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From: "Sandoval, Gilbert" <Gilbert.Sandoval@TDIndustries.com>
Subject: Bulldog Basketball

Hello Pups, Update: Steve Lyons and I have been working together rounding up one of the wish list items Coach Chacchia was wanting. Polo style shirts and Docker style slacks for the player's. The players will now have a uniform look when they travel on away games. This Tuesday, Nov. 16 is ND's first non-district ball game @ North Garland High School . 7:00 pm, JV game @ 5:30...Can anybody tell me where Yavneh Academy and Faith Family are?  District games start in January beginning with Lincoln. The Bulldogs will be traveling to Tyler Texas on January 18th. to play Tyler John Tyler.... I smell a road trip...Update II : This past Saturday, Coach Chacchia ( pronounced: Catch-eye ) called me and said the heat in the gym was not working. He was having a Saturday practice. After making some calls I found out that the gym was supplied with new heater's last year but were never hooked up ?? Hmmmm, How many fouls can a basketball player have before he's benched ? I  think it's time for some officials to call some OUR WAY! Don't you  ?............ Our Motto's: REVERSE THE CURSE.. AND Miss Peacock gave us CATCH THE SPIRIT.... Lion King please contact me today. Gil
From: "Sandoval, Gilbert" <Gilbert.Sandoval@TDIndustries.com>

Good Morning Pups, I was able to meet the 2004 - 2005 boy's (men) Basketball team yesterday and was fortunate enough to attend one of their practices I saw North Dallas's version of Shaquille O'Neil. When I was out this weekend looking for all the pant sizes, I came across the size 40 x 36 ( which I could not find ) until yesterday. I wondered this must be a pretty big kid ? How bout a 6-4' , 270 lb. "FRESHMAN" The kid was hanging off the rim..They got a couple of guy's hitting three pointer's too.H-E-L-L-O !!!! They play North Garland tonight... Can somebody give me the name of that truck ? El Guapo, Please contact me today.


From: "Sandoval, Gilbert" <Gilbert.Sandoval@TDIndustries.com>

Subject: FW: N.D. High vs. N.G. High

Photo's by Ernest Cerda to follow in a couple of day's. Go Bulldogs Gil

From: Rogalla, Adam

Subject: N.D. High vs. N.G. High

The junior varsity team played good  and lost to North Garland 40 to 50 . All uniforms with matching shoes look especially nice. The team had discipline but lacked speed and definitely a few more subs can't hurt. There traveling clothes after the game made there presence seem more organized and respectful of there school. My son and I enjoyed watching them play as much as the varsity team. The varsity team played a very good game and held tight the whole. game. The defensive energy at time when the opponent had a full court press proved detrimental at times and deflated there confidence. This is not a proven factor , but with N.D's 7 players vs North Garland's 11, the hustle and energy level of the players could have been a factor. When we left with 2:30 min . left the score was N.G 56  to North Dallas' 48..  also a pretty close game ,with plenty of skill and determination displayed by the BULLDOGS!!

I hope we all get a chance to come out and cheer our team on.. every little bit will help boost their confidence......there might have been 15-20 N.D. fans including family.. my perception. Wear your colors and have fun. Next game is this Friday @ Adamson , and then next Moday in Ft. Worth (Gil and I will probably go) vs Ft Worth North side. I hope every one is doing fine and gearing up (no stress)please)  for the Hoildays!! see ya , Querro

Our kids (Students) need time to go from GANG mentality to TEAM mentality. Believe me, both are the same. One has negative connotations the other positive.  Like Adam said It's up to adults (all of us) to give positive input to get the message across. COACHES HAVE STARTED the trend. It's up to us to make some games and tell ( SHOW ) students they are winner's.  No one said it was going to be easy.  Eventually, The TEAMS will start winning and be cured.  REVERSE THE CURSE AND CATCH THE SPIRIT...
From: Janice Peacock [mailto:jepeacock@northparkcntr.com]
Boy, am I out of it!  I would think they'd be thrilled to have uniforms so they LOOK LIKE a TEAM!  Who'd a thought!I think you're right.  The kids themselves need to have input.  They don't want to wear what they don't consider "cool".


From: Sandoval, Gilbert [mailto:Gilbert.Sandoval@TDIndustries.com]
Subject: RE: FW: Basketball Team

Coach Chacchia and Schwaggerman are very pleased. And had a hand in all of it..   The kids ( STUDENTS ) don't like it because it represent's...UNIFORM...  ( LIKE TEAM )    Can we say baby steps....Gil

From: Danny Chasney [mailto:danc@ideaconstruction.com]
Subject: RE: FW: Basketball Team

OK, In regards to the new attire. Sounds like we may have mixed opinions. Who picked the style and colors? I hope the coaches and team had some input on this.Big Dawg

From: Sandoval, Gilbert [mailto:Gilbert.Sandoval@TDIndustries.com]
Subject: FW: FW: Basketball Team


From: Ernest Cerda [mailto:cerda67@sbcglobal.net]
Subject: Re: FW: Basketball Team

Gil, with 3 minutes left the bulldogs were down by 14 points. With 6 seconds left the bulldogs were down by 3 points and had the ball. We lost, N. Garland 70 - ND 67.

   Re: orange shirt/pants for the players...........you don't want to know what I think!

Ernest '67

"Sandoval, Gilbert" <Gilbert.Sandoval@TDIndustries.com> wrote:

Adam and Ernest attended the game..  Let us know what you saw and what the score was.   REPLY TO ALL PLEASE        Gil

From: Steve Lyons [mailto:stevelyons1@yahoo.com]
Subject: Basketball Team


Did anyone have a chance to see the Basketball team in their new clothes??  I stopped by the school before they left for their game and they looked sharp!  Some of the players aren't thrilled, but the more we tell them how nice they look, the more acceptable the outfits will become.