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 Begging your pardons.  I should listen to the printer when it says, get toner.  The last newsletter had some blurring because the toner was running low.  Sorry.  It didn’t yelp til after it had printed the copy.  The emailed people got clear copies, of course.  Now watch me pitch a fit.  10 email addresses were returned with the previous newsletter as not good.  Some are, of course, but the inbox of the receiver is full.  But some of you have changed or dropped & not sent word.  Fie!  However, you are great about passing on info, & I got Don Niederkruger’s email address from Jeanette Howeth Crumpler, & a mailing address for Faye Burns from GNDAA, plus I asked Joe Slocum to  call Jerry Gibson (Gail)  in Austin, & I got an update there.  So we are still in bizness with these mailings.  Jerry sent an email back.  Life is much the same there with Gail.  Email did not like David Thornberry’s address, so I called him, & he nicely called back. He expects to come to the reunion.  George Bushfield changed servers, but did not send new address on to us.  Again a phone call got results & info that he & his wife had just returned from Alaska.  Sometimes we get to have chats we would otherwise not have simply due to poor email service. One of the things about email, a lot of trivia comes in, & when I track back thru the addressees I find that an enormous amount of ND friends are keeping up with each other.  Isn’t that just great!

 >>>>NOTICE THE ADDITIONAL PAGE WITH REUNION INFO.  THIS IS ALL YOU WILL GET.  However, the email address & phone number above will try to answer questions if this is not clear. READ IT CAREFULLY.  Additional info is on the ND web page, address at top of this one. We will have new rosters & new email lists at the Reunion.  They are your favors.  Very Important…If your email address has changed, you need to send a correction to the above address. There is plenty of room for the bus trip.  If we don’t get more takers we will have to give that up.

There is a little neighborhood magazine put out for the Lake Highlands area, which had a write-up about the Lake Highlands High School choral program. It provides a scholarship in memory of John Stallings, who sang in two of the choral groups, & died in a car accident in 1987, during his freshman year at A & M.  He was the son of  Freeman & Barbara Stallings, who established the scholarship in John’s name.  

Peggy Daniel Duval called about a week after the newsletter went out to report that she had been getting many many cards & letters from classmates & to thank us for putting the info in the newsletter & more especially to thank all of you who have been in touch with her.  She really appreciated your attention. She died rather unexpectedly May 9.   We lost Don Schoenstein May 1, just about exactly the 90 days the drs had given him. Betty Jo Garner’s obit was in the paper in May, absolutely no details except age, no dates, no services. Bill Slaughter died May 15 from lung disease.  He had moved to Pittsburg, PA  area last year to be closer to his kids & grands. News via the SMU Alum magazine of Arthur Edward Gass’s death in May, 02. 

John & Gloria Bates (WWW 52) celebrate 50 years of marriage this month.  Clare Patteson Braden raises a breed of dogs called Kuvasz.  They are large white dogs, & at the recent Kennel Club of America Specialty Show in Wichita, KS, her dog won Best of Show.  She is thrilled.  JoAnn Rogers Brown, 52, has moved back to Dallas from CA.  She has lost no time renewing her ND acquaintances. We hear from Jim Bridges wife that he is dealing with Alzheimers. Louise Ruge & Charles Johnson lost their only child, Debbie, to lung cancer in March.  She had never smoked, but was at stage IV when she went to the dr. for a cough from what she thought were allergies  Wendel Martin, who apparently was in the class of 51 has been reported to have been killed in an auto accident in March.…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

I DO plan to come to the Reunion this fall, Friday, Sept. 30, 2005. ________  ($15 cost- send to return address)

 We are NOT taking money for GNDAA luncheon, at Brookhaven Sat. Oct 1, 11:00 a.m.  Send $20 to GNDAA  11155 Cactus Ln, Dallas 75238.

Bill Archer sent one of those traveling emails, & you may have heard this from some other source, but Denzel Washington visited at Brooke Army Medical Center, San Antonio recently.  The soldiers who have been evacuated from Germany, previously Iraq & Afganistan, go to Brooke for continued care & rehab.  The Army has several Fisher Houses, similar to Ronald McDonald Houses, that are used by the soldiers’ families during the hospitalization.  Washington asked about these facilities, including how much it cost to build one, then he took out his check book & wrote a check for a new building. (This later confirmed as only partly true.  He did give some money.)  Lots of time the emails that float around are really better than blond jokes.  I did laugh at Joe Slocum’s tale of the blond who bought the 15” curtains, tho.

Take note of the informal gatherings of the alums.  Our monthly lunches continue at Luby’s, Meadow Rd & Central/75 on the third Saturdays, 12:30 p.m.  Dates coming up are July 16, Aug. 20, Sept 17, Oct 15.  We had about 23 in June.  Our regular crowd has grown, and JoAnn Rogers Brown came to try it out, now that she is back.  Betty Sauls Thompson drove over from Ft. Worth, after about a year of procrastinating.  Robert Wellborn came before he left Dallas for the summer.  GNDAA Bulldog Breakfast will be Saturday, July 30 at Dunston’s, Inwood & Lovers Lane, coffee, rolls, visiting at 9 a.m., huge brunch at 10:00.  $12Call Nick Moore to add your head into the count, 903-852-3155

White Rock Lake Park has been undergoing a restoration & return to the native habitat for several years, and Texas Parks & Wildlife Department has given it a Lone Star Land Steward Award in recognition for its efforts at wildlife conservation.  About 250  of the 2115 acres have been returned to blackland prairie, & a return of wildlife has occurred. The animals they are seeing now include, besides the omnipresent opossums, raccoons, wood rats & squirrels, deer, bats, minks, beavers, bobcats, & coyotes.  Not hard for the coyotes to latch onto a promising habitat in Dallas, as they are rather constantly squeezed out with new construction everywhere.  If it abuts the city, it will be developed.  The Prince drive-in hamburger stand on Lemmon has gone.  The owners who had it from 1929 onward just decided it was difficult to keep on going, so have sold it.  It will be torn down & something more upscale built in the spot.  Steve Blow, who is a local DMN columnist, had a nice write-up in a Sunday column about Eloise Santerre (Bonham, 7th grade).  She is a direct descendant of the LaReunion Colony that settled in Dallas over in the Chalk Hill area before the Bryan settlement on the Elm Fork. 

We do want you to have a good time at the Reunion.  Eugene Hunter wants plenty of time to visit.  We hope we are offering that, but we also hope that there will be someone to visit with.  Very sad if some of these folks come from a great distance, only to find there are only 3 or 4 of their classmates here.  Step up your registrations y’all.



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