Tidroy, Robert Burgess' Son





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