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THE REUNION IS TO BE FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 30, 2005. $15 your cost. DETAILS WILL COME IN JULY. You can mail your reservation money in at any time, but by August 1st, for sure. Those of you who have been eager & willing to help, please please call Emily at above phone or email,, or Charlotte Leiman Webberman, webb1415@sbcglobal.net, 972-701-0671. There are plenty of tatty chores for you.

<<We are NOT taking reservation or money for GNDAA luncheon. You must send that money directly to them. Watch Bulldog News for details. The awards we have to cheer for will go to John Aronson, 50, & Mary Jean Dougherty Ratliff, 51. The others are from later classes.

The best laid plans. One of the things we had expected to do at the Reunion in September was to arrange tickets for those who wished to go to the State Fair Musical. Well, the show is to be "Wicked," a new Broadway show, & it is not going to begin until Wed., Oct. 5. Pooh on them!. If you want to go badly enough to stay over, or live in town & want to try to get group tix we can work on that. Reach me at above phone #, or email address.

Rosemary Brau Rumbley will do a bus tour again, on Sunday, Oct 2, for those of you who are interested. She can make it go where you want it to, to see old neighborhoods, etc. The cost will be non-refundable $10, unless the trip does not make, but we will not set this up unless we have at least 45 people prepaid. The bus costs a bunch. And we need to know this rather quickly, by May 1, so she can reserve the time, driver, bus. Send checks to above address, made out to Rosemary Rumbley. She will hold them until it is positive the trip will make. If it does not, your check will be returned. Also note what part of Dallas you want to see.

The sad news. Don Schoenstein was diagnosed with lung cancer in late Feb, & dr.s give him 90 days without treatment, 6 months with. He opted for radiation only. If you wish to send cards (do it today!) his address is 15441 San Simeon Circle, #1143, Dallas 75248, phone 972-934-7686. He has been a regular at our Saturday lunches. Peggy Daniel Duval has a malignant tumor at the base of her skull. She is getting radiation treatments, but she too, would enjoy cards & visits. 1725 Charleston, Garland, 75041. We have word that Edward Jennings Bunn, 51, has died. He was not even on our roster, sorry to say.

Rusty Talbot's granddaughter was a cheerleader in middle school when she fell during a routine & broke her neck. We reported on that at the time. It was pretty grim, but when she married in 2000, she walked down the aisle with her crutches, on her father's arm. Dallas News did a little follow-up on her in January, & she is able to manage now with only one crutch. The prognosis had been that she would never walk again.

January lunch had 18 folks there, most of them the regulars, but Frank Nicholson tried us out, & also Barbara Layden Furstenburg. She had been encouraged by Jeff Aston. We enjoy having Liz (Lester) & Bill Presley. And Peggy Duval got there. The headache started in Feb. Baylor Anglin drove in from Athens to eat with us in Feb., said his only excuse for not coming before is laziness. Got to see Jerry & Elaine Brazzell again too. We signed a card for Don at the March lunch, & will do so again in April. The next lunches will be Sat. April 16, May 21, June 18, & July 16. Luby's at Meadow Rd & Central, 12:30.

Gene Leslie forwarded on some "tests" to determine about strokes. If you think someone may be having a stroke, take the minute these questions require to ascertain that condition. There are 3 simple questions to ask the person: 1) Ask the individual to smile. 2) Ask him/her to raise his arms. 3) Ask him to speak a simple sentence. If these are failed at all, next step is call 911 immediately. Facial weakness, arm weakness & speech problems are symptomatic of strokes.

A few eager beavers have sent their $15 reservation money for the casual, relaxed REUNION BUFFET DINNER Sept. 30. As promised names will be provided. We have heard from John Aronson, Bill & Carolyn Covey Bonds, Richard Cameron. Joyce Broach Clardy, Jeanie Smith DeHay, Peggy Duval, E.M. Fulton, Fred & Lucy Lisotta Hight, Kenneth Koehler, Doug Johnson Newsom, Marian McNabb Poe, Mary Ann Jund Thornton, Betty Harrison White, Rodney Williams, Charlsie Davis Wilson, Bob Wyatt.

Bulldog Breakfast in January pulled out a few: Gene 51 & Flo 54, Leslie, Jeff & Marjie Aston 51, Bill Cathey 51, Barbara Furstenburg 50, Jerry Knight 51, Frank Nicholson 51, Eddie 50 & Charles Hesson 49, Kitty Beeson Hitt 49. We discovered that Charles has not been on the mailing list, ever, but we are making efforts to bring him up to speed with the news. Past orange newsletters are still on the computer, thank goodness. He asked if it would come in on the computer in orange. You know the rules, only if you put orange paper in the printer.

Faye Burns Quinnelly has disappeared. Email would not go thru, mailed newsletter returned with no forwarding. If you keep up with her, please send us info. Also have lost touch with Don Neiderkruger. That is one of the disadvantages of emailing these newsletters. The return service works, but not after 6 months, so we lose an address. Doesn't matter. We are gonna be done with this after the reunion, I hope. Bill Cathey offered to double my salary if I would keep up the newsletter. Will consider that. By the way, he is NOT the Richardson preacher of that name you hear on radio.

Kenneth & Virginia Alexander Broughton will celebrate their 50th anniversary about 8 months late. She fell last summer, just as they were getting things in place for their party. Invitations had been ordered, but she took such a tumble, broke nothing, that they had to delay the celebration.

Sometimes you can go home again. Hugh & Nancy Chewning Farrell's daughter, Sharon Van Buskirk, (Jeff) lives in the house (built in 1913) where Hugh grew up. It is one of the 10 houses to be featured in the Munger Place Centennial Tour of Historic Homes this year, April 23 (10:00-8:00) & 24 (12:00-5:00). You remember that neighborhood, Reiger, Victor, Junius, Swiss, Tremont. The Farrells were 2d owners, moving there about 1940. Hugh inherited, & now Sharon gets to live in it. If you want a treat, get tix ahead for $10 at Lakewood Minyards, or $12 day of tour, available at any of the homes. The Buskirk (Farrell) address is 4807 Tremont. I think a ND group tour would be fun. Get details from Sharon 214-826-6431.

Internet tripe: 1- Never be too open minded. Your brains could fall out. 2- Just going to church doesn't make you a Christian any more than standing in a garage makes you a car. 3- Junk is something you've kept for years and throw away three weeks before you need it. (That actually happened to me.) And from Washington Post, via Bob Browne, neoligisms (new definitions for words): flabbergasted-appalled over how much weight you have gained; negligent- condition in which you absent-mindedly answer the door in your nightgown;, lymph- to walk with a lisp.



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