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 Too much to say to quit yet. Begging a pardon. I tried to get ALL the names of those at the reunion into the October newsletter, & I knew Dave Hankins was there, had his name on the list, actually sat across the table from him, but delayed writing his name in til I got to the class of 51, which I think is his class, tho he hangs with 49's. Anyway, that one got missed, & I apologize to him & all for not being perfect in all things.

RoseMary sent email that the bus tour was a hit. She was able to take folks where they wished, & they drove all around the elementary school areas, & then Spence & ND, & over into east Dallas where many lived, up on the M streets, the old churches, etc. Julius Dasch told that when they went by ND, it was open, being used as a church by some group. They got off the bus & went in. The people within, of course, hoped they were coming to the church meeting, but even so greeted them warmly, offered them coffee & donuts. Julius & Sue Willard Olivier went about looking at the Distinguished Alumni plaques, & proceeded to pull down all the campaign "advertising" around them that the kids had put up. They found themselves, too. It is too bad that tour was not better attended. If anyone would like another chance to make a Dallas tour with RoseMary, let us know & we can talk & plan & see what we can come up with. So far the bus costs $400. Don't know how that may change with the gasoline expenses.

We did meet for lunch at Luby's in October. Not a huge turnout, but Bill Presley was back among us. The November lunch was also modest, about 14. Martha Davenport Young came with the Presleys again. Really nice to see some of you who have not come much. The 3rd Saturday lunches will continue as long as some of us want to go, & email reminders will go out the previous Monday. Dates to come are January 21, Feb. 18, March 18, & the Saturday before Easter, April 15.

There's a reason some of us stayed here in Texas. First Saturday in Dec the Dallas high temp was 89. The following Thursday, Dec. 8, the schools were closed due to ice, snow, & temps in 20's all day. Then by Sat when we had the December lunch we were back to a pleasant normal temp of 58-60. A good holiday gathering at Houston & Anita Goodspeed's, with plenty of delicious food. Mac & Connie Armstrong came. Armenta Brown Singdahlsen, who has been sidelined without a car since an accident about a year ago, was able to come from Lake Dallas. Ben Campbell's widow, Karin, came. She likes to stay in touch with us. Was good to see Jerry & Elaine Brazzell. Charlie & Mary Dougherty Ratliff, Lucy & Fred Hight, Bill & Patsy Bass, Bob & Linda Carpenter, Barbara Layden Furstenburg, Juanita Cole Ferguson, Hugh & Nancy Farrell, Doug Newsom, Emily Mitchell, Bob Wyatt, Liz & Bill Presley, Laverne Faust Johnson, Charlotte Leiman Webberman, Barbara Henderson Collins, Sue Olivier. Anna Frazier Ucker (52), who appreciates being able to hang with our crowd. We are her ND contacts. Bill Archer had RSVP'd to come, but slipped on above ice on Thursday & cracked ribs, so was staying quiet about the house.

There was some discussion about continuing the newsletter. The operative word here is "news." If I do not get input from out there, what is there to tell you? I know you don't give a hoot about who went to Luby's. Send tidbits. Where there is something to tell, I shall write, but start to depend upon the Bulldog News.

I have cleaned out my records. The old rosters, old scraps of paper with addresses on them, old email lists, etc have all gone to the shredder, along with the accounts of expenses on past reunions. I actually have space on my closet shelf now. But I no longer have a clue about where someone was 10 years ago. Don't ask.

As a result of renewing old ties, John Hunt went to visit his once college roommate, Julius Dasch, down in Alpine. Had a very nice trip, but does allow that being closer than 20 miles to upscale medical facilities makes living in the FW area a pretty good deal. His allergies went away while he was there, tho.

Sad to report the death of Richard Ayers, after a heart attack. You may recall he was shot during a home break-in about Christmas 1990. He was paralyzed & his wife was killed. Eventually the culprits were caught. Richard went to some therapy, came to our 95 reunion in his wheel chair, & we were so very pleased to see him. He went on to serve as pastor to a church at Buchanan Dam for several years, remarried. When he retired he moved to Fort Worth, where his kids were settled. He & wife Irene drove over to a couple of the Saturday lunches, while we were still out at Valley View Mall. An outgrowth of that home invasion was that Richard established Collin County Victims Services Inc, to provide understanding and comfort to victims of crimes. There was no such help available for him.

If you are a member of GNDAA, you already know that an effort is being made to remodel & fix up the ancient classrooms at ND. New cabinets, or new lighting or new write boards. A price of $1000 per classroom has been established, & if any class wishes to adopt a room, that class will have a plaque outside the classroom door, "a gift from…" We are considering this possibility for helping to deplete our treasury. Your opinions appreciated.

There was a ground-breaking planned for Halloween for the annex building across the street from ND. GNDAA sent out postcards advising exes of this, then we had a tremendous, but so welcome, rainstorm. We only got about an inch, far too little, & none since, but it was enough to squelch the groundbreaking. They tried again on Nov.14, but had to use a box of dirt, as the construction is actually going on across the street, all dug up, & fenced. Hugh & Nancy Chewning Farrell, Sue Olivier, Emily Bennett Mitchell, J.T. & Charlsie Davis Wilson, Lonnie & Shirley Feuerbacher Chesney, David Doggett came. Good thing too, as it was mostly the architects, DISD folks, GNDAA board, & construction personnel. The neighborhood itself is slowly changing over to "uppity." Nice apartment buildings, lots of shopping…there's an Albertsons on McKinney at Lemmon & a movie house & Target & other discount type stores on Haskell where Capitol comes in. DART train stop at Haskell & Central. One of the exes remarked that she has considered moving back over there.

We have a large number of 49/50 class rosters & about 15 of '51, dated 9-05, printed for reunion & not needed. If you wish one, please send $1 cash, to cover cost of mailing to you, (this because I am lazy. If I take them to P.O. I pay, then have to send receipts to Lucy, then get a check to cover the expenses, which I must deposit to my account…..surely you can spare me all that trouble by sending $1) to address at top of newsletter. If you paid for the reunion & did not get to come, & still have not received a roster, please let me know. I tried to get those all mailed out in early Oct. I will take them to lunch if you let me know you will be there.

On Tuesday, December 13 RoseMary Rumbley had a book-signing for her newest "history of Dallas" book, Strolling Through the Park. Appropriately, it was held at the Dallas Arboretum. Those of you who are elsewhere, that is the old DeGolyer estate on White Rock Lake. You can see the Mount Vernon house across the lake from the DeGolyer windows. Among those who attended were Arthur Tapscott's son & Robert Allison. Of course, lots of folks from the Dallas Park Board, including the head of the Dallas Zoo.

Not sure about another newsletter. There is little to report. Probably not in April, at least. Later if things come up. The obits seem to be the more prevalent items, & those will be in BD News. The only details we can offer is cause of death, if we know.



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