William Erwin "Tex" Henson - Animator

William Erwin "Tex" Henson long career in animation began in 1944 with Walt Disney Productions where he became half of the story team that lifted the cartoon chipmunks duo Chip "n Dale to feature status.

Monday the 78 year old was hit by a pickup in downtown Terrell, Texas, later he died of head injuries.

He got his nickname not from his native state, but rather from another North Dallas High School alum. who shared his love of cartooning - Fred "Tex" Avery, who developed Bugs Bunny.

After Disney, Mr. Henson worked in N.Y., where he helped draw Casper the Friendly Ghost.  Later in Mexico, he supervised 180 artists working
he Bullwinkle show, Underdog, King Leonardo and Tennessee Tuxedo for American TV.

Mr. Henson also taught animation in the Dallas Independent School District and drew cartoons for a newspaper in