Bulldog Breakfast

Saturday 1/25/03

at Dunstons Steak House on Lovers Lane

Reported by Nick Moore
We had about 110 folks (we stopped  the signing in process several years ago, because it was taking too much time, and causing a real log jam at the front door, so the count is approximate).

There was a lady from the 1924 class, and a couple of guys from the 34/35 classes at this breakfast.

 Also, Forrest Biard, who is going to be awarded the 'distinguished alum' distinction next April at the luncheon...he is one of the 8 or 9 code breakers (last alive, I think) who broke the Japanese code in 1942,  thereby contributing greatly to the US victory at the Battle of Midway...pretty neat..

There were several from the 54/55 classes as usual...Bill Driscoll, Taffy Kreuger, Betty Burns, Paul Delfield, Billy Travis, Kelly Parks, etc. ..maybe some others can add some more names...