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Louise Ruge Johnson sent an article from the Houston paper about a Beaumont class of 1935 having their 67th Reunion. They had had a 64th as well. She remarked that she hopes this will be us in 15 years. Well, shall we aim for that? Surely we would make the paper by then. What do you think about us just saying NOW that we will have some kind of gathering in 2005. Send suggestions. We need to get onto the planning by 03 to have it in place by 05. Time of year? I promise we will use your ideas & NOT go along with anything GNDAA wants to do this time. Anyway, the Alum Awards are to be in 93. Be prepared to come. We have some nominees.


Another Golden: Bill & Frances Hagg Perkins have made it this far. They used the 52 Reunion (Esther) & the anniversary as a reason for a good ol family reunion. Note from John & Joann Wilson O'Brien that they also celebrated 50 years, in June. Don & Shirley Pollard Brown went on a lengthy trip in June for their 50th anniversary celebration.


Some of you will be distressed to hear that Ross Ave. Baptist Church had a devastating fire on Maundy Thursday. The interior was demolished, but they held Easter services in the education building, added some years back. And they have every intention of rebuilding it to be like the original. They have a lengthy needs list for donations, but money is fine. Send to Ross Avenue Baptist Church, Pastor Eddie Sanchez, 5201 Ross, 75206. 214-824-3671


Note from your writer: I do enjoy & appreciate the notes, both mail & email. As you have discovered, the primary way we know what is going on with each other is what is communicated to this "source", & without your input, these newsletters cannot have much to offer. The ones who come to lunch bring tid-bits with them, often from others of you who keep up only on the perimeter. In the small world, Bettie Bridges Brock has an antiques store, Angel Touch Antiques, in Ruidoso, NM & looked up one day to see familiar faces, only to realize it was Darrell & Beverly Alexander Keathley. Neither of them are grads of this group, but they have been tag-alongs at all of our activities for years, so we all know them as belonging to us. Richard Ayers (& Irene) has retired from his preaching in Lake Buchanan & moved to Fort Worth to be closer to the grands. Dale Hilborn Welker called to explain why her newsletter is now going to Granbury. After her husband died a few years back, she moved from DeSoto to Oak Cliff. Well, thanks to some mutual friends, she has a new life at Pecan Plantation with a new husband, George Coker. Phillip Peterson has successfully had a tumor removed from his lung & the prognosis is excellent. Cards may be sent to him at Bowlero Alleys, 8941 Dyer St., El Paso, 79904-1403. John Ragland is once again undergoing treatment at Anderson, on a sort of out-patient basis. Cards & calls appreciated. Would the people who keep up with Charlene Maybery Bennett send an address? The newsletter from San Mateo, CA was returned, tho she sent me that address herself. Beverly Jones considered her lost in the 52 reunion mailing.


Connie Holt Eaker & Jeanette Bradberry Terry died in April & Leon Fowler had a sudden fatal heart attack. Libby Moore Fagala's cancer had gone to her bones late last year, & she died in her sleep in May. Joe Slocum sent word of the death of Howard Slaughter from a cerebral hemorrhage. Howard had been poorly for some time. Betty Hamilton Langdon also died in May. She had had 2 by-passes & continued to have circulatory problems & died during an operation to correct some of that. Someone commented about how so many seem to be dying. The response is that, sadly, we are at that age for it to become more & more likely. For our parents, to live into their 70's was remarkable. Our life expectancies are 80's. But many of our heads are still 45-50 years old, so death of our peers continues to surprise us.


****GNDAA asked us to update our roster for their records. The result of this is an 8 page single side NEW 51 roster, which includes both Jan & June, & a 22 page NEW 49/50 roster, email addresses also, Arial 10, so you can read it. They will both be copied two-sided, but if you would like an updated one please send Shipping & Handling costs (paper, printing, large envelopes, postage, $3, $5, respectively) to above address. We will not print until we have requests & money in hand as it is hard to estimate whether to print 30 or 50 or 80 copies. Get the "order" in by August 10, please. You should have your copy within a month. We are no longer mailing to the larger group, so pass the word around. AND if your email address has changed in the past 3 months get the new one to us pronto.

PLEASE Those of you who are hunting others via Classmates.com, do check the ND web page (address at top


LET'S HAVE AN 05 REUNION AT ________________________________________________

Best weekend: 1st_____ 2d_____ 3d_____ (lunch) 4th_____ (check & send back)

BEST MONTH: Ja___ F____ Mr____ Ap____ My____ Jn____ Jy____ Ag____ S____ O____ N____ D____

It would be fun to (go, see, try, have, etc)________________________________________________________________

here) put out by Bob McCauley, 55. He lists all & any who send info to him, & that is a more reliable way for many of us than going the Classmates route, which charges you a fee, as well. Sign up with him.

April lunch had about 30 there. We got Bill Bass to come in from Tyler & Bob Carpenter from Bridgeport. Bob Cason brot us news that Don Clemons has had a slight stroke, is fine. Just a warning. Joe & Lynda Leigh Hanley found their way in from Celeste, as well. Rodney Williams was there because his wife has a booth now in a local antiques consignment store, so they had to be in town anyway. Juanita Cole Ferguson has finally retired. She worked for AAA forever & has no immediate travel plans. In May we were about 20 folks. Wayne Clemens dropped by & Jerry Knight returned, sunburned from the golf course…not Byron Nelson, just an ND foursome he enjoys. Richard & Irene Ayers joined us in June, & Betty Sherrard Miller was visiting Texas from Georgia (you know how that is, oh well, Dallas is just a few hours away, I think I'll drop over for a visit) so she came to lunch, & Rodney Williams drove in from Cleburne again. Come eat with us. We do enjoy the visiting. Lunch dates: July 20, Aug.17, Sept 21, Oct 19, Nov. 16, Dec. 21.

The April newsletter went to all the 51's so they could be informed of the 52 reunion. As a result we have had some people send in mailing money so as to be kept on the mailing list. As you know, most of 49 & also 51 has been dropped off unless they have email or send money. Pass it on. We don't want to exclude anyone, but we also don't see the need to keep mailing to folks who don't care that much. That 52 Reunion got us yet a few more addresses for lost people. Weathelee Freeman's brother was at the b'day party (below), so she is no longer lost. We are delighted that so many of the 49's are keeping in touch. We'd like to see some of you locals come to the monthly lunch. The majority varies, sometimes more 50's, sometimes more 51's, but rarely more 49's. You are not forgotten. Don't forget us.

A number of 51's went to that 52 reunion, as expected & got to see Joann Rogers, who flew in from CA, & Duncan Porter came over from ARK. Joan Price Miller & Suzie Wright Key were there. Jerry Brazell & wife, Ron Richardson & Lois, Phyllis Chitwood Savell & Jerry, Jeff & Margie Aston, Don Schoenstein, Mac Armstrong, Nancy Pfaffenroth Snauffer, Bob & Carole Weiler Bohne, Avonne Raley Bullock, Barabara Henderson Collins, Margaret Henegar Shirley, Kenneth Howell, Dick Jensen, Frank Nicholson, Bob Carpenter, & Juanita Pinyan Reedy.

May 3 there was a birthday celebration at ND, 80 years. The landmark plaque was unveiled & the papers for the designation specify that ND cannot be torn down. (We are served by a splendid city councilwoman, interested in historical preservation.) There were perhaps 75-100 alums attending the little ceremony, & to our delight, Kenneth & Margaret Koehler, his brother Elmer, & J.T. & Phyllis Jones Dunkin showed up. Kenneth was on a return leg of a business trip & going thru Dallas was as easy as going thru OK City. John O'Brien came, the Keathleys. Nancy & Hugh Farrell, Sue Willard Olivier, David Doggett, (they are all on the GNDAA board) Emily Mitchell, Peggy Duval, Paula Russell Winfrey Some of you may have gotten a letter from ND Partners in Education. This is a 501c3 organization, the purpose of which is to provide funds for schools (many schools in Dallas have "partners") to accomplish things the district either does not fund or cannot afford, (e.g. IBM is a partner for an elementary school & provides all the paper & does all the copying for the teachers to accompany the lessons, work sheets, tests, etc. Some partners take over the landscaping for a school, preparing beds & providing plants for the PTA & Dads clubs to finish up.) Among other things, the partners are asked to volunteer time to tutor students. The goal for the Partners of ND is to build the annex building across the street. It is to be a duplicate, smaller scale, of the original building, & Haskell will be closed & become a Common. This group is likely to get this done more quickly than if we all waited around for DISD to hem, haw, scratch & pitch a ball. The finished building will belong to DISD, & maintenance will be their responsibility, but hey, it will be done.

THE BULLDOG BREAKFAST WILL BE SATURDAY, JULY 27, 9:00 a.m., at Dunston's on Lovers Lane at Inwood. Call Nick Moore at 972-985-1939 to be included in the head count.




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