ND 49/50/51 REUNION GROUP NEWSLETTER, October 2004  

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PLEASE NOTE: As of Dec. 1, Juno will no longer be a free account. Fortunately our accessory classmate, married to Emily, Joe Mitchell, has already set up a new ndal account with swbell.net. Notice the address change at the top of the page. The juno address will be good thru November, but you must change to swbell.net in Dec. Many of you have had to change servers, so you know about this. So commit this address to memory:


NOTE ALSO THAT IT IS NOW ndal50 rather than the previous ndal1

I have laboriously plugged in the email address list from Juno, one at a time, the better to double check the addresses once again. I have no idea if they all still work, since I never hear back from many of you out there. Send us a note just to let us know you are still alive & well at the last address you sent us. Please? Thanks.

It is hard to believe the writer could be so dumb last quarter to leave out the Golden Anniversaries of Joe & Emily Bennett Mitchell, & Houston & Anita Goodspeed, both in June. Too many other things on the mind. In case it got missed last year, to bring you up to date, Orville & Marty Jamison Lonvick have just celebrated 51 years in Sept. They also won some medals in the Tennessee Senior Olympic finals. Orville got a silver in golf, & Marty won gold in both the 1 mile power walk, & the 5K run. Dick & Audrey Rowzee Hansen will be married 50 years this November. Manuel & Irene Torres Carranza had their anniversary in Sept. & Perry & Shirley Kentry (54?) Hudel have had 50 years. More long term news, David Doggett's father died in Sept, age 100. Remarkable.

And you will be amazed to learn what plans have come about for the 55th Reunion next fall. We will have it on Friday, Sept. 30 & Saturday, Oct. 1, 2005. The GNDAA golf tournament is the following Monday, Oct. 3. After looking at both Winfrey Point, a wonderful place, and Brookhaven Country Club, can you believe the Country Club is less expensive? We would have had to put down a big deposit for WP, as well as pay an hourly fee, plus the cost of the policeman (required if we had alcohol), & do all the set-up & clean up ourselves. Also a factor was the available seating. It was all card table type chairs. Brookhaven has sofas. And upholstered dining chairs. It is just out & out nicer. Sorry to disappoint all you sentimental ones who wanted to go there, but you will be very glad in the end that we picked the nicer place. The other curve we have thrown you is that we plan to do it as a supper buffet, cash bar for wine & beer. No planned program. No favors. We are going to have some "Memories" tables, so start to look for your mementos you want to share, especially snapshots of grade school or North Dallas, copies of the graduation program, or anything from the Senior Play or Senior Day. You know the kind of stuff. Then make sure your name is on it, so you can claim it back before you leave. (At the Reunion in 90 some tacky person went off with a Senior Pub that belonged to someone else. Names on items can't prevent that kind of insensitive behavior) And we will have a boom box you can bring tapes or CDs for. There is a little alcove where those who wish can dance. Parking is free, & plenty.

This does not mean that you & friends cannot go out to White Rock on your own, with some KFC or hotdogs & have your own picnic that afternoon.

When you get your Bulldog News you will find that GNDAA plans to have the Distinguished Alumni Awards luncheon on Sat. Oct. 1. That date was picked by them after they learned when we expected to have our reunion. They changed their plans from the end of May. And we actually changed our plans away from the preferred Saturday afternoon. That is the reason for the Friday nite affair. The trade-off is that at least 3 of our classmates will be honored at that luncheon. Please support this means of honoring them. Hope by January, certainly by April, we can let you know who.

We won't make your weekend a dead bore. We plan to send you a list of other possible things to do from Thursday thru Monday, when we get the info sheet ready. This will include info about the State Fair Musical also. We shall make an effort to get tix at a group rate. You will have to make your own "stay" arrangements. But never fear, Dallas has more hotels/motels than you can count using both fingers & toes.

The July lunch was a treat. We had about 30 there. Recall that Jean Ramsey Middough had said she would come. She had called Jeirenne Able Moorman, Pat McKnight Hartin, JoAnn Hill Tobolka, & they all came to have a visit. Jeirenne said it had been 10 years since they had last seen each other, at John Piercy's funeral. Add to this that Calvin & Adele Asel Axtell came, & Robert Johnson, Joy Holland, all for the first time. A pleasant gathering. Joy had talked to Joe Slocum & he is doing well Karin (Ben) Campbell came too, first time since last December, I think. The regulars & Rosemary Brau Rumbley all showed up too, & there are at least 20 of them. We were pleased to have about 22 come to lunch in August also. We were fortunate to have Phil Randol & Dot Young Mills in Sept. When he is this direction, he offers to bring her. Shirley Feuerbacher Chesney & Ron came to the Sept lunch, first time for her. Lunches to come will be 3rd Saturdays, Oct. 16, Nov. 20, Jan. 15, at Luby's on Central (75) at Meadow Rd. 12:30 p.m.

The December lunch will be SECOND Saturday, Dec. 11 , at Houston & Anita Goodspeed's, 3973 Shady Hill. That is west off Midway Rd, south of Forest Lane. This is a "meats provided, you bring" meal. Call Anita at 214-352-7023 to let her know what you will bring: salad, vegetable, bread, or dessert. This gives her a head count as well. Please write this info down now. We have had about 50 in the past, so is well worth your planning to attend. This would be a good one to come to to try out the idea, but the food is far better than Luby's. We would not want you to think all the meals are so scrumptious. May we suggest some of you from the Metroplex area make the effort to drive in, over, down, up to visit that afternoon.

An email note from Bob Huffman to tell of Jerry Moffitt's (51) death, in his sleep, in August. The day he died was to be his last work day before retirement. That is sad.

We need you to keep us posted on your activities if there is to be any news in this newsletter. We have only the info you send us, plus the usual Forwarded trivia from the internet. Notice that it doesn't get in?




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