(Marie Brunson Keeter reporting) 21 September 2002, at the Acapulco Restaurant in Manhattan Beach, California.  Attending Bulldogs were from the '1942 through the 1998' North Dallas Graduating Classes. Alejandro Lopez ('98) was our youngest Bulldog there at the party, and he is now attending the University of Southern California (USC) in Los Angeles.  The class of 1955 had the most Bulldogs in attendance.  The luncheon was incredibly fun, delicious food, and this first party brought together a group of Bulldogs eager to meet the others living out here in California.  So the most fun was meeting everyone and yakking about our North Dallas friends and the old days.    Donna DeLacy ('55) of Los Angeles was in charge of the games, she had us play an introductory fun game about Dallas Landmarks.  The winner Peggi was the wife of Jack Rice ('45) Ramona CA.  The door prize was won by Jerry Whitman ('57) of Glendale, CA.  Our Master of Ceremonies Bob McCauley ('55) kept the action moving along as we had so much going on at this party. Joy Collins Almaas ('52), San Diego, entertained at her keyboard piano, among some of the songs she played were our Fight Song and our Alma Mater.  Marie Brunson Keeter ('52) also sang a funny ditty-song "I Left My Heart in San Francisco" (some silly fun and unexpected)!!!  Words are:

"I left my heart in San Francisco,
I left my knee in Tennessee,
I lost my little wooden leg somewhere in Winnipeg,
I lost my wig in Timbuktu "and it was new",
I dropped my teeth on Lookout Mountain,
high on a hill they still smile at me,
When I return to you California -
there won't be nothing left o me".

Believe me - we had an incredibly fun day meeting ex-Bulldogs, getting to know others from various classes with our common bond being we all attended North Dallas High and now we all live in sunny California.  Now I am eager to go to the next party in January.

Our next party is on 18 January 2003, Saturday (1100 to 1:30) at Tony DeGrazier's ISLANDS Restaurant, 12320 Seal Beach Blvd, Seal Beach, California. (No invitations will be sent out - please just show up and enjoy your lunch and party)
See you there, Marie Brunson Keeter ('52)

CALIFORNIA BULLDOG LUNCHEON Among the attendees at the Manhattan Beach Luncheon were James A. Stone ('55) and his wife Karon, Jerry Whitman ('57), Barbara Bishop Glatfelter ('48), Donna DeLacy ('56), Marie Brunson Keeter ('52), Vinton Sheffield ('54), Michael D. Warlick ('68),  Jack R. Rice ('45), and his wife Peggi,. Bob McCauley ('55) and his wife Lou,  Joy Collins Almaas. and husband Thor, Carolyn Wariner Helmick('67),  Mary Ann Riggs Kershaw('62) and husband Richard, Terry DeHaro Foss('55) Pat Quiram Layton('67) Alex Lopez ('98) and his guest Sara Murillo  Jerry Campbell ('55)  and his wife Teri. The next party is being planned with a breakfast meeting or luncheon at our own restaurateur's Anthony DeGrazier's "Islands" restaurant in San Diego after the first of the year.  Photo left shows Jerry Whitman, Donna Delacy, Terry DeHaro, Bob McCauley and Vinton Sheffield.  More story and photos later.