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DONNA OSTEEN EDWARDS & DOUGLAS ANN JOHNSON NEWSOM will be honored as Distinguished Alumni of North Dallas at the awards luncheon at the Adolphus Hotel, Saturday, April 12, 11:00 a.m. It is too late to go for the cheap price, as those reservations had to be in by March 12. (You were notified in January.) But do plan to come anyway, if you possibly can. This makes at least 7 classmates of ours so honored. Send $25 now to Claude Brewer, 11155 Cactus Lane, Dallas 75238 to make a reservation. And we will meet afterward at The French Room Lounge to continue visiting. It is next to the Bistro, so you can get a coke or such. If you just want to gab with us, come about 1:30. Casual wear.

So glad we are all of the same age. You can understand getting wires crossed. When labels for the Jan newsletter were printed, I used an out of date list, then had to handwrite several addresses. So aggravating. And time consuming. Bleh! The good part though were some returns, so we have some updated addresses. Correct Joe Slocum's email address to jslocumj@swbell.net More neglected info: if you wish to stay on the mailing list & do not have email, you should send $5 to cover printing & postage for the orange newsletter to the return address on the front. Thanks.

Long long back an email from Herb Anderson shared this info, now for you to make note of: Above the bar code on your Texas driver's license is a phone #, 800-525-5555, which will bring you roadside service, courtesy of the DPS, your tax $$s at work. Info worth knowing.

Word from both Don Neiderkruger & Phil Randol of death of Dick McLintock in CA last fall. He had congestive heart failure. He had married some years back & the woman was the person who cared for Dick so very well, coming with him to the 90 Reunion. By the time we had the 2000 Reunion she had died, & he was once more left on his own to cope with his blindness & other ailments. Phil kept up with him regularly. Also, by way of Bulldog News, we were put in touch with the brother of Betty Jean Dean, who informed us that she died in '89 after a lengthy illness. The January newsletter carried a note to many of the June 50 class about Jack Smith being treated for cancer. As per request, many cards & notes were sent to him in Tulsa, & he was greatly cheered by them. Once he returned to Dallas to nursing care, some of us were able to visit with him. He died in Feb., 3 weeks after his return. He had extensive cancer, lungs, esophagus. His sons were in email with us, & have said how much they appreciate the support we gave him. Jack's 97 year old mother is still alive, & the boys say don't stop the prayers, as both they & Jack's mother (Vona) can use all they can get. You may know that Jack's wife, Carolyn Simpson (HP), died of breast cancer about 15 years ago. His long ago secretary, Betty Wright, attended the funeral. She was the person who set up the computerized address list which we used to get this other one underway. As you know from family funerals, folks you haven't seen show up. We think there should be a better reason, but Richard & Laura LeFaux Hilland, both of whom went to Maple Lawn with Jack, attended, as did Rusty Talbot, & Karin Campbell, among others.

When we have a designated place for memorials mentioned in the obit, we have been sending a modest donation in memory of these classmates. We were unable to part with money for that purpose while we were frantically trying to keep the treasury going for reunions, but we have a goodly amount & think it should be used now. Too many friends coming to the end of the earthly road.

The January lunch was great! After several days of "Fat Stock Show" weather, cold, dreary (snow that didn't last, on Sunday prior), our 3rd Saturday was sunny & more comfortable. Cool, they call it, at about 52. A good turnout, (We had about 25, & some empty promises to attend. But they will come another time.) which included Ted Cramer, from Encinitas, CA. Of course, he was unable to attend the CA Bulldogs lunch, which was also that Saturday. John Hunt had taken pictures at the December lunch & had both a disk & a proofsheet for everyone who was in the pictures. It was great for Ted to be able to see so many of the classmates. Remember that we meet every third Saturday at Luby's Valley View at 12:30. We will be there Sat. April 19, the week after the GNDAA lunch, & also May 17, June 14, July 19, Aug. 16. We have fun visiting. If North Dallas holds good memories for you, come share with us.

Aside for the Bonham kids: we asked Eloise Santerre to attend the GNDAA luncheon, as both Donna & Doug are from Bonham, but she does not get around with ease any more, due to an injured ankle, so had to decline. However, Kitty Smith Dawson expects to be there. (She was our teacher.) And more: If you get the BD News you read a note from Dale Pryor. Well, he is in touch with us, & will get our orange newsletter from now on. Also found Marcyle Edwards via BD News, after never knowing where she was. Alive & well in Irving.

Remeber how we find missing folks in the obits because they are siblings? We have an address now for Della Jean Carden Grayson, who was lost from the mailing list about 5 years ago.

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Marie Brunson Keeter (Jan 52) is the driving force behind the California Bulldogs. Their Jan. 18 lunch was held at Tony DeGrazier's Islands restaurant in Seal Beach. Our Bulldogs who went were Mary Ann Jund Thornton

& husband Dale, Jean Ramsey Middough & Miles, and Betty Sauls Thompson. So very glad to see these folks getting a chance to visit again. More of you should try to take advantage of that group. Kelly Parks (Ja55), who lives in Dallas, flew out for the lunch & came right on back afterward. That is devotion. Marie's write up is on the web site. They hope to have a Beach Party in July at Rosarita Beach, but we have no details as to when or where.

Mary Ann Jund Thornton & Dale showed up at the February Luby's lunch. She brought pics of the California lunch. She said she was in town for her "Texas fix." After having lived in the state for 65 years, she doesn't adapt easily to being in California. We had mostly 51's at that lunch, including Ken Dortch, who is irregularly there. Bob Cason, (irregularly there) from 49. One of the classmates, who shall remain nameless, remarked after the one of the lunches, well, I didn't see many of my friends there. And the response was, we don't recognize anyone anymore anyway, so just start over making new acquaintances. Kelly Parks gets around, & came to our March Luby's lunch.

Darrell & Beverly Alexander Keathley made the front page of the Dallas News in Jan,, complete with a picture. Walnut Hill Methodist Church has a service every five years honoring their members who have been married 50 years or more. The story of their elopement was noted, & Darrell said, "You have to be in love, first off. That helps a lot.." They are no longer on the mailing list, as he is from '48 & she is from 52, but we shall see that they get this newsletter. Dan & Dora Davignon Proffit were married 50 years January 9.

If you are not in the habit of checking the ND web page (www.northdallashigh.com), I would suggest that you begin to do so regularly. Bob McCauley, 55, does a fine job of keeping up to date on happenings, and currently has a design for the expanded ND, which is to be built across the "common," the now closed extension of Haskell. We sent John Hunt's pics of the Dec. lunch to Bob & he has put those on the web page as well. If you haven't seen any of us old duffers in awhile, take a look.

Kim Dawson began a modeling agency in Dallas many long years ago, & in March she was feted with a "do" at which many of her Dallas products took part. Among the ones whose names you might recognize are Angie Harmon (Law & Order), Erin Wasson (Maybellline), Bridget Hall (Gap, Ann Klein) & Frances Johnson Maloney, who is now a retired Dallas appellate judge. They all had their pictures in the DMNews.

Jerry Gibson writes that Gail Peoples Gibson remains much the same with advanced stage Alzeimers. She does not recognize anyone, nor speak any longer, has liquid-type foods she can drink. They will celebrate 50 years marriage in April, & he says the children & their families plan to come to the nursing facility to join her that day. Please remember Jerry & Gail in your daily prayers (I'm so glad we came up in a time when prayer was an accepted behavior). jerrylg@mindspring.com




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