January 2007

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Well, talk about oversight.  I had a message about Jean Brown Corley’s, 49, death in plenty of time, but just flat neglected to put it into the newsletter in Oct.  I had sent emails about that to some, so I guess my mind just thought I had done my part.  She had been battling cancer for a number of years, but it returned after a remission.  And my contact with Bob Huffman,51, was via email, which used Rob as the address, so I did not realize you all knew him as Bob. 

Those of you who get the Bulldog News can see that much of the news of our classmates does not get to me.  I had no info about Charles Sanders’ most recent career, nor was I aware of Julius Dasch’s post-retirement teaching.  It would be worth your while to sign up with GNDAA to get this quarterly newsletter as well.  As you know, we will run out of postage money eventually & the orange one will stop.  John Ragland offered to send mailing money, but we don’t want it.  I want to quit at some point.

Article in BD News about GNDAA “rattling chains” to get ND to replace the stage curtains, which are original from 1922.  I thought we had donated to that cause when we  gave them $5000 in 2000.  We made a big deal out of that donation, & went over to the school to participate in an awards assembly.  Well, the draperies cost $60,000.  Guess $5000 is just a drop in the bucket.  I know the money did go for new dictionaries, thesauruses, & switchbox for the auditorium, because we got a thank-you note from them.  If any of you feel so moved to help get new drapes, send your donation to GNDAA at 11155 Cactus Lane, Dallas, 75238, but specify class of 1950. 

Even at this late date, when we are no longer searching,  an occasional clue for a missing person turns up.  Dale Pryor,50, who left ND for Crozier Tech, keeps up with us all & mentioned that Shirley Wilson, 51, who has been missing from the beginning, is married to Charles Hesson, 49.  Nice to have that information.  They have moved over to Fate, TX, one of the outer suburbs of DFW. One doesn’t like to find missing folks in the obit column, but better to know something of what became of them, I guess.  Thomesia Lemons Duncan, Ja 50, showed up in the obits Oct.  She had been living in Oklahoma City, where she was CEO of the Visiting Nurses Association of OK.  She married Roland Duncan of Dallas in 1960, survived by one daughter.  And Phillip Cash,51, turned up, living in Lucas, north of Dallas.  An email from his wife asking about class rings.  We knew he was about, as he had registered with Classmates, but we have had no luck getting through to anyone on Classmates, even with a Gold Membership.  So we are grateful to have him no longer missing.

Eugene Graves, Ja51, has been diagnosed with throat cancer, is getting treatment in Tyler.  Send cards to him at 401 No 3rd St, Unit #10, Mabank, TX 75147.  His sisters have been good to keep us informed.

Noted in the Oct. Bulldog News, there is to be another GNDAA Awards Luncheon on Sept 29, 2007There will be a new directory too.  Make your plans now to try to come, & we shall make an effort to have some arrangement for those of us who wish to, to be able to get together for additional visiting, either later that afternoon, into the evening, or early evening, or Friday night.  We have to consider all the folks who no longer like to drive at night.   And as before, Opening Day of the Fair will be on Fri 28th.  That is a treat, if you are a Fair “junkie.”  We are still trying to find lost classmates.  Send any information (address at top)  you have about any of those you keep up with, if they are not getting either the orange newsletter or the Bulldog News.

Brooks & Ann Neal, 50,  have moved back into Dallas.  That was such an exciting event that Brooks had a heart attack.  He is doing fine, recovering from back surgery.  Says he is pain free for the first time in years.  He & Ann  celebrated 55 years of marriage in December.  Juanita Cole Ferguson,50, & her son have a booth, Buchanan’s Antiques,  at a local antique market which runs at the Centennial Building in Fair Park every 3rd Saturday.   Go see what they have to offer.

We had a good turnout for lunch in October, including the Hesson boys, Charles, 49, & Eddie, 51.  The coming dates are Jan. 20, Feb. 17, March 17, April 21.  Remember, it is the third Saturday at Luby’s, Meadow Rd & Central/75.  Very easy to get to. It has been suggested that we make a real effort to get 52 grads to join us for lunch, so if you keep up with someone, invite him/her. There were about 30 at the  December lunch, which was held at Houston Goodspeed’s,   They have been so very kind to host this for the last several years.  Several who do not regularly come to the Luby’s lunches do make an effort to come to this.  Mac,51, & Connie Armstrong were there.  Armenta Brown Singdalhsen,Ja 51, came.  Robert Welborn, 50; Doug Newsom, 50; Bob Carpenter, 51 & Linda.  And John, 51, & Johnnie Hunt were able to make it. Laverne Faust Johnson, 50; Barbara Layden Furstenberg, 50; Mary Dougherty Ratliff, 51, & Charles.    Liz Lester Presley, 50, told us of the death of Phillip Peterson in November.  She & Bill,49, bring a wonderful Italian crème cake to that lunch.  It is worth the trip just for that.  Phillip had a bowling alley in El Paso for some years.

Another fire.  Dreyfus Club out at White Rock burned end of October.  Fire had been going awhile before it was noticed, total loss.  And what a setback for the Parks Department, as they had events scheduled over the weeks & into the holidays, & must refund deposits, etc.  As well as the inconvenience to all the reservations.

Talked with Roy Olivier in early Nov.  He is managing, one day at a time.  Does not cook, but does know how to fix cereal, & eats dinner out.  He had been to Virginia for the grandson’s 2d b’day.  A new baby was due mid Dec, & father Nick is being deployed once again to Afganistan in Jan, so Roy went over to do the “grandparent” thing, staying with the new mom.  Susie was the one to do that before.  Charles Cody,49, has been retired from Bayer Corporation for 9 years now, having worked in several chemical companies of theirs.  Spends his time enjoying the 6 grandchildren.  He & wife celebrated their 50th anniversary with an Alaska cruise this year.  Ray McKamy, 50, has also “retired,” but has gone into private consulting practice, & is teaching a course at Washburne College in Topeka.  Rodney Williams, 50, got out of the high school classroom & finds he prefers teaching history to jr. college freshmen.  That is only 1 course, 15 hours a week, less wearing on him.  He had another heart attack this summer, which kinda scared him toward easier life style.

Paul Harris has Vikings from 47, 48 & 49 he is willing to part with.  If you want one, call him at 214-352-5940

BULLDOG BREAKFAST, Saturday, January 27, Dunston’s on Lovers Lane.  9:30, buffet at 10:00, $12.  Call Nick Moore, 903-852-3155, to reserve or cancel, especially if you plan to eat. You pay regardless, so enjoy & eat.



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