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Dale Pryor sent word of death of Anna Walden Bailey last June, of cancer. He came over from AZ to the funeral, having been a friend from ages back. A call from Nancy Wilhite Valkus's son to tell of her death. The newsletter came back with an address change. Nancy had been in an assisted living place for awhile, but fell & broke both her legs, & never was able to be restored to sound health. She died from pneumonia about 4 months after her husband had died. Recap on Avon Malone, long way around via Joe Slocum, thru Hamman Brown, from Dave Hankins. Avon apparently had some trouble from his diabetes, a blood clot, would not let them amputate his leg, & went home, then took a bad turn, and died. Wasn't sposed to work that way, of course. If you are still alive, & if your spouse or loved one is still alive, thank God, & give him/her a hug & ask him/her to live as long as you do, at least another 10 years. Then we'll add 10 more.

Hoped the July lunch would be well attended, since it came right after the newsletter went out. Had many of the "regulars," as well as J.T. & Phyllis Jones Dunkin, & Bonnie & Kenyon Albrecht. Ray Riley has moved into the larger metroplex, so he came, it being only a long drive in from Rockwall. Making reservations for the Bulldog Breakfast in July was a case of the 3 stooges try to connect. BD News gave a wrong area code, but correct phone number; our orange newsletter, being out of the loop, gave a completely invalid phone #. But we persevered, reservations were made & folks went.. The crowd was smaller than previously, about 75 total, & our classes had about 10 there. We should do better than that. Make your plans now for the next one, in January. The August lunch was graced by Retha McGowan Norris, who came down from Tacoma to see all & go to the 70th b'day party as well. She called her friend Martha Holbrook Ott to join us. And Barbara Henderson Collins showed up after about a year's absence. Also had Dick & Helen Skoda. Dick gets this way about once every two years. And Karin Campbell, Ben's widow, came as well. Wayne Clemens, another one of the irregulars, joined the group. We generally number about 20-25.

As has been the case for the last several years, the December lunch is held at someone's home. Anita & Houston Goodspeed graciously raised their hands last winter, so we will have lunch at their house this December 20. Meats (beef, ham, turkey) will be provided, & you are asked to bring vegetables, salads, desserts, &/or breads. Please call her to let her know who & what to expect. The address is 3973 Shady Hill, Dallas. That is 2 blocks west of Midway Road, south of Forest. Phone 214-352-7023. Let her know by Dec. 15 please. This is your only notice, except for email folks, so write it down NOW. And invite class friends.

Birthday parties are probably more fun for girls than for boys. That's why the girls had one in August for the 70th birthday celebrations. Thirty talking women crammed into a large room at the Celebration Restaurant, complete with a white birthday cake decorated with orange. Faye Kornegay Baker flew up from Houston for the day. We also got to see Greta Espinosa Otstott, Adele Asel Axtell, Juanita Cole Ferguson, Liz Lester Presley, Barbara Layden Furstenberg, Juanita Pinyan Reedy, Charlotte Leiman Webbernan, Marjorie Vogel Aston, Nancy Chewning Farrell, Armenta Brown Singdahlsen, Lucy Lisotta Hight, Peggy Daniel Duval, Joy Holland Coleman, JoAnn Patton Cole, Barbara Pollard Darnall, Avonne Railey Bullock, Phyllis Chitwood Savell, Sarah Harpold Eubanks, Martha Davenport Young, Paula Russell Winfrey, Johnnie Lacy, Retha McGowan Norris, Martha Holbrook Ott, Dale Hilborn Coker, who drove over from Granbury, Emily Bennett Mitchell, Margaret Henegar Shirley, who came up from Georgetown, LaVerne Faust Johnson, Dorothy Ferguson Freydburg. Frances Hagg Perkins was the only one from class of 49 brave enough to own up to her age. Retha also had a friend from Woodrow from the olden days with her, Silver Poteet We did have a grand time & it will be awhile before there is another gathering. We're sorry you missed it. We missed seeing you..

Betty Daugherty Caldwell had a letter in DMNews about the time Bob Hope entertained a group of SMU kids from the balcony of the Baker Hotel. Do any others of you remember that? He made quite an impression on those young folks, enough to be remembered to this day.

One of our email contacts sent this note: Wouldn't it be nice if whenever we messed up our life we could simply press 'Ctrl Alt Delete' and start all over?

Johnnie Lacy disclosed that she has found herself employed once more, having retired at least twice from other jobs. In helping out some older ladies by driving them to hair appointments or to the doctor, by word of mouth she has a business now: Driving by Miss Lacy. And that is what she does, drives folks where they need to go & waits for them. She is cheaper than a taxi, and on time. She has met some lovely folks & gotten to see some good movies, when the people want to go there. She says it keeps her active. Doesn't keep her off the streets tho. After Betty Bethel (she chose to go back to her maiden name) retired she took classes to become a Master Gardener, & now works as a volunteer in that capacity for the Texas A & M Extension Service here.

Calvin & Adele Asel Axtell celebrated 50 years together, last June, as did Mary (Jean) Daugherty and Charles Ratliff in August. Mary has reached some prominence in the area as an artist and instructor. They had a nice reception to which several of the classmates came, including Lola Ruth Marshall Huber & her husband. Lola has lived with scoliosis for many years, but obviously continues to get around.

If you want some nostalgia, & have plenty of time to browse, try this website, sent to us via Vinton Sheffield, '54. txgenes.com/TxPostcards/Dallas.html. This is one you will keep on your machine for awhile. For those of us who live here & have seen all the changes, it is especially interesting.

Joyce Broach Clardy got in touch via Classmates with Keith Kingston & Jeanette Howeth. Does anyone remember Keith? He claims a summer 49 grad date. And going over the roster we realize that Jeanette has not ever been included. A dreadful oversight which we plan to remedy. Your help in tracking down these missing folks would be appreciated. Billy Gene Baker, 51, missing, is on the Classmates list, but we have been unable to reach him.

State Fair time once more. Weather here is turning toward fall, much cooler nights & pleasant 80 degree days. Do you remember how that first norther used to come in about 2 or 3 o'clock on high school day, & we were all out there in shirt sleeves, & froze our fannies off waiting for the bus to get home after the temp had dropped about 20 degrees in 30 min?




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