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***** VERY IMPORTANT! We have determined that a way to reach some of you who are reluctant to drive at night is to have a mini reunion in the daytime. Voila! We are offering you a chance to join us this time at the GNDAA Bulldog Breakfast, Saturday, July 28 at Dunston's on Lovers Lane, just east of Inwood. They serve a varied buffet, cost $11.90. Be there at 9 a.m.-ish, & look for your 49/50/51 friends, as well as others from surrounding years. You do have to let Nick Moore '57, 972-985-1939, know by July 26 that you are coming so there will be enough food. We hope this may bring out some of the people who won't come for lunch, & don't want to drive in for an evening gathering.

If we have to have a mistake in the newsletter, at least we make it a BIG one. Ann Cumber's last name is Patterson, not Redwine, as in previous letter. Her husband's name is Redwine. He had had a letter in the Dallas News recently, so was much on our mind. Apologies all around. At least it was caught in time to make a note on her newsletter that we knew we had been overly dumb. And email messages were sent to all on that list, so only you who get the snail mail still need to be informed. Had several folks confirm John Alonzo. He actually graduated in class of 53. And someone sent Claude Brewer the obit from CA.

Some of you to whom we mail overland may not really be interested in all this high school memories stuff, nor care about what has become of class mates. If you wish to be dropped from the mailing list, please let us know & we will save both the printing & the postage. We have discovered at the monthly lunches that there are many of us who really enjoy visiting with our friends who share the same backgrounds, but we know there are also folks who have put that life behind them, never to get into that closet again. You need to let us let you go. On the other hand, sometimes folks with stops at DFW from yonder to there will get in touch with one of us Dallasites for a short visit during a layover. That is nice. And we have out-of-towners try to make their Dallas visits coincide with the 3rd Saturday so they can come to the lunch.

The April lunch, on San Jacinto Day, had one of our smallest attendance. Besides the regulars of Bob Wyatt, Mary Frances Luttrell, Armenta Brown Singdahlsen, Emily Bennett Mitchell, Jack Smith, Phyllis Chitwood Savell, Eugene Graves, Kenneth & Linda Howell, we were joined by Phyllis' husband Jerry, David Doggett, Kenneth Miller, Julius Dasch, who was here to make a presentation to ND science classes the previous day, & Felix Jimenez. Felix brought an annual so we could all carry on about how young & ignorant we were. In May Jim White & wife Mickie & Paul Harris came. Paul is spending June in Florence doing art. Juanita Cole Ferguson & Betty Garner came in June. Marjorie Vogel Aston brought note paper to "take roll" at Jeff's request, since he had to work. They are still giddy. THE DATES FOR THE COMING LUNCHES ARE JULY 21, AUG. 18, SEPT. 15, OCT 20, NOV. 17. PUT THESE ON YOUR CALENDAR NOW, PLEASE. Email reminders are sent, but the rest of you just have to remember on your own.

Continuing with our highlights of classmates from News to Share: John Bates got a Civil Eng. Degree from UT & served as Base Engineer for USAF in Swindon, England for 2 years. After his return he designed highways for Texas Highway Dept., U.S. Corps of Engineers in Tulsa, & became City Engineer for Midwest City , OK. He formed his own engineering company in 78, & now provides expert witness services in state & federal courts in 22 states, reconstructing accidents & evaluating design flaws that cause accidents. He married Gloria Coffin, Woodrow 52, whom he has known since Stonewall Jackson days. John stays very busy & was unable to get away for the reunion, but Bill Bass & Bobby Carpenter went up to see him shortly after.

You recall we mentioned the death of Jeddie Mack Terrell last spring. We had a nice letter from his wife at that time, who filled us in on his background. After serving in the Army during Korea, Jeddie Mack returned to Dallas & met his wife, Margaret, via her brother, who was an old friend of his. His parents had Terrell's Rest Home on the corner of Lemmon & Central, which he razed & rebuilt as the first nursing home in Dallas designed to care for the senile & chronically ill. He went on to design & build electric golf carts, as national service manager for Pargo, Inc, fire trucks & ambulances for stadiums & sports arenas. His electric trams appeared in major cities & the Mall in D.C. He designed the vehicle that carried the camera that televised the Marathon Race during the 1976 Olympics in Montreal. He gained much of his expertise while in his math classes (Arthur Harris) at ND, & in 1983 volunteered to teach in the local middle school. For this he was awarded the Governor's (No. Carolina) Volunteer Award. His kidneys failed in early 1990's & he went on dialysis for life. A heart valve replacement & triple bypass nine years later resulted in the shunt needing to be replaced. Infection set in & Jeddie Mack swiftly & peacefully left us, surrounded by his family.

Richard Cameron went into the Air Force after graduation & trained as a pilot. He was commissioned a 2nd Lt & flew overseas during the Korean War & also in Vietnam. He flew jet flghters until he retired as a Major in 1970 then he began life as a pilot trainer for Lufthansa at Goodyear, AZ. After that he owned & operated a private flying school. He has done volunteer work for Boy Scouts of America, serving as regional Vice President, & now enjoys traveling the U.S. & Canada in a motor home with wife & 2 cats. His kids are all in the Phoenix area & he claims one great grandchild.

Mary Olive Naylor Carillo lives in the Valley. She finished her degree at Pam American University after she married, then spent time teaching 3rd grade. After the death of her husband, she eventually remarried, retired & moved to El Paso. She has returned to the house in the Valley as she likes to go to the beach. She enjoys the grandchildren & reads mysteries, collects (not real) frogs & likes the internet. She had escaped our location awareness years ago, but thanks to the Dallas News obituaries we got both a name & a locale when her father (past police chief of HP) died.

Herb Anderson worked for Boy Scouts of America as a council fund raiser and executive for 33 years. When he retired he became an advertising executive for radio/TV station KTSM in El Paso, retiring "for good" in 1992. He & his wife Frances have a RV & a pontoon boat & enjoy camping, boating & outdoor activities in the Elephant Butte reservoir area in New Mexico, and travel with one of the RV groups. He also likes woodworking & is currently working on sculpting Kachina dolls. Both his daughters live in El Paso so he gets to enjoy his 7 grands regularly.

Mary Alvis Burleson also lives in El Paso. She married Roy Glass in 1950 & moved a bit while he was in the service. Roy was killed in a car crash & Mary had to go to work. Those ND secretarial skills were her life-line. She was fortunate to remarry in 1971, David Burleson , a lawyer for El Paso Natural Gas, now retired. Mary likes to travel to places off the beaten track, & has been to Tibet, the Silk Road, a picture-taking safari in Africa, & you may recall, missed the reunion because she was on a trip. Her two daughters live in Richardson & Albuquerque.

Mary Alta Morrison Mirsky died the end of April, apparently from cancer. She was running a Bed & Breakfast inn in Tyler. Margaret Ann Rabke died early in May, leukemia. She was a registered nurse & spent many years as a pediatric nurse at Children's Medical Center. There was an obit in Dallas News in June for William Eugene Bedford, Jr., with no details, no survivors listed, no age, so we cannot confirm that he is our Gene, but the probability is that it is. He had been living a reclusive life in Huntsville, at last report. Joe & Lynda Leigh Hanley had a Golden Wedding celebration. They married right after he graduated. And you getting the email copy will get this info which was in DMNews after orange letter was at printer: Charlotte Merchant Powell, Roswell, GA, died June 19, reportedly had been battling stomach cancer for some time. There have been inquiries about the Musical during the State Fair, from some of you who enjoyed Phantom in 95. This year they are doing Elton John's Aida, & next year, 2002, it will be The Lion King. I always get info to buy group tix, so if enough people want me to investigate & set up some kind of deal, I will be glad to do that. I didn't keep the details, but group sales
have to go in a few months ahead of the show, about May.

If you get the Bulldog News you are aware that Sue Willard Olivier is on the GNDAA board. She oversees scholarships & went to the Senior Awards ceremony in May. She sends on the information that this year, to ND grads, $1.4 million in scholarships were awarded. Unbelievable. Over 25 scholarships were from ND alumni, including the 4 Dedman scholarships to SMU, (These are 4 year awards.) & 3 Collin County Community College awards. These scholarships were set up several years ago, at Sue's behest, to benefit students who wanted to go to a jr. college first GNDAA gave out its first scholarship in 1992, $500. There were 238 in the graduating class, 138 took the SAT & 115 took the College Entrance qualifying exam. One comment she made is sad, however. There were virtually NO parents at that 7 p.m. ceremony, & the children walked out of the auditorium to no proud & cheering siblings & relatives.

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