July 04

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ND 49/50/51 REUNION GROUP NEWSLETTER, July 04 email- ndal1@juno.com 1-214-352-0893


Thank you all who have sent email address changes. It is very worthwhile to have good addresses when we want to reach you. We sent a little "brain picker" to all on the email list to get input about the proposed reunion in 05. Had good response from that query too, & several have checked on places, availability & costs. It cannot be at Lakewood Country Club, as they will be remodeling We visited out at Winfrey Point, & determined that it is by far the best choice so far. We have another spot to check on. Winfrey Point means WE set up, WE clean, but we would get us a committee of helpers. We also plan to "treat" you to this reunion, with only a modest charge After much much debate, we have finally settled on weekend of Oct 1, 2005 for the 55th Reunion. The GNDAA golf tournament is that following Monday, Oct. 3. The Fair will be going on. The State Fair Musical will be on & we shall arrange for tickets for Friday night or the Sunday matinee if you wish. Name of it by January newsletter.

I know you realize that we are of an age when our friends begin to show up in the obituaries more frequently. It is a sad thing, but if you are reading this, you know you are not among that crowd. We got info from Henry Nelson that Tommy Luna's death was from emphysema. Hamman Brown wrote a wonderful note about his long & treasured friendship with John Gibbs, who died of cancer in April. Greta Espinosa Otstott died in April from congestive heart failure. Jack Duncan alerted us to her grave condition, so we had a bit of forewarning. Adele Asel Axtell was able to get over to see her She had been poorly off & on for some time, but never let that stop her from doing what she was able to. She used her talents in art to become an accomplished interior designer, & sang with the Plano Civic Chorus for joy. Several of us were able to get to her funeral, including Joy Holland Coleman, Doug Johnson Newsom, Robert Wellborn, & Paul Harris. Bob Chester, Jan 49, died in May of cancer, as did Dale Hanks. Dale had built up a family business in the food industry, which expanded into several other enterprises in the field: Hanks Brokerage, Advanced Spice & Trading, Valdez Corporation. Juliet Blevins Hay lost her husband in June.


Sid Moore has returned to Texas from years of living in CA, north of LA in Ojai. He is as excited as a kid at Christmas about being back in Texas, altho it is El Paso. I know that desert terrain is wonderful for some, & if it is in Texas, all the better. Bill & Carolyn Covey Bonds have moved back to Virginia. The grandchildren are there, & after having some retirement living experiences in NM & Granbury, TX, they found the pull of family to be greater.


Joe Slocum had his knee replaced in February. End of April, he was taken to the hospital with streptococcal meningitis ( picked up at at the hospital?) He was very critically ill for a number of days, & many prayers have been offered. I am relieved to tell you that he is recovering. He had intended to lose some weight, but this is a rather drastic means of dieting. Robert T. Browne, who lives in Arizona, must be deemed the unofficial historian for our classes. He has been making an effort to get an accurate accounting of what all went on in the McKinney, Cole, Travis, Knox, Fitzhugh area over those years we were in school. The latest thing he has sent is a detailed print-out of the businesses that were in the streets by block, by years, beginning in 1928, thru 1945. Ashburn's is there, Flower-a-Day, Knox Street Theater, HiPark Cafeteria, Safeway, HP Bakery, etc. One of the graphics shows the MKT railroad & HP RR station, & instead of Centrail, the Houston & Tx Central RR tracks. Fun! He won't come to the Reunion, doesn't do that, but we shall make an effort to have these pages mounted for you to look at. Walter Nusbaum sent a CD of "oldies" from the mid 40's to 50, that he made up for his S.J. Hay classmates. We shall have it as an addition to our 55th reunion.

Ross Avenue Baptist Church, which burned during Holy Week in 2002, was demolished. The congregation plans to rebuild a smaller church on the same site. They are generally Hispanic people, with not much disposable income, & restoring the original church, & maintaining it was beyond their financial ability.


We had a sizable turnout for the April lunch, about 20 Nancy made the remark that she thinks the current Luby's is really a better place than the previous one. Paula Russell Winfrey comes for the visiting, says she really doesn't like cafeterias. In May Jean Ramsey Piercy Middough was able to join us. She was on a return trip to her California home from the Kentucky Derby. A son lives in Dallas. She has since written that she will be back in July, so any of you in 49 who would like a visit, please put that date down now. The 3rd Saturday lunches will be at 12:30 on July 17, Aug. 21, Sept. 18, Oct. 16, Nov 20 at Luby's at Central & Meadow, NE corner. While we are on that topic, we have moved the December lunch from 3rd to 2nd Saturday, to get it away from the busier pre-Christmas weeks. It will again be at Houston Goodspeed's, on Sat. Dec. 11. A note will be in the Oct. (orange) newsletter. Bulldog Breakfast 9:30 Saturday, July 31, Dunstons on Lovers Lane. Call Nick Moore, 903-852-3155. Reservations are really really really necessary. California Bulldogs will have a lunch at Tony DeGrazier's new restaurant in Corona on Sat. Sept 11. And Marie Brunson Keeter ,52, is celebrating a 70th in Las Vegas weekend of Aug 12-13-14, & you are welcome to join her there. Get email address from here, home address from GNDAA directory.


Spring cleaning has resulted in purging correspondence to us dating back as far as the '85 Reunion. We had thank yous, reservation notes, info about addresses, postcards, & some poetry from so many of you, including folks now deceased. Several people reiterated they did NOT want to be left off the mailing lists, & they are receiving the newsletter. Fortunately many of you now hear from us regularly on email, a nice invention since 20 years back. Notes had come from Mary Ann Norwood Oleson, Jerienne Able Moorman, Shirley Pollard Brown, Betty Searle Blanks, Kay Johnson Bettis, Don Niederkruger (whose email is not in effect), Faye Kornegay Baker, Louise Ruge Johnson (who keeps in touch regularly), Donald Logan, Rodney Williams, Baylor Anglin, JoAnn Bredlow Parker, Richard Cameron, Larry Freeman, & stuff from deceased friends like Richard Puspurica, Dick McLintock, thank you's to Jack Smith


CLASSMATES..com. This continues to be a problem for us. David Doggett has a Gold membership with this site, via GNDAA, & any of us can pull it up & look at the listings, but you cannot contact anyone unless you are :gold. You can send in info without being gold, however. The problem David has run into is that when he has tried to reach some of these listings via email, he has to go thru Classmates & they kick him back to the home page, so no progress is being made. If you have listed yourself on Classmates please make sure we have your email address here at ndal1@juno.com And if you can get in touch with any of those names from our years, please please do so & send info back to us about how to reach them, or send them info on how to reach us. Thanks.


DISD plans to reopen S J Hay this fall as a girls only school. It has been a discussed idea for over a year. There seems to be a positive response among parents. It will be a "charter" school, which gives it all kinds of flexibility. They plan to open with about 200 girls, 7th & 8th grade, adding a grade a year until they go thru 12th grade. So far only about 95 have enrolled, so DISD is a bit uneasy about the actuality for fall.

Start to think about coming to our final Reunion next year. Pencil it into your calendar. More info forthcoming in Oct or Jan. If you keep up with others in your class, please let them know about this.



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