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Sure enough, the last newsletter is out, & the next one started before January is even ½ gone. We had a wonderful response to the request for mailing money, many from folks who get the newsletter by email, but they want to help with expenses. And often for more than the requested $5. You are such dear supporters to the "cause." There were a few inquiries re: dues. Well, we aren't collecting dues any more for this loosely organized group that we are sort of letting dribble away. At the present we do not plan to keep up the newsletter after 05, but will send tidbits to Bulldog News. That is not written in stone, but you realize this has been going on about 10 years, quarterly, & there may be other things to do in the world besides this trying to keep up with everyone. It has been wonderful, & as previously mentioned, notes & letters come in with these checks, which is one of the ways we keep up. Some of you keep up with others, so info drifts this way in that manner. And bless you who have the email addresses, as communications can be more frequent & response time is almost instant. We got a phone call with address for Dick Gaddy, & info that he is in bad shape.

NOTE--The Class of 52 is having a Reunion on May 3 & 4. Invites have been sent to the class of 51, but if you didn't get one here are the details. Adam's Mark Hotel, Mixer ($10) on Fri. May 3, 5 p.m., (possible S..J. Hay gang have supper together afterward), Brunch ($13) at ND morning of May 4, 10 a.m., & grade school classes will visit during this time. Dinner Dance Sat night, ($65) May 4, 6 p.m., with dinner served at 7:00. Cash bar for both Mixer & Dinner. More info from Beverly Mahoney Jones, 2025 Trinidad Dr., Dallas 75232, 214-331-4759, bjones1017@aol.com. Mail your checks to her by April 15. Identify what you are attending. Among the fallout from their address sweep we have located Beverly Carla Burch & Shannon Murchison. As a kindness to the 52 class, we are mailing this newsletter to all from 51 for whom we have addresses. Some of you have been dropped from the mailing list, but you are reinstated in order to get this info about the 52 Reunion. Conversations among the lunch bunch are that a number of 51's plan to attend, including Bob Carpenter, Bill Bass, Barbara Henderson Collins, Darlene Teague Diggs, Frank Nicholson, Phyllis Chitwood Savell, et al. Should be a good time.

Larry Freeman has moved. After years at Emerald Bay, they had to move to a location closer to the elderly parent & the single-mother daughter, so they picked a lovely spot in between. He is now in Salado, at 2217 Smith Bluff Drive, 76571. For you Bonham kids, Doris Mae Bryan, 4th grade, died in January. She was born in 1912, had graduated SMU in 33, & taught for 35 years, so she was just in her 20's when we were there. Then in March Ruth Becker Telcamp (librarian) died, just days away from her 100th birthday. Remember how old all the teachers always seemed because they all wore dark crepe dresses & nun shoes? Wouldn't do to present too youthful an appearance to those kids. They might not take you seriously, or mind. How times have changed. Carolyn Lemmon Williamson & her husband celebrated 51 years in March. Also Bob & Nancy Cason did their golden in March. Yea!

Dr. Criswell, of First Baptist Church, died in Jan., 92 yrs old, & a huge state funeral was held, with satellite broadcasts into the First Baptist education center & First Methodist, which were used to hold the overflowing crowd. Also on TV, of course. We lost Dudley Lynch in Jan., had worked for Kroger for 35 years; no cause of death listed. And Pat Hunter Richey & Juanita Bosher Einspanier both lost their husbands recently.

The January lunch had a crowd of about 30, mostly the same old regulars, plus Dickie & JoAnn Patton Cole, & Martha Davenport Young. We had a good time. Barbara Albrecht McDaniel had expected to come, was in town because of traveling previously with Emily Mitchell, but delayed her departure to Canada just to come to the lunch. As dreadful luck would have it, she was felled with a severe cold/flu/fever/etc. & could not crawl out of bed to make it. Doug Johnson Newsom had come over to visit with her, too. John Hunt brought pictures from the Dec. lunch at the Astons that he had made with his digital camera, & gave all of us a copy of them. This computer age is a marvel.

We got to see Dickie & JoAnn again at the Bulldog Breakfast in January, along with Billy Prewitt, Jerry Knight, Bobby Knight, Gene & Flo Massenburg Leslie, Houston Goodspeed, Mary Frances Luttrell, Rosemary Rumbley, Jeff & Marjie Aston, Dave Hankins, John Ragland. Don Schoenstein could not come for the lunch, but was able to get to town for the breakfast. This being an all-class affair, many folks show up from other years whom we know, but rarely see. We found Jerry Brazzell, 51, at this breakfast. He was to graduate in June, but had a bad outcome with appendicitis that year, so was thrown over into summer school. We also came across Anna Frazier Ueckert 52, who asked to be added to this list. Got to visit with Ron Richardson, 52, who is one of our tag-alongs as well.

Claude Brewer announced that ND will get $8 million toward new construction & renovation in the newly passed DISD bond election, & has, as well, been given a historical building designation. That means it cannot go the way of Crozier Tech, torn down as the district sold the building & site for bucks, & god forbid we save something historical or architectural in Dallas, where the motto is how can I make more money from this piece of land. There is to be an Alumni Appreciation Day at ND on May 3, celebrating ND's 80th year. At 1:30 there will be a presentation of a city plaque giving ND Landmark Status, followed by refreshments in the library at 2:00. Alumni are invited to attend & a large turnout would be more than appreciated.

Had a communiqué from Jim Fulton, 51, who has been with NASA for 20 some years, now retired. He lives in D.C., contrary to the Irving address in our roster, & offered to conduct any ND alum on a guided tour of the Space Museum if you are that way. Details about how to set it up are available if you will ask us, via juno or phone.

Robert Johnson, 49, writes that he seems to be recovering nicely from his cancer scare (does it just go with the age, along with by-passes?), & has been honored by the Society of Civil Engineers with their Service to People Award, one of only two presented each year. He is still working part time as a consultant, & continues to work with BSA, 57 years of service there. Congrats on all . Libby Moore Fagala is still in relative good health in spite of having been dealing with on set of "old age" for the past 5 years, some cancer, a back problem, an emergency surgery, & is in good spirits & sounds well & cheery. Jack Smith had his hip done in Nov, & he is much more mobile than he had been for the previous years. Now he can come to lunch easier, & he speaks well of the relief

Jim Sale came to lunch in Feb, along with Carolyn Covey Bonds. When she shows up Sue Willard Olivier does too, as it is about the only chance they get to visit. Jerry Brazzell checked us out. And Bobby Donihoo drifted in about 1:30. We had about 25. As the crowd gets a bit larger it allows more opportunities to visit. There is a lot of "….lived down the street from, or ….lived across from" conversation. Rosemary Rumbley was able to join us in March, & Billy Prewitt & Jerry Knight braved the lunch gathering as well. You know we have these monthly lunches the 3rd Saturday. Dates to come are April 20, May 18, June 15, July 20, August 17. E-mail folks get a reminder. The rest of you have to write it on your calendars, TODAY. And Marjie & Jeff Aston said, write down Dec. 21 now, as the December one will be out at their place in Coppell again. Nice house, nice folks, great food.

Joe Hanley counts himself as a published author now, & even his email reflects it: joetheauthor@texoma.net. He has a 250 p. book out you can get from Amazon, The Judgment of the Mother of Harlots. Also available as an ebook via 1stbooks.com.& a paper back in stores. He is still singing, too. Just goes to show we do not have to peak by age 30. Who's to say at 16 what our accomplishments may turn out to be.

Bob McCauley (55) has the web page for GNDAA & puts these newsletters on every time he gets one. If you are in touch with others from other classes who might want to keep up with us, please let them know they can go to the web page. He kindly came to our 2000 Reunion, but was actually here for the GNDAA awards presentation. He does a right good job of keeping ND alums informed. Several of you have registered with Classmates. We are unable to track these without paying them money, but Bob keeps a list of classmates from all years who have chosen to register with him.

Several of us discover we have varieties of record collections of 78's, 33's, 45's & early CD's. One collection goes back to the old Victrola records of our childhoods. Besides Half Price Books, does anyone have market suggestions for disposing of these things? Send info, please.

ND made the newspaper again because Principal Lynn Dehart, with help from the Dallas Association of Young Lawyers, has instituted a peer-trials justice system. Rather than sending students with rule violations to Dallas Municipal Court, the charged may plead their cases before their peers. If the student is sent to the peer court he is automatically guilty, but the sentence is left up to the court to decide. The program has received praise from area attorneys & judges.




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