by Marie Brunson Keeter (Jan '52)
Kelly Parks says, "Those California bulldogs sure know how to party!" 

Kelly Parks ('54), former North Dallas cheerleader, picked up his alumni newsletter to read about our party on 18 January at Tony DeGrazier's ISLANDS restaurant, and he decided to hop on a plane and come out to see everyone. Kelly flew out to Los Angeles where his friend/classmate Keith Gill ('54) and wife Rita picked him up early that morning and drove him over to the luncheon right down the freeway at Seal Beach.

He was greeted at the party by several of his old North Dallas friends namely:  Bob McCauley ('55) and his wife Lou, Marie Brunson Keeter ('52), Mary Ann Jund Thornton ('50) and her husband Dale, Jean Ramsey Middough ('49) and her hubby Miles, Vinton Sheffield ('54), Jerry Campbell ('55) and wife Teri, Bill Swann ('52), Mary Ann Riggs Kershaw ('62) and her husband Dick, and Betty Sauls Thompson ('50).   As soon as the luncheon was over, the Gills drove Kelly back to the Los Angeles airport where he hopped on a plane back to his home in Texas. Amazing!

Tony DeGrazier ('53) hosted the event and picked up the tab for the delicious food, drinks, and desserts.  A pleasant and yummy surprise!  Tony had intended to be there to greet all of us as his guests but was called away on urgent business. 

Tony owns all of the ISLANDS in California, and Arizona.  He has successfully built his own empire in sunny California. 
In 1982, Tony DeGrazier founded the first Islands Restaurant on Pico Boulevard in West Los Angeles, California. 

In July 2002, Islands opened its newest restaurant in Seal Beach.  ISLANDS owns and operates 37 full service, casual dining restaurants operating under the name "ISLANDS FINE BURGERS AND DRINKS".  Thirty-two
restaurants operate in Southern California and five in Arizona.  ISLANDS Restaurants strive to provide excellent value and an enjoyable, distinctive dining experience by offering a simple, original, and evolving menu, in a high-energy yet casual setting with efficient, attentive friendly service. As a result, ISLANDS' Restaurants appeal to a diverse customer base.  As you can tell, Tony has been busy! 
Hats off to you, Tony DeGrazier, and thanks for hosting an incredible party at your place ISLANDS for all of the North Dallas Californians!    NOTE: To see the photos for this party - look it up on the North Dallas webpage party photos  click on the button about the party and view the great photos.

Our next get together is a Bar-b-q in old Mexico, at Bill Swann's Rosarito beach house, on the Pacific ocean.  I'll keep you all posted with the details (hopefully the last week in May 2003).  Alas, there is a limit on how many can attend. So the first on the list will be notified with details. Bill says he wants everyone to come but his patio space is limited.  The Rosarito Hotel will be available for those who want to spend the night and have breakfast with Bill and Judi the next morning before they return to California.  Contact Marie Brunson Keeter at: keeterML@corona.navy.mil
for details.