Apr. 04

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Correction, big time. The person who was at the December lunch was Nancy Lyles Wheeler, rather than her sister Sue, who is deceased.

The domino fell. Janis Medart Camp called when she read about Betty Stultz Hunley in the Jan. newsletter. They had been good friends who lost contact. We also had email from 2 classmates living in Georgia who remarked about being in nearby suburbs & would look her up. But Janis had an address for Lorraine Semrad Ware, who has been missing forever. Janis also wants to know if anyone has a clue about what became of Betty Underwood. She married someone named Lewis/Louis Evans. We got a large number of orange newsletters back for bad addresses, not unexpected. It has been 2 years since we mailed to some of them, but we do have some address corrections, & several with new email, so we may actually be able to keep up with you eventually. If you want to stay in the know, it is imperative that you send new addresses to us, as well as your friends and magazines when you move. However, Charles W. Powells's return resulted in the info that he was failing & in a care home, near Lake Tawakoni, then in March his obituary was in the News. When he retired he had been Director of the Aviall FBO at Addison Airport. Edith Willodeen Quick Faught has disappeared again. She only got on the mailing list within the last 5 or 7 years, having been among the missing. We still have many on the missing list, & by now, that has become a low priority, but if any of you keep up with these people, either send us some contact information or ask them to get to us. And those of you in the DFW area who do not keep in touch, please know we still care about you, how you are doing, & wonder if the next word we shall have from you will be in the obit column. Carmelita Benander Hines is no longer in Ft. Collins, CO; Sarah Hammack Stiff has moved from address in Linden, TN. Betty Williamson Hooper no longer at Garland address. Phone for Shirley Dickey Hawkins (Felix) disconnected. We want to have a correct address for the next GNDAA directory, as well as being able to let you know reunion plans. We had been mailing to Frances Barbaria Williams over the years, even hunting her via mother's obit when we lost her once more. Now she writes that she graduated in 48, so she is not the Frances who was in our class. Does anyone recall our Frances, or have input about her?

Update: Of the four men who were captured & convicted of the shooting of Richard Ayers & his wife Helen, in 1990, two received life sentences, one was executed in January, & the other is sentenced to death. A sad end to a grim crime. But Richard is doing very well, you recall, remarried to a lovely lady, Irene, & is settled in Ft. Worth, where he can have grandchildren about. That is always pleasant.

Jim Fulton '51, is a docent at the downtown Air & Space Museum in D.C., as well as at the S. F. Udvar Hazy Space Museum at Dulles Airport., which includes the Enola Gay, the Enterprise shuttle, a Concorde + 135 other space artifacts. The museum is still growing. Jim says if you are in the area, call & he will give you a grand tour of this & other parts of D.C. You can reach him at jafulton02@comcas.net

We met for our January lunch at the new location, a Luby's at Central & Meadow Rd. It is very nice, had better space for us, & many reported that the food seemed to be better. We were joined by Anna Frazier Uecker '52, who had been invited orally at one of the Bulldog Breakfasts, so decided to take us up on the invite. We are willing to have anyone from other classes come, if they get the word, & the notion. Jeff Aston said he was still eating tomatoes from his garden, this late. Before the freeze he picked them all & they ripened in his garage. Bulldog Breakfast end of Jan had 110 attending, from all years. Our group was rather small, however. Phil Randol came in March, & brought Dorothy Young Mills with him. He tries to visit here when he comes to Texas, & when David was well enough, brought him to the lunches. Phil is "retired" like the rest of us, & still teaching (math) at the community college in Wichita. He said he sure wishes he could show his degrees to the math teachers he had at ND. There will be another BD Breakfast July 31. The 3rd Saturday lunches will continue on April 17, May 15, June 19, July 17 & Aug. 21. Write it down now, please. 12:30 p.m. at the Luby's at Central & Meadow. Betty Sauls Thompson has moved to Fort Worth from California. She had gone to one of the CA Bulldog gatherings, & has promised to come over to one of these lunches.

Wesley Gallemore sent an email address change, with news of his & Dorothy's golden anniversary this past December. I've said before, our parents' generation did not often celebrate these times as one of the pair usually had died before they got to that anniversary. We are fortunate to live in a period of remarkable health care. Herb & Fran Anderson celebrated 50 years in March.

The news we never want. Ann Cumber Patterson died in Feb from ovarian cancer. She had been active in a number of culturally associated things in Dallas, symphony, opera, art museum, SMU libraries, & Texas Old Missions & Forts Restoration Asso. Tom Luna, who lived in Irving, died in Feb, do not know cause of death. Betty Jane Coppedge Moss died in March. She had been a founding member of the Association of Retarded Citizens. Bill Lackey has died. The obit stated that he had been vice president of Page Boy Industries (that was a local, but nationally known firm that made maternity clothes), was also an accomplished skater & classical pianist, a Korean War veteran.

Sometimes we get benefits from spouses. Houston Goodspeed's wife, Anita, had a good letter in the DMN about the Superbowl idiocy. She remarked that because of satellite that most of the world can watch the "images" TV & Hollywood project about America. Is it any wonder that the U.S. is thought to be decadent and immoral infidels?

Bob Browne sends good stuff on his email FWs. A few remarks, tho if you are on someone's list you may have already read these:

According to today's regulators & bureaucrats, those of us were kids in the 40's & 50" should be dead. Our cribs had lead based paint, as well as slats too far apart. We rode in cars with no airbags, seat belts or car seats. We drank water from the garden hose instead of a bottle. We ate cupcakes, bread & butter, & drank soda pop, but were not fat because we played outside all day. We went out in the morning & only came in for lunch, unless we were at a neighbor's. We played after supper til it got dark. If we fell out of a tree & broke a bone or lost a tooth playing ball on the vacant lot, there were no lawsuits. It was an accident. No one was to blame but us. Little League had tryouts & not everyone made the team. Those who didn't had to learn to deal with disappointment. Tests were not adjusted for any reason. Our actions were our own. Consequences were expected. The idea of a parent bailing us out if we broke a law was unheard of. They sided with the law.

Is there anyone out there willing to be the "clearing house," to take charge of getting a 2005 reunion going? We have remnants of the original committee, but we want to avoid meetings as much as we can, & Nancy & Emily do not want to do all the work. Volunteer, please.



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