Carl "Corky" McGee

Wednesday night I attended one of my grandsons' (7) Junior High football game. As I was walking across the field after the game I suddenly realized that it had been 50 years since I played for North Dallas. What a surprise it was the next morning to open the paper and find the article about the "52" team and season! It made my day.
Several of the games and plays are still etched in my mind like coming to the huddle in the Adamson game when we were behind 14-0. Everyone was angry and upset. Tony called the plays and he yelled, "Are we going to let the guys do this to us?" or something like that. We all yelled, "NO!" And we scored three times in four minutes. By the way we all know that we would not have had such a great season without Tony. The article didn't mention that. Another guy that wasn't mentioned was Mayo Neal, a rock in the center of the line. Neither was Jerry Polen who was a great defensive player. Everyone was important! I would never have had such a good year without Billy Verble. Every one had to run around him. That is why Jerry and I got to make so many tackles on our side of the line. Good luck to all of you. - Corky McGee