April 2007

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We read the obits daily, always afeared we shall find another classmate, but even at this age, we occasionally come across a parent.  Shirley Halllum Farrish, 51 lost her father Dec. 31, 98 years old. Andy Martinez Ruiz, 50 died in January, had Alzheimer’s.  You may know he worked for the Lighthouse for the Blind over on Capitol, across from Spence, for 32 years, then after retiring, worked for the City of Carrollton for 6 more.  Jim Sale, 50, showed up in the obits in Feb.  He had pancreatic cancer.  Doris Choate Wallace, 49, died in Elgin, TX in March, cancer.

              We have lost Gordon Smith, 50, who lived on McCommas for years, then I got an address change to a place on Mockingbird Lane, with an apt. number, but when I mailed to that address it came back, more than once.  If you have kept up with him & know his whereabouts, please let us know.  He has not been in the obituaries as far as I know.

At least we still get occasional notes from classmates.  Nice word from Barbara Seim Campbell, 50.  She said she went to ND only for her senior year.  That must have been scary.  I hope we were nice to her.   I know we know how to do that now, but teenagers can be so snotty & snobby.  One of the nicest things about the lunches is that we all come from the common background of ND, & have long since left behind our childhood baggage.  Barbara married Mark Campbell, a fellow she met at UT Austin (guess it was almost the only UT in our days), who is from the Campbell family of Richardson for whom Campbell Road is named.  He is now retired from TI after 37 years. 

              We have word that once again one of the classmates from 1950 will be honored as a Distinguished Alumni next Sept 29 at the GNDAA Awards Luncheon.  The name will show up in the Bulldog News, probably in July, & even in the July orange newsletter  if I can get the word in time.  But make your plans to try to go to that GNDAA event.  You know, it always means two of us, as the nominator has to be on hand to make the presentation. The Musical at the Fair will be Lion King, & it starts Sept 20, if you want to make plans to take that in as well. Box office: 214-631-ARTS (2787), or Ticketmaster.com

              We had weather in January & February.  The Fort Worth (Fat) Stock Show opened on Friday, Jan 12, & true to form, DFW was hit with an ice storm.  And for the fourth time in its history, the Sat. a.m. parade was cancelled.  The weather should have come as no surprise, as arctic front is generally the rule for that occasion. Off & on snow & sleet & cold rain most of month.  At the February lunch Bob Wyatt, Ja50, said he was tired of having to wear a sweater around the house all day & stay covered up on the sofa with a throw.  Our low that week was 13.  Used to be Lone Star Gas, now Atmos Energy, was clapping its hands & singing “goody-goody.”.The dates for the coming lunches are April 21, May 19, June 16, July 21.  Third Saturday, at Luby’s, Meadow Rd between Royal & Walnut Hill, & Central/75, north west corner.

              The Bulldog Breakfast was well attended, over 100 people, but sadly, only about 6 from our classes. This kinda makes Charlie 49 & Eddie Hesson 50 wonder if getting together with us is worth the effort.   The lunch turnout in January was better than expected, as the weather was so tacky most of the month, but we had about 15 show up.  A 1958 fellow from the BD Breakfast got to talking to Jerry 51 & Elaine Brazzell, who told him about the lunches.  He is anxious to restore some social life, after several years in mourning for his wife, & got an invite from them to join us.  Eugene Graves’ Ja 51 friend Peggy Wood (ND 43) drove him over from Mabank for the Feb. lunch. He was doing well, but says he can’t see very well anymore, nor swallow.  He had treatment in Tyler with medication that is supposed to kill all the cancer cells.  And in March he learned he is cancer free. 

              There will be a new GNDAA Directory at the Awards Luncheon on Sept. 29.  More word of this will come as we move through the year.  But we have been working hard to get the directory information updated AND correct.  One of the side benefits of chasing down phone numbers & addresses is to find out a bit about what has become of some of you.  Via her sister Shirley, June McVeigh Kuykendall 50, still lives in Terre Haute, IN.  She has been widowed for awhile.  And Shirley also gave us news of Mary Emily Steel Jacobs 50, who is is an Alzheimer’s care facility.  She is an only child, & her husband Roy died a number of years back, leaving her with only a remote cousin to see to her care.  We had had some word about her previously from Kenneth Miller 49, but he also is passed away now.  Don Fooshee 49, has moved over to Terrell, in his retirement.  Nothing like returning to the roots.  Once a Texan, always a Texan.  Helen Hale Lewis 49, got in touch with GNDAA.  She lives in San Angelo & has lost touch with her Bulldog friends. Does not have email & was dropped from the orange newsletter mailing list when it was culled about two years ago because some of you had shown little interest.  We have mailed  her the January copy, but if you wish to contact her, please do so at 130 Moritz Cir, San Angelo, 76904, 325-949-1673

              One of the better things that comes from our class relationships is that when prayers are needed, you step up.  Bill Cathey’s 51,  wife Rhea, has been diagnosed with bone cancer.  Email prayer requests were sent out, & then we got back another note from Bill that the cancer has been determined treatable with chemo & some high powered oral medications.  Bobby Carpenter’s 51, wife Linda has been diagnosed with sarcoma cancer, which is a tissue cancer that has spread to her bones & lungs.  M.D. Anderson has advised heavy chemo.  She is at home. She needs cards:  Linda Carpenter, P.O. Box 1283, Bridgeport, TX 76426, 940-683-5318.  And so does Bobby.  Thank you so much for your support for these friends.  J.T. Dunkin 50, is home recovering from an unexpected bypass surgery.  Word is that he is doing fine, just sore, more at the spot on his leg where they took the veins.  8030 Frankford Rd, #218, Dallas 75252, 469-330-2010

              Internet Tripe.  Bob Browne 49, sent this for us to consider:      

1)     What is the sport in which neither the spectators nor participants know the score or the leader until the contest ends?  (Hint.. Dickie Cole will know this answer.)

2)     What famous North American landmark is constantly moving backward?  (Think NY)

3)     What are the only two vegetables that are perennials, can reseed on their own?

4)     What fruit has seeds on the outside? 

5)     What are the only three words in English that begin with “dw.”

6)     Name at least 7 of the 14 punctuation marks in English grammar.

7)     What is the only vegetable that is never sold frozen, canned, processed, cooked  or any other form except fresh?

8)     Name 6 things you can wear on your feet that begin with “S.”

Of course I have the answers. But you are an ND grad, so you can do this for yourself.

              Nancy Chewning Farrell,50 has a picture from Mrs. Hunter’s Private School on Buena Vista,  about 1938/39.  Among those pictured besides her & her brother Jack is Jeanne Stern Laurie.  If you were in the school about that time, she really wants to know, so she can identify those in the picture.  She also had word that Stephen J. Hay school has been granted a historical marker, & this may put it on the “save” list for the future




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