Bulldog Alum Golf Tournament (reported by Kelly Parks)

The Allen Steen (class of 58) team won first place with a score of 14 under par. Allen stated that it was nice to have long driver on his team. Second place went to Bobby Wood, Cliff Bradford, Gary Pursel, and his son Randy who were 13 under, and they said their main goal was to beat the defending champions. The ex-champs (Burgess, Burgess, Greer, and Parks) were unable to make a single birdie on any of the 4 par threes finished in a tie for third at 12 under, but as Greer said, "Just wait till next year" 

Allen Steen is an internationally recognized martial artist.  The photo at the right is from his birthday party in 2000 and shows Allen (with the mic) with his instructor, Jhoon Rhee, who is well known for instructing the U.S. president and many congressmen, as being the premier  pioneer of Tae Kwon Do in the U.S.  Allen's birthday party was attended by such karate notables as Chuck Norris, Bill Wallace and Joe Lewis.

Aftermatch Party - On Sunday, Oct 6th a bunch of bulldogs gathered in Dallas for a golf match.  Robert Burgess ('54) and Cal Greer ('54) came in to Dallas from Atlanta.  In conjunction with this golf outing, there was a party of old team mates at Joe's CrabShack.  Some of the exes that attended are Bill Verble, Earl Farley, Taffy Krueger, Bill Driscoll, Paul Delfeld, David Abbott, Vanoy Tidrow,  Bobby Wood, Gary Pursel, Jeff Aston, Bill Cooper and Kelly Parks. The photo on the right includes Carl Hearn and Bill Cooper (hope to have photos of others later)..





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