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Well, a few have sent news for the "newsletter." Don Neiderkruger has had both knees done now, & came thru that surgery wonderfully, but the second surgery showed up some decay in his lungs, left-over from a previous lung surgery (when he was 15, can you believe? & in that day & age) added to general ageing, so he is on oxygen until sometime later. You recall he left a perfectly grand climate of Arizona to move to Minnesota, & all because his kids & grandkids were there. He did go in his wheelchair see the youngest child graduate from college in December. Then Richard Cameron wrote that he has all his children & grands, & two great grandsons, in the Phoenix area, has a new luxury motor home that takes him to Oregon in the summer, or wherever they wish to tour in the U.S. He enjoys hearing about us all. You know Julius Dasch retired to Alpine, but he continues to work at Sul Ross Univ. However, this semester he "laid out, " & with Pat went to Africa for a tour. Animals in the wild rather in the zoo, or in the desks?

More remiss. Phyllis Chitwood Savell was at the December lunch, overlooked in the list. You can tell I am getting lax. I also forgot to mention the Bulldog Breakfast, but did send email reminders to locals. Here is the news you are anxiously waiting for: at the January lunch we had a chance to visit with Joyce Broach Clardy, who was here for a couple of weeks to see her brother Charles & her friend Betty Harrison White. Betty came to lunch too. There were only four of us who braved the 25 degree weather to eat in February. There was no ice on Dallas streets, but there had been icey roads in Wills Point, Rockwall & Burleson, which kept some of our dependables home. Rightly so. In March we had rain, thank goodness, & figured the turnout would be small, but the ones from Rockwall, Cleburne, & Burleson showed up. The coming lunches will be April 15 (Holy Saturday), May 20, June 17. July 15. 12:30 at Lubys, Meadow Rd & Central. They are working hard to upgrade their menu.

Francella Hopkins Bowen died in January, massive stroke. News from Ken Hartman, treasurer for GNDAA, about his brother Roger Hartman's death in January. Roger had been in poor health for probably 20 years, had been living in an assisted living facility….actually the place over on Belmont & Greenville which used to be Hockaday. Sue Olivier called to tell of the death of Kenneth Miller of congestive heart failure. He had been in a care facility for some months, you may recall. He would come to lunch occasionally. From Beth Bishop Turner we learned that Peggy Self Embler lost her husband, Ralph. Beth remarked that her mother is still living, with her & Glenn, at 98, suffering from Alzheimers. Dale Hilborn Welker Coker died in Feb. from cancer. She was on the reunion committee from the beginning. Jerry & Phyllis Chitwood Savell's 42 year old son, Todd, died in an accident in March.

Who keeps up with John Bassinger? His newsletter came back & both phones have been disconnected. Has he moved or gone to a care facility?

A few corrections, if you care: Phone # for Juanita Cole Ferguson is wrong in roster. Correct one is 214-361-2002. New email addresses: Robert Wellborn: wellbornrh@charter.net; Betty Searle Blanks: theboooper0073@aol.com; Gail Greaves Bonser: bgbonser@sbcglobal.net; Joe Bradly: joelpl@cox.net; Kathleen Mangrum Vallerga: kvallerga@sbcglobal.net; Bill Cathey: bcathey@cebridge.net

Lucy Lisotta Hight asked me to send you a note that she appreciated hearing from so many of you. Her father died in Jan, age 99. He had not ever really been poorly, altho he began to wear out more during the prior 6 months. The DMNews did a nice write up on him.

I personally am a great believer in the "God thing." Last summer, quite by "accident" I got an email from Lois Richardson, Ron's wife, about an accident that had occurred to the son of very close friends of theirs. This student at Midwestern University in Wichita Falls was critically injured in a truck crash on Easter Sunday (2005), including brain trauma & virtual paralysis. He was on life support in Parkland's ICU when his mother, Jenny, began a journal about his condition & treatments & responses. The journal is still going on. Lois & Ron set up a fund raiser for Sean at their Lutheran church in Sherman, which took place Feb. 11. The Lutherans match funds for these benefits, so they were pleased to have very good results at this benefit. The website is www3.caringbridge.org/tx/seancarter/history.htm I just wanted to pass this on in case anyone of you found an interest in either Ron's new involvement or Sean's story. Jenny has posted almost every single day since that accident, & it is almost "a page-turner_ report. Try it when you have nothing else to do for a couple of hours.

Carolyn Mathias Kaltenbach had a wonderful letter with pictures of whole family, children and grand-children, from Jerry Gibson (Gail Peoples) recently. His first line was "Gail's condition is virtually unchanged through 2005 and to date this year, the good news is that she has maintained her weight at a healthy level". I (Carolyn) was just delighted to get this news, but know that it has been hard on the family. I will always remember Gail for her smile, as she greeted everyone, whether she knew them or not. One could not have a better friend, and hope everyone from our class remembers her the same way.

Before the reunion David Doggett sent a notice from the September 2, 1928 Times Herald, which was the teacher appointments for the ensuing school year. You may recall that even when we were in grade school, the teacher assignments were printed in the paper on Sunday before school started on Tuesday after Labor Day, & that was when the teachers found out where they would be that year. Not a very polite nor practical way to treat their help. Is it any wonder that teachers are still not given any status in our society as bonafide professionals? I just didn't have time to collate the names together in September, but I will forward the list to you if you wish. Meanwhile, assigned to ND at that time were L.H. Baker, Mabel Baldwin, Lila Blake, Myrtle Byrd, Ruth Crawford, Mabel Davies, A.W. Harris, Clio Irish, S.S. Knapp (not there when we were, but always known as Bebe's father), Nell Lawler, Ellen Meador, C.M. Morphis, M.M. Meyers (who went on to become principal at Spence), W.T. Tardy, Eugenia Terry. Then later years from other schools, Mary Bertrand came from Sunset, Ema Griffin & W.O. Pipes from Woodrow, Katherine Bradford from Fair Park, Dorothy Gerlach & Rachel Foote from Forest. Other teachers on that list eventually went to Spence from grade schools: Crauf Presley (math), Thalia Clark (Spanish), Mattie Ruth Moore (library), Alma Kincannon (algebra…she had been at Vickery Place [Bonham]), C. H. Rutledge (metal shop), Roscoe Bates (I only recall the name. He may have been at ND)

GNDAA was treated to a "topping out" party by the construction crew at the school addition March 10. That means the structure is finished, only the walls, windows, floors, a/c ducts, all the insides are left to do. They still are saying it will be ready by this next fall.

Joe Hanley shares these Cowboy's Ten Commandments, posted on the wall of Cross Trails Church, in Fairlie, TX. 1) Just one God; 2) Put nothin' before God; 3) No tellin' tales or gossipin'; 4) Git yourself to Sunday meeting; 5) Honor your Ma & Pa; 6) No fooling round with another fellow's gal; 7) No killin';

8) Watch yer mouth; 9) Don't take what ain't yers; 10) Don't be hankerin' for yer buddy's stuff.



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