Notes From Classmates

From Kelly Parks - '54

The "Fearsome Foursome" Cal Greer, Kelly Parks, Robert Burgess, and his son Mark, will be playing in the annual North Dallas Bulldog golf tournament. According to Mark, the class of 54 with his help will accept all challenges and assures victory.

Nelda Wesson Malone -  Class 0f  '71

Remember the Cole Avenue Drug Store that was directly across the street from the school. Everyone hung out there, listening to the juke box, eating hamburgers and drinking cokes. Anyone remember the older mans name that ran the drug store?                  

John Alonzo Mourned by Local 600
The International Cinematographers Guild mourns the passing of Local 600 member and Director of Photography John Alonzo, ASC. Alonzo died on March 13 due to an illness. He was 66. Friends and colleagues are invited to a memorial service at 3 pm on  Saturday, March 31 at 1782 N. Orange Drive in Los Angeles. Please call (323) 876-5080 for more information.  Entering the entertainment industry as an actor, Alonzo was called to cinematography when he found that his considerable skill with a camera provided him a very healthy living.  His big break in the field came as a camera operator on John Frankenheimer's Seconds, which lead to work on Vanishing Point, Lady Sings the Blues and Close Encounters of the Third Kind.  In 1975, Alonzo earned an Academy nomination for his superb camerawork on Roman Polanski's Chinatown, setting the standard for the use of saturated color and soft focus in portraying 1930s Americana. His subsequent lensing of film such as Norma Rae, Scarface and Steel Magnolias left an indelible mark not just on cinema, but on American culture as well. Alonzo remained in demand in the 1990s shooting films as varied as the cartoon/live action hybrid Cool World, the serial Star Trek Generations, the epic telefilm Lansky and a unique TV event Fail Safe. He is survived by his wife Jan, daughter Krista and son-in-law John Hain

From Bob McCauley - '55

So many people have written in saying that Ms Epperson and Ms Dice were instrumental in their lives, I though I would add the following bits of trivia:

Ms Dice - One of her favorite sayings was (when people were not paying attention in her class) - "Am I wasting my sweetness on the desert air."

Ms Epperson - Had a neat story about a quiz she took in college.  She was an English major, but for some reason had not read the assignment for the test.  There was one question on the quiz - to write a theme on the poem that began - "as she leaned over the cloud."  Ms Epperson said that she was stumped, but knew that her future in English at stake.  She racked her mind and finally decided to do some forensic exploration.  She asked herself why was the lady leaning over a cloud, unless she was in Heaven, looking at someone on Earth.  She put two and two together and guessed that it must be at her boyfriend who was probably dating another girl, etc.  A few other forensic flurries (which I can't recall) got her an A on the quiz.

 (if you have any such stories, send them to one of the moderators).

    From Diane Glen

    If you went to NDHS in 1977, what if there had not been:

  • That little store next door to the school that sold chili pie and

  • The School Choir (that fabulous trip to Houston for competition)?

  • That park in the back of the school?


If you went to NDHS before 1957, consider how different it would have been if there had been:

  • Cell phones?

  • Seat belts?

  • Walkmans?

  • Shows like Friends, ER and the Jerry Springer Show

  • Digital full stereo fidelity music for the dances in the gym

  • Computers for doing homework research from the internet.

  • Instant messaging.

  • Email


Not been:

  • O.S.'s?

  • LuAnn's?

  • Lakewood Rats?

  • There had been Bloods and Crypts?

  • Aggie jokes?

  • That peephole where boys spied on the girl's locker room?

  • Assistant principal that used the big paddle?

  • Ms Epperson teaching English?

  • Ashburn's ice cream store

  • Vickory skaing rink or pool.

  • Doak Walker and Kyle Rote as football heros?

  • Scratchy records that were used for the dances in the gym

  • White Rock or Vickery swimming pools.

  • Hires root beer stand on Oak Lawn.

  • 'Theater Row' on Elm street.

(from Emily (Adams) Hamilton -'52)

  • What if there had NOT been:

  • Intense competition between NDHS and Woodrow Wilson

  • Streetcars

  • Dal-Hi Stadium

  • "Pinky" Quarles as Journalism Teacher

  • All the steps in front of the building.....where would they have made

  • all the class and club pictures for the yearbook?

(From Bill Driscoll '55)

  • Lobello's - Douglas at W. NW HWY

  • Jumbos - Lemmon at Mockingbird

  • Fred's - Lemmon at Inwood

  • The Corral - (across from old Dr. Pepper Plant)

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