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             The way of the world.  Beth Bishop Turner’s mother’s obit was in the paper the day after I had printed the newsletter for April.  She was 99.  JoAnn Milam Naylor’s mother also died in March & Laverne Faust Johnson’s mother died in April, 92 yr.  Kenneth Koehler’s lung/esophogeal cancer got him in April.  He knew when he came to the reunion that it was the last time he was going to see us.  In June Sue Willard Olivier died suddenly from an apparent heart attack.  She had a nice write up in the DMN, because she had been so prominent in the development of Collin County Community College, but no mention of her time to GNDAA.

            Regards our little treasury.  After the 2000 reunion the 49 class & the 51 class donated their leftover moneys to GNDAA, but we kept ours.  We have used it for the mailings: paper, stamps, printing, but we have also been sending memorial donations in our name to the charities our classmates have specified in the obits.  We have sent to SPCA, Special Olympics, American Cancer Association, Cal Farley, some church outreach ministries, Texas Scottish Rite Hospital among others.  AND we have also sent a $1000 check to GNDAA to renovate/restore one of the classrooms at the school.  WE will get a plaque on the door as donors.  We are no longer taking in money, & will spend ours down til there is not enough left to do anything more, then we will fold it up, send the change to GNDAA & steal away into the sunset.  Orange, of course.

As many of you know, email is not in every home.  I had a nice note from Cleo Carnegis Georges.  She has lived in St. Louis as long as I’ve kept the address list.  Shared with us that they celebrated 50 years on July 1st, a daughter, son, 4 grands & 2 great-grands.  Wow!  Then there are a few who are finding their way, even this late, into the 21st century.  Patsy Sutton Hulse has added email to her household.  Put this address on your roster: Patsut50@aol.com   I also had an email note from Markoleta Clanton Bettis, who said via our rosters she got in touch with Joan Murley Haba & Delores Brownwell Meaney & they had a good visit.  Had been grade school friends.  I was glad to hear about Delores, as she has been on the list, but “lost” for some years.  Jimmy Bridges has been living with Alzheimers now for some time.  Latest report from his wife is that she has had to put him in an assisted living care unit.  This is still temporary, to see if this will work out for them.  He already has tried to walk home from there, about a mile distance.

Along about April 6, into the weekend,  there was an air show out at Love Field.  It  included honoring the women pilots of WW II, but there were planes to see & if you wanted to spend your $400 that way, you could take a ride in a B-24, or a B-17.  Plancs of the vintage cruised over Dallas all that weekend & for several days into the following week.  Rather curious to hear those sounds from our childhoods, & to realize that, if you learned to identify them when you were little, by the sound of the engines, you could still tell which were which when you were old.

Lunch on Saturday before Easter was better attended than one might think.  John Ragland put in a welcome appearance.  He comes about once every 9 months.  But his good deed was to call Peggy Self Embler & encourage her to attend, which she did.  That was nice getting to visit with her.  Rosemary does not have to give book reviews on this one Saturday, so she was pleased to be able to come.  The rest of us were the regulars, adding in Armenta Brown Singdahlsen, who comes in from Denton when she can.  The lunches to come will be July 15, August 19, Sept. 16, & Oct 21.  Luby’s at Central & Meadow, 12:30.  Can you believe the year is moving by so quickly?  We have a good time.  Wish you would join us

The Bulldog Breakfast will be at Dunston’s on Lovers Lane at Inwood on Saturday, July 29, $12.  Call Nick Moore to get into the count, 903-852-3155

Last fall Paula Russell Winfrey took a tumble in a grocery store parking lot, tripping over a pot-hole, & broke an ankle on one foot & the bone in the other leg.  Oh my.  She of course had to spend some time in the hospital, in casts, but when she got out, she first went to her daughter’s until she could get up some.  Then when she got the walking boot put on, she returned to her own house.  She has been out of those casts now for months, is doing fine, can drive, but says she is still like something that has been put back together.  You know, it isn’t ever quite the same.

Eriksson (Retirement Association?) is building a retirement community here.  J.T. & Phyllis (Jones) Dunkin have opted to move into it, & they are now being featured in their advertising promoting the place.  Mary Ellen Ramirez Carvajal has moved to a town home community in McKinney.  She has been widowed about 20 years & thot it was just time to move on.  Fred & Lucy Lisotta Hight sold the Lisotta house in University Park & have moved to a smaller place in Dallas, also a town home.

Another portion of our childhood went up in flames in June.  The Arcadia theater burned in a 6 alarm fire.  It was on all 4 local news channels for much of the fire, “breaking news” & dramatic also.  The newspaper gave a bit of history about the theater, which opened in 1929, & was first used as a Vaudeville theater.  It had an organ too.  After the movie days it became a live music venue as Lower Greenville became “the place to be.”  Miles Davis, Wynton Marsalis, Metallica & Nine Inch Nails were among the artists presented, some before they were known.  After that played out it was used as a nightclub with young DJs & dancers & had been closed while it was being renovated for a new club.  The fire probably started in the restaurant housed in the next door building.  The Lower Greenville area has been evolving into blocks of nightclubs, & with little parking available patrons have been going to the side streets.  The neighbors do not like that, & suggestions have been made that the Arcadia property be rebuilt as a 4 story parking garage.  Of course, they are hoping the fire will encourage some revitalization all over, & diminish  the frequency of bars.

One last appeal….if it doesn’t make any difference to you whether you get this newsletter or not, please let us know to take you off the list, so as to cut down on the mailing expense.  It seems stupid to send you something you are just gonna dump in the trash with the rest of the unsolicited mail you receive.  Call the number at the top, or email the address at the top, or mail to the address at the top. 



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